Deaf, Dumbed Down, And Blind

I’ve had enough.  I am sickened by the selfishness and blindness of the West.
When a post about Nasa changing your horoscope sign can get more shares and likes on facebook than the systematic slaughter of women and children across Africa and the Middle East than something very dark has hijacked our souls!
When women in this country Don an oppressive symbol like the Hijab to support women, women who are beaten and tortured and killed and imprisoned in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia who are dying to shed this symbol, than something very dark has hijacked humanity and the soul of the West.

When women in this country care more about slaughtering a human being in their womb, something very dark has hijacked our soul.

A womens rights activist was aressted and sentenced to death in Iran for demanding the rights of women,  they said she spoke against god.  How sick and twisted is this ?  Yet the lame Stream Media won’t spend a minutes time on it.  The women’s rights groups in America won’t spend a seconds worth of time on it.  But let a misguided woman in America Don a Hijab in misguided support of these maniacs and it’s all over the news!! We are just as sick as this evil!  No more money or talks with this darkness until it stops terrorizing it’s citizens and the weak.
When Christian genocide has been declared, and Iran and Pakistan are recognized for their blasphemy laws and torture of their citizens, than something very dark has hijacked our soul.
When is enough, enough?  After thousands more innocent suffer?  After evil conquers the entire world?  What will it take for Christians and the West to open their eyes?  Images of beheadings, torture crucifixions, children dying daily, women beaten and stoned for their clothing?  What more do you want??  What signs will it take to shake you into reality?
My eyes are wide open are yours?

Commentary by C. Refsland

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14 replies

  1. Islam is Anti-Christo. Muslims do not believe Jesus (Issa) as they call him died on the cross. Instead Allah did a bait and switch at the last minute and put Judas up instead to be crucified. EXCEPT this is a contradiction as Judas committed suicide. Islam is a logical falicy. It’s a circular argument with no way out. Chrisitans need to take their head out of the sand and know the truth


  2. From Guideposts-

    The Longest Prayer

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name… I sat next to my son Scotty on the living room couch and stared at the iPad glowing in his lap. A recording of his favorite prayer blared from the speakers. As soon as the track ended, Scotty played it back from the beginning—as he’d done over and over for the past hour. I’d never seen him like this, so focused, so intent, almost as though he was somewhere else.

    I glanced at my watch. 1:55 p.m. I had plenty to do before my husband, Steve, a Federal Law Enforcement Special Agent pilot, came home from work. How long would we spend on a single prayer?

    As the mother of a son with special needs, I knew the value of patience. Scotty is a 27-year-old man with Angelman Syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that has given him profound developmental delays.

    For Scotty, every day is a struggle. He only has a handful of words to express himself, including “mama,” “dada,” and “amen.” Prayer is crucial for my son, one of the few things that brings him peace.

    Still, we’d never prayed for so long before. “Maybe we should listen to something else now,” I suggested. I slipped my hand out of Scotty’s and tried to take the iPad.

    He shook his head, grabbed my hand, and pressed “play” on the same prayer yet again. His eyebrows furrowed with concentration.

    “Who are you praying for?” I asked.

    “Dada,” he replied, clearly and without hesitation.

    I couldn’t wait to tell Steve when he got home. But that night at dinner, when the three of us sat down to eat, Steve seemed quiet. What was wrong?

    “We had an incident on the runway today,” he finally said. “We were up in a Cessna Centurion, ready to land, when the landing gear malfunctioned.” Steve and his crew had had to resort to pumping the gear down manually. Fortunately, they were able to land safely.

    “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I asked. “When did this happen?”

    “In the afternoon,” he said. “Just before 2 p.m.”

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name… I looked across the table at my son. Somehow Scotty knew.

    This article is excerpted from Thin Places: Touching the Edge of Heaven .

    So a reminder guys: Don’t lose faith in the knowledge that YHWH, Almighty God still has control and is not surprised. By anything.


  3. I believe there is something that we can do & should have been doing for the last 2,000 yrs. It is: Establishing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the Hearts of all the nations. Instead we made Christianity into another religion & I believe all Religions are from the pit of hell.

    God took a group of people that had been slaves to a government for almost 400 yrs & gave them <600 Laws to become one of the greatest nation on earth. 1620 Pilgrims landed & dedicated this land to Jesus Christ. Any similarities here?

