Watch “OBAMA IS IN BLIND RAGE After What Trump Told Putin on Twitter Today” on YouTube

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  1. Thank you for posting thia. I tried to comment earlier and all seemed to go well, but the comment vanished!
    At any rate Mr. Obama is showing the world just what he is by his psychotic and diabolical actions and the endless lies.
    It is obvious that he is an employee of the what some call the “Deep State” but what Scripture calls the “Ten-Kings”. These are trying to make war with the LAMB+. Their actions will not succeed and their defeat will be Eternal. Thanks again for posting this. Bless you Sister. I hope this comment makes it through!


    • Hello, brother! There’s some weird things been going on across web. With that said, you’re right Obama is well I’ll keep It clean….I’ll just say a snake in the grass!! They have sealed their own fate. Christ won the war at Calvary. Amen God bless you.


      • Yes! Very strange things are happening on the web! My comments are all going into spam!! I will see if this one gets to you, It feels like the internet control is tightening. Let us work while it is day. Bless you soster.


  2. Amen! It is obvious that Mr. Obama is an employee of what some call the “Deep State” and is doing what he does at their direction. He is showing himself to be psychotic and under the control of unclean spirits.

    It is almost unbelievable that this criminal has done what he has and yet no one in power has raised a hand to stop him! Are they all afraid of his “controllers”? May The LORD+ protect HIS+ Children from this evil man and his managers.

    Thank you for posting this video. Bless you Sister.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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