While Christianity Is Growing In Iran, Human Rights Abuses Are Also On The Rise



By Voice of Iranian Christians (VOCIR)  Many reports are surfacing that say that the Christian church in Iran is growing by leaps and bounds. They say that there are 300,000-400,000 Christians now in Iran. While the Iranian Christian population is growing, & Muslims are converting, it’s not that simple. Christians are increasingly isolated, fearful and often depressed. Christians are also escaping if they can to other nearby countries like Iraq.

Bibles are almost impossible to come by. Christians feel increasingly isolated as they can not attend church openly in most all cases, especially those families of imprisoned Christians.   There are many Christians in prison in Iran accused of crimes against the state, and apostasy. Simply for helping to grow the Christian church in Iran. Reports have suggested that the Supreme Court of Iran is reviewing sentences of 3 Christians convicted of consuming Alcohol during communion. They were imprisoned and sentenced to lashes. Lashes which most likely would bring their death.  Christians in Iran are not a danger to the state, they simply want to worship Christ in freedom.  Yet Iran views this as treason.  As they won’t allow any religious views other than Shiite.  In May of 2016 Fox News reported on the rise of the “House Church” in Iran.  This movement is why Saeed Abidini was arrested, and why so many Christians remain in prison there.  Simply for wanting to worship Christ in a home atmosphere.  How is this threatening behavior?

And for that matter how was the Green Movement a threat, it was a peaceful protest against the 2009 election.  The Iranian people simply wanted their vote to count, and for that thousands have been killed by the Revolutionary Guard, and thousands more are threatened with death.  Can you imagine this in America, we have protests on our streets today, with protestors burning our flag and destroying property, yet they are allowed to continue as America believes in freedom of speech, freedom to protest peacefully and freedom to worship.    Iran kills it’s peaceful protestors.

The Government of Iran gives a false sense of security to gain trust and information, and then uses that against the minorities. They target prisoners families as well, threatening them, spying on them, and using psychological torture to break their spirit, and mind. There are many reports of officials lying to those who protest with Hunger strikes. They protest their treatment, the lack of medical care, the inhuman conditions and torture, they protest their false convictions, when they gain attention by media the officials lie to them telling them they can go home if they stop their strike. But then order them back to prison and continue down the same torturous path. Like the courageous woman, Maryam Naghash Zargaran (Nasim)

Like the case of Ibrahim Firuzi. A Christian convert imprisoned in Iran, who was beaten and taken to court. And now there are new charges against him, instead of reviewing these heinous human rights abuses, they want to charge him with new crimes of disturbing the peace and insulting Islam. (Read more)put link in  Ibrahim’s mother is his only voice. She has tirelessly advocated for him, when she became ill earlier this year.

There are numerous human rights activists imprisoned also in Iran. Iran is currently holding a British woman , under charges of crimes against the state for her supposed and alleged ties to the Green movement. (Read more)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has threatened to kill any and all opposition. They have threatened no matter where it is in the world they will kill it. (Read more) They have threatened to kill or destroy all who speak out against them. As Saeed Abidini has also reported in recent days, (on his facebook page) Officials informed him that no matter where he is they will kill him for speaking out against them, as they have done to others in the past. The IRGC has become very evil and powerful.
Since its establishment, IRGC has been involved in many economic and military activities among which some raised controversies. The organization has been accused of smuggling (including importing illegal alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and satellite dishes, into Iran via jetties not supervised by the Government, training and supplying Hezbollah and Hamas fighters, and of being involved in the Iraq War.
In December 2009 evidence uncovered during an investigation by the Guardian newspaper and Guardian Films linked the IRGC to the kidnappings of 5 Britons from a government ministry building in Baghdad in 2007. Three of the hostages, Jason Creswell, Jason Swindlehurst and Alec Maclachlan, were killed. Alan Mcmenemy’s body was never found but Peter Moore was released on 30 December 2009. The investigation uncovered evidence that Moore, 37, a computer expert from Lincoln was targeted because he was installing a system for the Iraqi Government that would show how a vast amount of international aid was diverted to Iran’s militia groups in Iraq.
According to Geneive Abdo IRGC members were appointed “as ambassadors, mayors, cabinet ministers, and high-ranking officials at state-run economic institutions” during the administration of president Ahmadinejad Appointments in 2009 by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei have given “hard-liners” in the guard “unprecedented power” and included “some of the most feared and brutal men in Iran.” (Wikipedia)

This type of tyrannical rule is not trustworthy. Sharing stories of oppression and Human Rights Abuse by the Government of Iran right now is one way for us to show Iran that the world is watching them. That has been proven with Saeed Abidini, when we in America and across the western world, shared, spoke up and prayed, Iran knew the eye of the world was watching their persecution and human rights abuses. We have to show them we are watching. We have to continue to hold this in the media, the western media does monitor social media, so share these stories and speak out.  Show them we stand with the innocent people of Iran, and we are watching.  Stand with them in solidarity.

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