First: Mandatory Vaccinations…. Next: Mandatory Chip

    This is how it begins in Babylon America.


…you must receive your vaccination in order to keep your job and your income. 


… you must receive your RFID CHIP so that you can….Yes, KEEP YOUR JOB and YOUR INCOME!! 


Be aware:

this plan will, according to Scripture will — if you go along with it — will condemn your Eternal Soul. WE are already living in an anti-Christ system.

Please watch the 8-minute VIDEO below to get a glimpse of where we are heading.

The young woman doing the talking is a registered nurse, works in intensive care in a hospital in Georgia, and was given the ultimatum: Take the flu vaccine or lose your job.

She speaks from a knowledgeable medical standpoint of WHAT is IN the flu vaccine … and from a Christian conviction of the dangers of this program and WHERE IT IS HEADING.



A program like this is coming to an employer near to you, a city near you, a state near you, and ultimately, the globe you live on.

It will be backed by the government and will hit you where you live: money to spend, food, clothing, shelter… for your family !  


The Prophetic Scriptures have foretold us these things are coming. Let us prepare our hearts now.




of satan and his servants.

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6 replies

  1. simply goong to church doesn’t makes anyone a christan or elgible to enter
    The hvn . Ppl should repent & accept jesus in their life and be prepared for the day of His coming as
    The day is at hand . v r somewhere at the midway of tribulaton . Now there is no tme to accumlate wealth in this world for our Pleasure as in the coming days no one wll be able to enjoy their job without the implanting of chip
    So. It is better to surrender ourselves to the lord & go away with Him rather than taking the mark and going away wth the devil.


    • I think that I am in agreement with you. We are living in times when things are changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with tnem. Let us all be sober and watch and pray. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Good Morning Samson,

    Thank you for this critical article and video. I’ve forwarded it to my daughter, who is an RN at a major hospital in Florida, with the request that after she has read and watched, she should forward it to all her co-workers and friends.

    As I ponder this ‘mark of the beast’, while it is true that we must be willing rather than forced against our will, it occurs to me that the acceptance – whether ‘forcibly willing’ or ‘happily willing’ is willing just the same. This is a frightening thought!

    God bless you for all you do for the Kingdom of Our God. As I always entreat Marcel – keep on keepin’ on!



  3. I have been watching this and it’s very true. Time is short.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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