​A dark spirit has overcome the world and blinded Americans.  A darkness that is choking the very life out of all decency and humanity.

Enough, enough of the disgusting lewd talk cursing and using disgusting videos from Trump to obama.  The world is falling into the abyss and all America can talk about is the sexual prowess of leaders?  

My God Iran is firing on our ships, iran is torturing it’s citizens, Pakistan is persecuting Christians.  Chtistians and minorities are being slaughtered.  And we are an embarrassment.  

Russia has threatened us with nuclear war.  Banks are collapsing in the UK and all we can talk about is the sexual escapades and prowess of America’s leaders?  Hillary Clinton by her own admission helped to create Al-Queda which has morphed into the beast we see today, and all we can talk about is the dark sins of our leaders.  

The voice of reason and decency has been choked into silence.  Our leaders has turned the world upside down and inside out and all we care about is darkness and filth.  Abortion is lauded as freedom for women, sexual immorality has taken over and Americans are blind and dumbed down.  The suffering in the world is mind bending,  Atrocities against humanity is the norm.  Take a good hard look because the question of what the world would like without America has been answered!  The evil encompassing our land has knocked America into submission, and our enemies are thrilled.  Satan is jubilant.  This is not hyperbole or sensationalism it’s the COLD HARD TRUTH!  And the Western church is complicit.  Complicit in darkness.

May God have mercy on His people living in this country.

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  2. Amen Sist
    Yes, may our LORD+ have Mercy on HIS+ Remnant Children that are living in America.

    America is now openly anti-christ and is extremely Unclean and grossly disgusting morally. The amount of smut and filth in this so-called “election ” is just an outward sign of what is underneath.

    I am in agreement with you. The Western church is about to be “spewed out” of the LORD’S+ Body. The Remnant who love and obey HIM+ will be kept, no matter what, one way of the other.

    However, it is obvious that suffering is going to come to the US, the Judgment and Wrath of The HOLY ONE of Israel, against a wicked and murderous nation that rejected the Light+ they were given and chose to work out their plan of Darkness and Death.

    HOLY FATHER, help your little ones to overcome by The Blood of The LAMB+ and The WORD+ of their testimony, and to not love their lives more than your Beloved SON+. In HIS+ Holy Name we pray.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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