The World & The Great Deception-it Will Deceive Even The Elect 

I’m heart sick today grieving over the dark sins of not only America but the world.

The call of good evil and evil good is like watching an alternate reality unfold before my eyes.  Although it should come as no surprise as the Gospel of Christ actually fulfills prophecy.  I now more than ever understand His warnings more and more every hour of every day. We are truly not of this world and if you have picked up your cross and are a true follower of Christ you know exactly what I am saying.

Never before has this generation seen such deception and promoting of darkness and sin.  Not since WWll has darkness infiltrated the entire world, while western churches soundly sleep.

I became physically ill as I read about a young actress who played the lead role in the dark Hunger Games movie.  That movie is itself very dark but what she said made me ill.  She said she could not have been successful if she had not been given free birth control and condoms growing up living in a Jesus house!  Yes she did.  

When women gauge their success on free birth control or the killing of babies something very dark is possessing their soul!

Women across the globe are beaten, raped, forced to wear abominable clothing, and stoned to death.  But western women think war is declared on them if they cannot freely have multiple sexual relationships or the right to kill babies. And their success in life depends on it!   

My God.  Shouting obscenities at those who speak out.  Shouting stay out of my uterus, and it’s my body my choice.  News flash it’s not their choice, God created them and to curse the very creator of life is a sin in itself.

And that’s only one issue.  Paul’s warning in 2Timothy 3 is an understatement of what we are seeing today!  But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

A dark souled man consumed by hatred and division came to Power 8 years ago under a lie of peace and safety and the world declared genocide,  on innocent people who refused to follow the beast he unleashed.  Truth not hyperbole.  Turning the world toward sinful desires of men with men, and women with women.  Unleashing angels of death, & destruction that crush everything under foot, he has left the world reeling with a stench of death not seen since WWll.  Even since the dark ages.  He condemns Israel and even Chtistians. 

Nothing can be trusted anymore since his Web of deceipt and darkness has rooted itself deep into the earth.

God showed me a vision of this as this man took power, a black bear that was on a map of the Middle east.  This bear stood up and it grew until it no longer resembled a bear but complete darkness as it stretched from Africa to the East and all points North and south.  Then a few months ago I was given another vision of the deep thick black roots of this beast and it had went very deep and it’s tentacles stretched under ground throughout the WORLD!

We are entering in a time of great sorrow, death and destruction.  And it has lulled even God’s elect to sleep as they would rather believe the great deception.  There are those waking up, but so many are lost in the darkness.  Time is growing very short.  Christ’s return is imminent.  You can almost hear the footsteps of His army as they await the sound of the trumpet.  

If you are standing on the fence wake up.  Watchmen are sounding the alarm!

Speak out, do not remain silent, so much innocent blood is condemning the Western church, crying out from the earth and even though they have the warnings in Revelation 3 they still turn their eyes!  Worried more about soft cushy pews and magnificent buildings than saving the lost and their fellow brethren.

Prosperity preachers make me ill.  Imagine what God thinks of them.

Wake up!  Those who are counting on a man to save the world are sadly mistaken.  Yes God shook Americans awake, but to put faith in a man is not Biblical.  I defended Americans choice and still do.  I was greatly encouraged to see so many praying for America.  I was encouraged to see Americans shouting for True change.  I truly do think God’s hand was in our election.  But there is still an unsettled warning bell going off deep in my soul.  As I see prominent Christian leaders using numerology to prove their prophecy it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  To say Trump will be 70 when Israel is 70 and so on and so on.  Mysticism is condemned by God.  There are satanic groups that use numbers like the number 13, but it’s my opinion this is mysticism.  (Different than the years given to Daniel and John)  I totally understand those who follow and teach gematria, and a Hebrew Bible Code.  But I firmly believe there is no hidden language in the Bible.  There are no special numbers hidden from people seeking the word of God. I understand that the number 7 represents God and the number 6 represents man and satan.  But…. When God spoke to His prophets he didn’t give secret codes, He was very specific.  Even when He dealt with Pharoah he gave no dates.  He didn’t tell Moses tell him in 7 days I’ll do this etc.  Jesus said ” No one but the Father knows of the time of my return.”  He didn’t say No one except those we have left numbers with.  I am only cautioning against this, even I at one time studied this, but God led me away from hidden and to the plain truth of God.  God gave us signs like the cycles of the moon and sun relating to seasons and times but warned against mysticism.  “Mysticism is a mix of Buddhism, and other pagan and Eastern religions dating back to the Romans and even farther with the Persian God Mithra.”  

