The Darkness Goes Deeper Than You Think


I have watched riots, flag burnings, people defacating in public, (thats right) beatings of even school children.  That’s from those supporting the demonic power of the left.  It’s the nastiness of the Spirit of Baal and the worst of the demons the spirit of jezebel.  Satan has sent his best and brightest to America.  And they are not giving up without destruction.

I feel so ashamed of some Americans.  Those demonic celebrities leaving for Canada are being told by citizens there, we don’t want you.  They know what evil is in them.

And all during the ugliness of the campaign we were told it was the Trump supporters causing violence.

More evidence of the dark,  there are large international human rights organizations whom we have all trusted to speak for the sufferring,  oppressed and persecuted, who are now speaking vitriol for conservative Christians. You know us nasty people who are crushing human rights. Yes that’s right.  Conservatives and Christians prayed for days and came together to beat the dark , demonic cult of the powers that have ruled for years.  Here is what they said.  No name, but it’s the same message hate filled by the 2 largest Human Rights organizations in the world.  This is the email they sent out:

On Wednesday, we woke up to what we anticipate will be a profoundly more challenging human rights landscape. As we try to make sense of this new reality, it’s important to remember: We are in this together.

Now is not the time to hold our heads in our hands or lose our nerve.

So today, we work.

We must work harder, shout louder, campaign bigger – bigger than ever before to fight for, uphold and protect our rights. Everyone’s rights. Human rights.

Let those feelings of confusion give way to razor-sharp resolve and clarity:

Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and other forms of oppression have no place in this world.

This is nothing new to us – we have been fighting for human rights for over five decades. We’re a powerful movement of millions of people just like you, and make no mistake we have brought about seismic shifts of our own

What??   The darkness by the globalists have tentacles even as deep as the watchmen.

Jezebel and her minions were thrown down but the darkness does not end there.  It’s way deeper than that.  Satan has roots that circle the globe and are rooted deep here in America.

Yes Americans spoke against wickedness, but is the weak church in this country strong enough to cast this legion of demons into the sea?? NO, not without turning to God.  We can’t be a Christian in name only as so many are today.  We can’t remain sluggish.  This demon can not be cast out without prayer and fasting.  (Jesus’ words not mine)

Donald Trump was used by God in nothing short of a miracle, but as another author put it, he is still not our savior.  There is only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ.  We may have been granted a reprieve but as I’ve said, our work is only beginning.  The George Soros leader of darkness, will not go quietly away.  The dark spirit  of satan likes it here, he will not go quietly away.  Remember, “woe to the inhabitants of the earth for Satan has been thrown down”?

The demons at the gates are not giving up.  Remember Jesus warned the demons will leave, but when they return they will return stronger and with more of them.  Are you prepared?

The death threats against Trump are increasing every day.  Armed guards in full body armor guard his tower.  Pray for him and Mike Pence.  In fact pray like never before.

Pray for others to wake up.  America’s sins are piled as high as the heavens.  Our leaders have blood on their hands.  From Africa to the east.  We have instigated slaughter, deposed leaders, remember the bloody images of libya, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria because these are what God brings against us.  This and the millions of innocent babies killed in the name of freedom for women.  All done for greed.  I have written many times about the goal of world leaders from Africa and the Doha pipeline to the oil in the Middle east.  They came to plunder!! Pray as never before.  Time is still short, it’s shorter now than before.  Wake as many as you can.  RISE UP REMNANT put on the full armor of GOD, plant your feet firmly in the word of truth the spiritual battle is raging.  Look not to man but to God.  He is our only hope.

Psalm 118:8

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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