Because I Am Not Ashamed, Of The Gospel Of Christ I Accept The Title Infidel &Bigot

I accept the haters label with Joy, as Jesus said we will be hated for His Name.  All the Apostles except John died because of those titles.   I count all sufferring for the Faith as Joy as James tells us.  

Why do I say this now?  A quick read of the headlines today brought me to this conclusion.  The first is the letter written by a gay activist to an editor of  a local paper, condemning the Christian who built a life size replica of Noahs Ark.  The letter said this man had no right to light up his Ark in rainbow colors as it was bigotry to hijack the LGBT communities symbol of love.  Yes you read that right, even saying that Jesus wouldn’t like him to use the rainbow.  My God, really?? You can’t make this stuff up.  The rainbow has been a symbol of promise to the whole world, a covenant given that He would not destroy the entire earth by water again.. (Genesis 9)  But we hijacked it.  

2016 ended with Daesh wreaking havoc in Turkey and Baghdad, it’s affiliates in Nigeria using a child of 10 to carry out a suicide bombing.  90,000 Christians slaughtered, hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths and millions displaced from Africa to the East.  Bombings in Syria continue despite cease fires.  Iran and it’s affiliates continue death and destruction, and torturing Religious and Political prisoners among its own people.  They continue to call for the destruction of Israel all the while the UN demonizing and stripping Israel of sovereignty.  

Christian refugees are left alone defenseless while Jihadis flood Europe raping, and terrorizing as in Germany recently, Paris and across the West.  And Obama says it’s shameful for America to help Christian refugees.  The UNHCR has shown clear preference to Muslim refugees as seen in Thailand and Malaysia.  The 3 top abusers of Human Rights (Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia) are given millions in aide money, while executions and persecution in these countries increase.  But the UN is silent!

There is an uptick of Christian persecution in Gaza but you wouldn’t know it by the silence of the media, and the UN.  Only condemnation.  

Obamas thrust to power under a mantra of peace has ended with war across 1/2 the globe, chaos in the other half.  He led war and death in Libya, applauded as Ghadaffi was lynched, replaced him with the Muslim brotherhood, as in Egypt.  Refused to defend the embassy in Libya as our ambassador and others died alone defending it.  He has helped to create ISIS by funding and backing it’s affiliates.

Christian and Yazidi’s genocide was declared.  Ethnic cleansing is apparent from Africa to the East and he says the world has never been safer.  And we are bigots, Muslims call us hate mongers and infidels.  The left says we are racist bigots because we refuse to bow to other gods and satan.  

So as I point out that Christians in this country faced condemnation, called deplorable, and irredeemable bigots because we cling to our Bible, I gladly accept this title.  Christians are attacked for living and voicing values against the National declaration of homosexuality,  demonized for speaking out for America’s Judeo-Christian values.  And deemed as bigots.  And if you think Hillary was only referring to Trump supporters in her deplorable rant, think again.  She railed about changing  deep seated religious beliefs in order to declare the murdering of babies a National Right of all women.  And attacking in heinous ways those who speak against this.  
All this while trying to form America into a socialist elitist government with a state sanctioned religion that accepts a one world religion all inclusive of sin and other Gods,  and Americans swallowed it, until the movement began by Trump.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  

I will not be silent, I will speak out, and hold them accountable, it’s so sad to see the falling away of our churches.  What the church needs to remember besides the warning from Christ in Revelation 3 that He is about to spit them out of His mouth, is JUDGEMENT BEGINS IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. (1 Peter 4)  Time to wake up sleepers!

I would rather face hatred by men for speaking the truth, and be called names, than face God when he asks why I didn’t speak up, or hear the words “Away from me I never knew you.”

Choose your path wisely as you will spend eternity either rejoicing or agonizing with demons.

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  1. As it was in the days of Noe. As it was in the days of Sodom. Departure into eternity is imminent. God Bless You.


  2. I to am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and gladly stand as a fool for Christ’s sake, afterall the world gains nothing, but we inherit heaven! 1 Corinthians 4:9-15. God Bless You

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  3. Amen! I also accept the title of “bigot and infidel” for being true to CHRIST and warning ALL to Repent before it is too late to do it!

    It is the LGBT that has STOLEN the Rainbow from The LORD GOD and HIS People. May that Ark shine brighter and brighter with those colors for the TRUE REASON, not the sick and perverse LGBT lie.

    For the muslims I would suggest that you read “The People vs Mohammad” by J. K. Schindlin if you would like to find out what Mohammad REALLY taught and what he really was. The lie of blood thirsty islam is being brought out in the open.

    The CRIMINAL that is still occupying the “House that is called White” is showing to the whole world just what he is also, a sick demon controlled puppet of his managers that are just like him. He has personalty cursed Israel and is now himself under a curse from YHWH, the Holy One of Israel.

    Yes! I am happy to be called bigot and infidel for the sake of MESSIAH+, but in truth it is the perverse slaves of satan who are the true bigots and infidels. Unfortunately most of them will find this out too late to escape Eternal Punishment. It is a sorry thing to have to watch fools destroy themselves.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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