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My dear Mr. President Trump, I am watching the miraculous events of your election to the President of the most powerful nation in the world.  Against all odds you got down in the mud and emerged victorious.  I am watching and praying you will be guided by God.  As you know the world has been turned upside down, there is division and war everywhere, even division, hatred and chaos in America.   American Indians are fighting for sacred ground, Christians are targeted and shamed here.  Christian genocide has been declared in the mid east.  Africa is also committing genocide via Boko Haram and Al shabob.  Israel is isolated and Iran is making new threats about them and us.  Iran’s human rights abuses are heinous.  Women beaten for not wearing a hijab, beaten for attending parties where men are present, political prisoners disappear, are tortured and executed.  Christians are imprisoned as Enemies of the state.  The list goes on.  The deal made by obama does nothing to curb the darkness of iran.  Even the UN recognizes their violations of the nuclear agreement and Human rights.

Children and innocent people are killed, are starved, and worse in Aleppo syria.  Sir, the only sense lately has come from the King of Jordan.

Christians have been denied entry into this country simply because obama thought it shameful to allow them before muslims.
Pakistan is persecuting christians.  A Christian woman named Asia Bibi is awaiting a death sentence just because she drank from a Muslim well.

Americans are hurting.  We can’t afford healthcare so we are fined/ taxed for not being able to afford it.  For many of us it’s pay rent or have health insurance and live in a car.  This is reality.

Many Christians say that you are sent of God. I pray this true, I pray God will use you to heal our land and bring peace and stability back to the world.

Americans on Nov 9th said enough!! And gave you an opportunity.  Take heed the faith that was given you.  Let God Guide you, and let us be a voice together for humanity.  Say no to slaughter, genocide, division and persecution.  Let us have an AMERICAN SPRING.  May God Bless you and America again.

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  1. I am watching to see what this man will do. If there is no repentance, no blessing can come to America, no matter who is in the office of president.

    Voting for and “praying” for one’s pocketbook does not tip the scale with the LORD+. I am watching for promises made, promises kept, and promises broken. Mr. Trump has publicly stated that “He has never done anything to ask forgiveness for.” Perhaps he can be persuaded that such is not the case in reality. I do hope so for his sake. It is HARD to ask the LORD’S Blessing on a hardened-sinner.

    I am hoping that he will stop the slaughter of the unborn humans, as he stated in one of his campaign promises that he would do and defund Planned Parenthood. This would be a great step toward destroying a blood-thirsty idol.

    We are watching. There is no “euphoria” in this corner of Babylon, but a vigilant watching to see what happens next. Without Repentance, the Shield of The LORD GOD of Israel is gone from America, and its sins remain.

    Let us pray for the Remnant of the Disciples of The Lord JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA MESSIAH+ who still Obey their LORD+ and seek HIS+ Will continually, and that they will have supernatural Wisdom and Discernment in all things.

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    • Wow.:..
      Our great God is our true leader and I saw great repentance and turning to God by Christians during this election…..
      I first noticed we were in trouble when Obama and McCain were running….. Obama pro abortion and McCain the leading distributor of Budweiser … Seeing a lot of so called Christians abandon everything they believe in and yes by that I mean a vote for murder of precious children to get an African American into office ….and what a train wreck this could have been if God hadn’t intervened and spared us from what we deserved… Praise The Lord for your Mercy and grace! Let us keep our eyes on Jesus and praying for Trump and Mike Pence a great man of God!! ALL lives matter… Red lives , yellow lives, Black lives and white lives…. But more importantly ALL SOULS MATTER!!!


      • Dear Fig Tree Generation,
        “Our Great GOD is our True Leader”.

        This is true of those who obey HIS Voice.

        HE is not the GOD of America, but the GOD of serious-minded Christians who do not mingle HIM+ with the things of this world, even American things. HE+ is the true GOD of EVERY serious-minded Christian of EVERY NATION.

        There is no respect of persons with the LORD GOD. Those who DO HIS+ WILL, whether people or nations, will be blessed. Those who do not obey HIS+ VOICE will destroy themselves with their own pride and arrogance.

        The Focus of The LORD is on The Mystical Body of HIS Beloved SON+, spread out across the earth, not on ANY particular nation. We must watch and see what happens now. Will all be well or will Judgment come to America?

        Is America The New Secular Order of The Ages, as is stated on the back of the dollar bill? Is America a ” new Israel” of some sort as some teach?? Time will tell.

        One thing is certain. GOD is NOT MOCKED, not by rich politicians or by religious pretenders.

        Israel tried this thousands of years ago and was brought down to the dust. Is America better than Israel??

        Talk is cheap. We must watch and see what takes place and what The LORD+ will DO.

        If there indeed has been “great repentance”, then we shall all see the fruit of it.

        Meanwhile, the Scripture still stands: Do not entangle yourselves with the affairs of this life, so that you may please HIM+ Who+ has called you to be a spiritual warrior. This means not even being ENTANGLED with nationalistic nor political distractions. We are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. We are to remain FOCUSED upon Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Who+ has called us out of darkness into His+ marvelous Light.

        Blessings to you this day, as you follow The LORD+.

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