The Beginning Of Sorrows, And A Message To Those Spreading Terror

We condemn all acts of terrorism.  I have a message for those spreading terror, a message from the people of the Cross.  Jesus Christ, God’s Son is our peace and you will not destroy that!! You only seal your fate with the father of lies.  His fate is the pit not paradise.  You will not steal joy from our hearts.  When you scream death in the name of your god, it does not put fear into our hearts, in fact it only makes the demons in hell happy as they prepare for your arrival.  We were warned about this time of sorrows, our King will prevail, He and He alone is the Victor.

Yesterday the world was hit with 3 terrorist attacks.  In Turkey, Germany and Switzerland.  In Germany a crowded Christmas market was attacked.  Many wounded and at least 10 dead as an asylum seeker stole a truck and plowed into shoppers.   President Trump said this,“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. ISIS and other Islamic terrorists continuously slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

In Turkey the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was gunned down at an art exhibit by a cold blooded assassin screaming Allah akbar.  And that he was taking revenge for Syria specifically Aleppo. This act alone will bring a ripple that washes over every continent.

In Zurich an Islamic center was attacked by a gunmen dressed all in black.  3 people were shot.

We here condemn all acts of terrorism.  We are praying, as we watch a man who came to power on the promise of peace, as he leaves his office he leaves the world in complete and utter chaos.  

Pray for world peace.  Tribulation and sorrow has begun.  Pray for God to protect His people.  

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  1. These attacks prove that islam is a form of satanism. Everything they say and do proclaim that they worship satan just as the False prophet mohammad did.

    Mr. obama is also a servant of satan who was placed in power to do just what he has done.

    May The LORD GOD of Israel help the grieving families of the victims of this slaughter by these bloodthirsty demon possessed servants of satan, the “religion of peace”- the LIE of islam.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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