    We have the Bible & now the Holy Spirit to guide us into All the Truth & I have not met anyone that has figured this out yet. We are suppose to be Kings & Priest, any idea where there is an Example of that? Where God say, " I will walk among you & bless you, if you do it My Way?" Mmmm

    I believe God has called Prophets to See the problems, to figure out the "Root" of the problems & most importantly, a true Prophet has God's answer to fix All of a nations problems, or sins.

    All the answers are in the Bible, No One has figured this out. Apparently, No One is reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!

    Everyone will die defending their "doctrines" & will not spend any time praying & fasting to seek God's answers to the hell we let America become for our children & grandchildren.

    God forgive us & our elders that have allowed the only Christian Nation on earth to become totally possessed by satan.

    I beg you Heavenly Father, please send Your Leaders that will lead our Children into Your Kingdom where You Rule & Reign, NOW in this World as You do in Heaven!

    That's my prayer.


  4. Bless us all!!! I have great faith GOD will take care of his children,


  5. Sister CJ,
    Keep warning! Don’t stop! Those who are spiritually asleep may wake up and Repent and “Put on The LORD JESUS CHRIST”, and actually prepare for the Tribulation that is coming to the US and the World.

    ” Lift up your voice and shout aloud” You will have NO Regrets for doing this.

    This nation is SUPPORTING the satanism called islam, the torture, beatings, and rape of women in the dark and evil nations that they, the US, are pouring billions of dollars into. Shall not the LORD GOD of Israel punish for this? Shall HE not take Vengeance for the Slaughter of HIS+ Grafted in Israelites, the lovers of HIS MESSIAH+?
    KEEP UP THE WARNING! Bless you Sister.


  6. I sound the alarm…point out the facts…lovingly…kindly…and get nothing but ridicule and scorn in return. I have retreated to prayer. Still speak out…but not like before. I follow the commands of our Messiah…and the whole counsel of Scripture. Pretty much best I can do.


  7. Really, we can do without the accusations that Christians’ eyes are not open. They are. So, instead of tossing out such accusations, what’s your answer? You want us all to march to the White House and demand something be done? Should we call our Congress people? Should we make phone calls, sign petitions, send emails, write letters? What? Should we have town hall meetings? Should we send money to organizations that support persecuted Christians (something for which I’m in favor, but that’s not going to change anything)? What? What are we to do that hasn’t already been done and has gotten us nowhere?

    It’s high time Christian writers like you realize that there is nothing…NOTHING anyone can do or is going to do to stop what’s taking place around the world. Yes, we can, and ought, to pray, and that is all we are going to be able to do. If you think otherwise, then how come you haven’t changed what’s happening? You know why? Because neither you, I or anyone else is left with any say-so in this country. This ain’t our daddy’s country anymore.

    And if I’m wrong, then prove me so. As it stands, there isn’t a leg to stand on anymore in this country for anything that’s moral or of Christian influence. What few (and very minor) victories we get are so inconsequential that’s it’s almost pathetic to see such “Victory is Ours” storm the Christian news sites. Such victories” are virtually null and void in comparison to the drowning losses we suffer, on a daily basis no less.

    So, my eyes are wide open. Very wide, but they are wide open to the judgement God is bringing on this country and to the same results world wide that Christians have suffered throughout the ages when times are tremendously difficult; and we’re in for some of the worst of times. Sorry, but these are just the facts.


    • Thank you for your wise insights. I can not disagree with you. But as long as we are silent nothing will change. And I’m glad your eyes are open. Many are not not. Many don’t realize what is coming. And as for Christian writers like me, I for one will warn and shout from the rooftops until my dying breath. I refuse to cower in the corner and remain silent. AGAIN I agree with you. God is indeed bringing judgement. Just trying to wake as many as possible.




    • Mr Starkey according to Luke 19 we are to occupy until the Lord returns! Your are wrong that there is nothing that Christians can do: our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ has given his army marching orders in Luke 19. So instead of coming down on a sister or brother have you ask yourself what you have done or are doing to “occupy” till the King returns? I am sure you have had days when you felt oppressed or even depressed from the events occurring globally and to persecuted brothers and sisters….who edified and encouraged you in your time of need and and understanding when the pressure bares down so heavily. We each are/will be held accountable not only occupy til He comes but our “lifting” each other up in a time of needed encouragement to run the race set before us to serve Jesus and here well done good and faithful servant. God bless


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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