Obama & The UN Has Cursed Israel

This tumultuous year, one that has seen rivers of blood of the innocent and the Saints, from Africa to the East.  Genocide and torture that bends the Mind, sanctioned and even supported by a man who came to Power on a world declaration of peace.  A man promising hope and change and a new world order, has ended with him declaring that he has the power to divide God’s land. 

That’s right, obama has declared to the world that Israel has no right to Jerusalem or the Western Wall.  His minions declare a two state solution must follow.  

He and his minions declare they have no right to land they have had for thousands of years.  Even declaring that, by in politically correct terms, occupying this land they are fomenting terrorism.  Yes, kerry announced this after the shameful covert act proclaimed from a world capital. 

The kings of the earth are again plundering.  I have said, before this whole stench of death over 1/4 of the globe is a vye for greed, plunder and power.  Now the dark prince of peace is smiling as he thinks he has final control over a piece of land the size of New Jersey, God’s land.  The land God placed his name over.(2 Chronicles 6)  

The only land in the Middle East and Africa that is a true safe haven for Christians.  Prophecy is unfolding for those watching.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered funding to cease for countries like New Zealand and Senegal who voted for this resolution.  He has ordered funding to cease for the UN and ordered diplomats to return from these countries.  Many of our lawmakers are calling for funding to the UN to cease.  

The very symbol of peace for a war weary world, the UN, leaves death and war.  The tower of Babel in all its strength is crumbling, leaving a divided world and stench of death in its wake.

Remember when Bush and Sharon ordered the evacuation of Jews forcibly from their homes in Gaza?  Gaza is nothing but hate run by Hamas, and right after the forced removal of Jews Katrina hit the US Coast displacing THE EXACT PERCENTAGE of people that were displaced in Gaza.  

Let that sink in.  God’s word is God’s word, and when He says He will Bless those who Bless Israel and CURSE those who curse Israel He means it.  

God forgive us for the sins of America are piled all the way to the Throne and now this cursing of God’s land.  

May God have Mercy on His people.  And to Israel:  We as Christian Americans STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH YOU!

Read Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement here.

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2 replies

  1. We are watching to see what happens to Babylon America in this latest hateful betrayal of Israel.
    The outgoing lying servant of satan is doing his worst to show everyone just who and what he really is.
    He and his managers will dance to the LORD’S Judgment.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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