Nigeria On The Edge Of Total Destruction As Nigerians Celebrate Their Founding


My eyes are focused on Nigeria for the moment.

As Nigerians Celebrate their founding, they are a relatively young country, one has to see that Nigeria is on the edge of destruction.

Nigerians have suffered tremendous loss of life, loss of freedoms, and live in fear of Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen.  And most Nigerians think no one cares!
One Nigerian once told me “they are killing my people and no one cares.  This broke heart.
According to Premium Times Nigeria:  The Governor of Borno State in Nigeria has announced he will re-build churches destroyed by Boko Haram.  Stating it wasn’t a political move but a humanitarian move.
He said he was shocked at the destruction of Christian communities by Boko Haram.
Here is a quote from his statement:

“I want to assure that the churches will be rebuilt before December, so that the people can celebrate the Christmas in a more conducive atmosphere.

“We will also make sure that all private houses destroyed are rebuilt without delay,” he said, adding that his action had no political under tone.

“We are not doing this for political reasons because we are not facing any election now. Our actions are based on the desire to serve people and to ensure equity among them.”
Here is what one Nigerian thinks of these flowery promises:

“This is  pure politics, out of almost 13,000 churches destroyed he is only building 10 or 15 churches just to tell international community that he is playing equity.”

All Nigerians are waking up to the sad fact that the promise of hope and change promised by Buhari is just sad empty words.  The Chibook Schoolgirls are still missing.  Boko Haram is back with a vengeance, swearing allegiance to ISIS, slaughtering and kidnapping in record numbers, declaring themselves the Africa caliphate.  Fulani herdsmen have joined in the slaughter of Christians and the governments empty words saying all can return to their destroyed homes is propaganda to show the world Buhari is a great leader.  But when you really look at what’s going on, just the opposite appears.
Buhari’s checkered past covered by the media shows his clear disregard for Christians and other minorities.  Caring only for instituting Sharia law across the country.
Humanity is absent there, only the lust for wealth, power and Islamic rule.  The Western goals are the same, Africa has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.  And the Nigerians live in poverty.  The changing demographics of Africa and the Middle East throw human life to the wind.  Considering lives lost as collateral damage.

Foreign policy?  Or a clear cut plan for the West to loot?

By C.Refsland

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  2. It is a Clear policy for the West to Loot Africa, as they have done to other lands.

    I am thinking that the “Black Isis” Boko Harem, receives their funding and support from the same source that the Daesh does.

    It is becoming common knowledge now that isis and all of their off-shoots are proxy armies for the Western Robber Barons.

    They are claiming the world for their own, and they do not care how many are killed, or how much suffering and misery they cause in the process.

    I pray for the Children of The LORD+ there in Nigeria, and all of Africa. The Fourth Reich, the Beast with Iron Teeth and Brass Claws wants to drain their resources to fuel their “Killing Machine” of Global Conquest.
    May The LORD GOD of Israel strike the Beast into the Dust and Grind it to Powder and burn it to ash.


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