Americans Spoke And Said Enough! Our Voices Do Matter!


This election ripped our country apart.  The last 8 years sought to destroy us and deflate us.  It sought to take God from America.  It sought to wreak suffering in the world and silence our voice.  But..  

Americans told the liberals and globalist that wreaked havoc not only on this nation but the world that we have had enough!  I say get over it.  The failed domestic and foreign policies and liberal changes that only divide pushed America to the brink.  Now our job begins.  The Guardian reports that America is now in the Abyss, but America lit a huge light yesterday and we must keep it lit.  We have had enough of the liberals lies and darkness.  I don’t know what President Trump will do, but our job is only beginning.  Our voices must get louder, our prayers must get stronger.

Pray for President elect Trump.  Pray for our law makers, we sent a message there also.  That we are tired, let’s hold them accountable. Pray for a return to Almighty God!

I am hearing from our persecuted brethren across the globe.  We showed them our voices do matter.  They are hopeful we can turn to God and lead once again.  They are hopeful, as am I.    Hopeful that our country can move on and once again be the shining light on the hill.  We must roll up our sleeves now and find our footing and plant our feet firmly on God’s word and speak loud and clear.   All Glory to God may He guide us to heal our land and help the sufferring. May God Bless America and shed His Mercy and Grace over the world!

We sent a powerful message to the world yesterday.  The world is watching us.  Let us show them the Love and light of Christ!  We are not assured of tommorrow, let us roll up our sleeves and set about our Fathers business while we still can.  As Christians our loyalty is to our Lord Jesus Christ, let us never forget that.  Our job is just beginning.

May God shed His Mercy on His people.  

Commentary by C.Refsland

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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