KNOWING The Will of GOD …

green-archTime with CHRIST JESUS


In Thy+ Light shall we see LIGHT.

 This is The WAY+ ;

walk ye in it.


These are all Words of Life from Scripture, Words we know so well.

 So, why is it that we walk through our time here on earth in a confused muddle, not knowing whether we should go to the left hand or to the right ? 

Why is it, then… 

that The LORD’S Will is a mystery to us especially when we have a crucial decision facing us ?


If any of you lack Wisdom,

let him ask from the Giving GOD,

giving to all men freely,

and not reproaching

( chiding, upbraiding);

and it will be given to him.

James 1:5 literal Greek

We have the HOLY SPIRIT at our re-birth; it is a promise given to us in Acts 2:38 to repent and be baptized to receive the GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Marvelous Gift from GOD !

With all this help promised to us from The Word of GOD and from the HOLY SPIRIT dwelling within us… 

why are we confused,

stumbling, and up-set, 

not knowing whether to go to the left hand

or to the right ? 


We have all been in this state, and it is DISTRESSING.


We say …

” Oh, if only The Scriptures would tell me what to do ! If I could only open my Bible and see whether I should take this job…  move to that city … marry that one … embark on this out-reach. 

Then I would know what to do !” 


We say …

“Oh WHY doesn’t The LORD answer me when I NEED to know what to do ? “


But HE+ says:


“Oh, WHY

have you LIMITED your time with ME+ ?


Why have you been SO busy…

and then, too, too tired …

to spend QUALITY time with ME+ ?


Have I+ asked you to do

any great thing in your life ?


 I+ have only asked one thing of you:


Come and sit with ME+


every day.


No studying,

not even reading at this time,

not fellow-shipping,

not singing,

not public worship.


Just come and SIT WITH ME+.

Alone. Every day.


But no, you will not do that

for even 30 minutes of earthly time.


You begrudge coming to SIT WITH ME+

beside My+ Still Waters.


You refuse to STILL yourself.

Everyday you are too busy

with “good” projects and necessary duties

to find time to sit with ME+. 

But, I+ am your Life-Source! 

I+ am your Wisdom!  

How then can you expect to hear My+ Direction

when the changes of Life occur

or when trouble raises its head ?


I+ will not join you in your busy-ness.


I+ cannot refresh your soul there.


You cannot hear My+ Voice there.


I+ will not reveal My+ Will

in the midst of other voices

competing for your attention.


If you want My+ Direction

you must come to ME+

in My+ Stillness


Before the crises of life happen.”

+  +  +




LORD JESUS, I have neglected YOU+, the Most Important ONE+ in my life. Life is meaningless without YOU+, yet I have gone on my way expecting YOU+ to accompany me… instead of me accompanying YOU+.


I repent of my mis-guided busy-ness. I place every one of my activities on the altar; burn them with the fire of Thy+ Holiness, O LORD.


Settle me down. Place upon me, now, O LORD, Thy+ Will, Thy+ Way and I will walk in it. Let me not go to the left hand nor to the right, to the Glory of GOD my FATHER.


Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, O LORD.


I am still now, LORD,

… and listening.


+  +  +


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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