Shattered Dreams A Cold Dark Reality

I have a story to relay to you.  One that bends my mind, brings tears to my eyes and my heart,  and feelings of shock at the lack of concern.

Imagine you are a young man just beginning your life.  You have chosen a career of photojournalism and have decided to use your talents to report on the heinous abuse of christians.  You meet the woman of your dreams and begin to live your life together and plan a family.  Life is good.  Not so fast, you suddenly find that those you are reporting about are coming after you.  Attacking you and threatening death.
You flee with your wife.  Your dreams are shattered.  You uproot your wife and flee to a country close by.  With hopeful aims, and goals of starting a new life.  Travelling into the unknown can be frightening in itself,  not knowing what your future will be.  Your young and hard working so you see no problem.  Until you find out the country you fled to refuses to accept you as an asylum seeker, refuses to allow you safe passage to another country.  The agencies designed to help refuse to aid you and you live in constant fear of arrest and detention.  Unable to work as others to provide for your wife or plan a family. 

You finally get to tell your story to an agency that holds your life in its hands only to be told we won’t help you.  Your hopes of starting a family and even existing in a productive manner are dashed under the feet of a cold blind world.

You have hopes that churches will help even offer refuge, only to find out that they too turn blind eyes to your plight.

The devastating reality knocks you off your feet.  All your dreams are once again shattered.  This time with no hope.  The only choice is to live life as a criminal underground barely surviving day by day.  Or return to your home country and be killed, leaving your wife to meet the same end or worse.  You are finally broken as you watch your wife cry and waste into depression.  The dark reality engulfing her.

This is a true story of a Pakistani Christian existing in Thailand.  Thailand does not recognize asylum seekers and the UNHCR has no power there.  In fact the UNHCR with new leadership has no empathy with Christians persecuted in Pakistan.  They exhibit clear discrimination and preference to Ahmadi muslums, but disdain for Christians evidenced by their actions.

Yes the world is broken and in chaos, yes the wars engulfing 1/2 of the world have caused a refugee crises this world has never seen.  But in this young man’s case his life could be spared, he would be a shining light, a advocate for peace and freedom.  But the Western world cares not.  Western Christians care not.  Ignorance that causes blindness does not excuse the actions of Western christians.   The world has turned against Christianity.  It’s new order has left Christians to die, and the West refuses to see.  We refuse to acknowledge the truth.  Selfish and worried more about what donut we will have with our coffee at church.  Pastors care only about filling their coffers.  Shame on us.  While one man’s life is ending and the world is in flames we carry on partying and marrying as if nothing is happening.
Through all of this this young man keeps his Faith in Jesus.  God Bless him.  

By C.Refsland 


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  1. Sister C J,
    This is so sad and also maddening. I expect NOTHING from the Evil nation of Pakistan and really Nothing from Thailand either at this point. I see why the UNHCR is as it is when I see its former head now promoted to be head of the luciferian UN itself.

    The US churches are another story or should be. The US churches are now run as a “religious” business instead of The Church of The LORD GOD, The Pillar and Ground of The Truth+.

    It seems that we are seeing a CLEAR PICTURE of that church mentioned in the latter part of Revelation, chapter 3. This Western church is SO DEAD and Lukewarm that when Truth is spoken to it, it only stares in disbelief or is ready to do hurt to the one speaking. Ichabod is written but the “churches” are too busy and delighted with their deadness to notice.

    I do not know what to do for the pathetic western/US church except to WARN as The LORD+ gives the anointing and Strength. Christians are the target now, worldwide it seems, and here in the US too, a target by tacit government approval.

    May The LORD GOD help this young man and his wife as they endure this suffering for HIS+ Name. I pray for the saints of The LORD+ trapped in the filthy and cursed place called Pakistan. And Thailand.


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