 While I pray for elected officials I asked God “Am I wrong not looking to a man as most of America and the world does?”  The world is hurting so bad from Africa to the west, they are all hoping a man will make the world better.   I asked Him for an answer and looking in His word we find the answer.  The old testament gives us the answer of our Savior, the New Testament affirms this!  Yes God will put a new spirit in our hearts and men and women will prophesie, but when these modern prophecies go against the word of God listen not to them.

Psalm 118:8 Gives confirmation of this: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

God says Christ is our Savior, Revelation, confirms the Gospel taught by the Apostles that WE ARE NOT TO FOLLOW A MAN WHO DECLARES HE IS THE ANSWER TO GREATNESS OR PEACE. 

Be very careful, that’s what God said to me.  Save your hate comments, but just promise one thing.  You will be very careful when you pronounce a mere man as a savior of the world.  JESUS FILLED THAT ROLE.  THE ONLY ONE COMING AFTER HIM WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT! PERIOD!

God heard our cries for healing, but even Jesus said “Take this cup from me,  but your will be done not mine. ”  God uses men to fulfill His prophecy.  

We are entering into the great deception. Several Jewish publications say that even police in Israel are preparing for the Messiah’s return.  They even say he is already here.  HELLO!  You won’t find a man coming into power on the earth to save it.  The sky will part and EVERY eye will see Him!   Please test the prophets, with the word of God, please look only to Christ.

Our King is coming!

John 14:6 Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.

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3 replies

  1. Sister CJ,
    This article is SO TRUE. Extremely evil men are in power. But The LORD+ is in Control. He+ warned us that these days were coming.

    The western church is focused on material possessions and having fun. In their very lifestyles they fight against CHRIST and have Lost all discernment. The Gifts and Fruits and Power of the Holy Spirit have departed from the western church, and HOW can they stand against the immense Deception that is flowing over the earth? They stagger like drunken men and women and REFUSE to walk a straight and narrow way.

    As for the actress who made the disgusting comments; she just exposed her innermost being, laid bare in front of the whole world. So, she owes her success to free government birth control and condoms?? What a pathetic self indictment! So much for her superfluous “talent”. Success comes from the government supply of free birth control equipment to support an immoral gutter lifestyle!

    The people of YHWH, the Disciples of the LORD YESHUA ha MOSHIACH+ are no longer of this society or this world. They are here because this is where The LORD+ has assigned them to be. They do not touch the unclean thing, and YHWH ELOHIM will receive them.
    The Disciples of YESHUA are sealed with the Mark of The Eternal GOD.


  2. The US Constitution “Guarantees Life”, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness to “every human being”, including those still trapped within a Mother’s womb.

    Infant humans have a “Right, not to be Tortured To Death”, and they also have a “Right over what happens to their own bodies”, a Right which their parents are denying to them, when their parents choose to “Inhumanely Torture Them To Death” during an Abortion; in an act of “Violent Abuse and Cruelty”, you would think too inhumane to commit against a puppy, kitten, or any animal.

    If a Mother and Father truly has such “Hate For Their Innocent Child”, who has never done any wrong to them, they should give the children up to be Adopted, if their own heart is so devoid of love, too cold and uncaring to show them any parental affection. Every child should have the chance to live out their own lives and have the opportunity to know what “True Love” is, even if it is from an adoptive parent.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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