Transfer Of The Internet:Do you Know What This Means?

I received this and wanted to pass it on. (Shared with permission)  we really need to realize what is happening.  It’s time to wake up.  This reality!  

For Your immediate analysis and consideration:

Earlier today, the Attorney Generals in the States of Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nevada filed an emergency action in Federal Court petitioning the delay of the Obama administration’s proposed release of the Internet agency solely responsible for Internet Assigned Numbers and Addresses in the United States of America to an international authority overseen by the United Nations.  Obama’s plan would consign the critical function of governance of the Internet to the international community coordinated by the United Nations, thereby rendering the Internet vulnerable to censorship by unknown foreign powers regardless of whatever rules and policies are in effect.  This action would have a direct ability to “effectively enable or prohibit (free) speech on the Internet.” 


Quoting from the emergency petition, “ICANN has a documented history of ignoring or operating outside of its governing bylaws.  In addition, even under NTIA’s (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) oversight, ICANN’s current practices often foster a lack of transparency that, in turn, allows illegal activity to occur.” 


The emergency petition filed under this date is a most serious and critical attempt to STOP the American Internet from being collapsed into the global community, and away from the oversight and general maintenance so respected and enjoyed all these years.  The plan to transfer the Internet into global hands is a potential National Security threat as well.



Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.



Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

U.S. Border Intelligence Group

ASIS International

Association For Intelligence Officers

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP

International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

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2 replies

  1. This evil “beast” of a man is working overtime to get the sheep ready for slaughter! It seems that no one can or will stop him!

    We can see what he is doing and why, a mindless puppet controlled by satan and his minions.

    I hope that the Lawsuit can stop this Corporate Dictator’s crime from happening, but it may be too little too late. It seems that everyone has been given “stand down” orders until it is too late!

    Is this unstoppable tyrant a product of Americas Unrepentant SIN? Has The LORD GOD given America what they have chosen spiritually?

    If Jihadist obama were to be grasped by a giant hand, he would go limp and deflate like a balloon, but the Committee that runs his mouth and limbs would still be “up and running” and just put another puppet in his place.

    The KEY to stopping Evil is REPENTANCE! Those who Repent will be kept safe. Those who refuse to Repent are going to be destroyed.

    It appears that America itself is gone as a nation. It has worked too much Evil in the sight of the whole world for The LORD+ to NOT send Judgment.

    Heavenly FATHER, bless your little ones who Love YOU more than their own lives. Help us through these end times, in JESUS’ Name we pray. Amen + + +


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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