His Name Is Yeshua

From Wikipedia: The confusion of languages

Genesis 11:9

Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

I’m stepping out on the proverbial limb again.  The limb that leaves you dangling above cliffs of politically correct leftists all hungry to rip you apart.  But God will just not let this be settled in my soul until I speak out.

I actually tremble in my soul when I think of this.  Like it or not we come from Judeo-Christian values and teachings about God.  The “I AM”  “Yaweh” “Yeshua”.  So you see the picture I am painting.  We do not refer to what the liberals say the name of God is in Arabic “allah” and we do not refer to Yeshua as issa (the liberals preferred Arabic name)

I’ve heard it all so I’m not interested in debating this.  There is a big push to change words in the Bible to arabic .  There is more than a push, almost a command from the liberal new age humanistic pushers to change the words of the Bible so it doesn’t offend muslims.   Most especially the name of God and Yeshua.  

This changing and mixing is not of God.  This is the doctrine we were warned about.  What difference does it make?? It makes a big difference.  If you mix and match the lines between the gods,  religion will be so blurred you won’t be able to tell what is what hence the great falling away.  

This is why God blurred the languages before in Babel.  They all sought as one to reach the heavens and the throne of God.

When listening to Christians pray to issa it makes the hair on my neck stand straight out.  Do you even know who you are praying to?  Issa is the Muslim yeshua who will kill all Christians in the end who don’t convert.  Issa is a creation of satan.  Do you even care that you are praying to the ANTICHRIST?  

Are you that tired of Yeshua that you would turn to a false God?   Are you that anxious to not offend?  Are you that anxious to push chrislam?  Jesus Christ died for all, are you not willing to call Him, the messiah, God incarnate?  I just don’t understand.  It really saddens me to know the name of Jesus Christ is defamed in this manner.  There is a reason when asked who do you think I am?  Paul responded “the Christ.”

It’s Jesus Christ.  It’s Yeshua but it is NOT issa.  Please know the difference.  No, and I mean no Evangelist or Shepard who truly follows the word of God refers to our Lord as issa.  There’s a reason.  The symbology of this name is overpowering and yet Christians will roll it off their tongue with pride.  Symbology is EVERYTHING.  The word of God  is full of it.  The symbol of the Harlet is so telling!!

It’s time to wake up!  Will He find faith on the earth when He returns?  Or will he find the tower of Babel??  Wake up Christians.

By C.Refsland

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4 replies

  1. What is this INSANITY of Not offending muslims?

    For 1,400 years muslims have been offending Christians, followers of The MESSIAH+, and butchering them as often as possible, just like the demon- possessed false non-prophet mohammad ordered them to do.


    If we would do this, and be FAITHFUL to JESUS, INSTEAD OF COMMITTING SPIRITUAL ADULTERY AGAINST HIM+ , The LORD+ would CONFIRM HIS+ WORD with Signs following and strike fear into the Adversary.


  2. He is the first and the last,the beginning and the end and is known as the King of Israel to His chosen.Though there be lords and gods many among the people,He remains the only one who has the power to blot out the sins of the people and has died on a cross to redeem His people!He is the great I Am! (Isaiah 44:6-8).Thank you Sister for telling the truth of the gospel of Christ Our Saviour and Lord,for no one goes to the Father,but by Him.God Bless your labour of love shown for His name.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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