Christians & Political Prisoners Suffer In Iran While The Iranian Regime Holds The World Hostage 

Time to Break The CHAINS Of The Iranian Darkness

I have been following the story of a woman imprisoned in Iran for her faith in Christ.  Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran for some time.  She was aressted for her mission with Saeed Abidini for her work with the church and helping orphans.  We rejoiced at the release of Saeed and the others.  But she and many Christians were left behind in the darkness surrounding Iran.  Tortured physically and mentally enduring what would cause even seasoned war veterans to be crushed.  She recently returned to prison after a short reprieve and I have confirmed with her family, she indeed had 45 days added to her sentence.

In desperation many religious and political prisoners hoping to garner support and better treatment have gone on hunger strikes.  One political prisoner is in critical condition today as his cries for help are met with increased torture.  The same for the women like Nasim.  Nasim ended her hunger strike with promises of better treatment only to be met with more torture mentally.  By giving short reprieve for a few days at a time to seek medical help, only to return to prison and have more time added to their sentences.  Iran has virtually no medical treatment in prison.  This is confirmed.  They often use illicit hallucinogenic drugs on the prisoners then stop them all at once.  This is torture in itself and yet the world’s body governing human rights abuses, is silent.

In fact Iran hangs drug offenders but then turns and uses them as torture.

Nasim is strong in her faith as are the others.  But this only infuriates the guards and the regime causing torture not only to prisoners but to their families.  We learned this through Saeed Abidini who told  of threats to his sister.  Also through Amir Hekmati’s family and Jason Rezain.  

Nasim and Ibrahim Firouzi’s families are isolated.  Isolated from other believers without hope.  Yet their faith grows.  

Families are ripped apart, causing emotional scars that will never be healed.  Let them know we haven’t forgotten them.  Comment and I will see that her family receives it.

Why did the Western governments give Iran so much freedom, pay for release of a few without demanding release of all political and religious prisoners? Why do they turn a blind eye to the barbaric torture of this evil regime?  Iran’s thugs recently entered Turkey and abducted a student activist at gun point leaving his wife terrified.  This 34 year old man served his time in Evin prison, received 74 lashes before moving to Turkey to seek freedom.  Now he is missing like so many others.  A British female is being held hostage in prison in Iran after visiting her family there.  And Iran is demanding money for her release.  Why is the UN silent on this?  A few lawmakers here and in the UK are trying but this darkness holds the world hostage.  

Time to break the CHAINS!

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