Mr. Obama Says He is a CHRISTIAN … on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, Israel, on Friday.


No, sadly enough, NOT a conversion… just a politically-correct statement useful for political purposes. ( LIES on Top of LIES; quran says it is good to LIE in the cause of islam!  )

Identifying himself as a “Christian,” and America as firmly fixed on the Judeo-Christian foundation, Mr. Obama addressed the gathering of dignitaries at the funeral of Shimon Peres, in Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem.


Note the yarmulke/skullcap in above photo.

His speech was remarkably respectful of Israel and the Jewish people although he did not identify Jerusalem as being in Israel, nonetheless.


Both Mr. Obama and former President Bill Clinton wore the traditional yarmulkes, something non-Jews wear to “show respect” for the Jews and GOD, when attending a serious Jewish function like a funeral.


[ Unfortunately, Mr. Clinton’s head apparel hardly showed “respect” to anyone.]

However, the most interesting statement of the entire speech was Mr. Obama’s self-identity : 


Here is that statement. Below is the link to his entire 23-minute speech printed in the Jerusalem Post.


“Anchored in a Judeo-Christian tradition, we believe in the irreducible value of every human being. Our nations were built on that idea. They were built in large part by stubborn idealists and striving immigrants, including those who had fled war and fled oppression.

” Both our nations have flaws that we have not always fixed, corners of our history which date back to our founding that we do not always squarely address. But because our founders planted not just flags in the eternal soil, but also planted the seeds of democracy, we have the ability to always pursue a better world. We have the capacity to do what is right.

As an American, as a Christian, a person partly of African descent, born in Hawaii — a place that could not be further than where Shimon spent his youth  — I took great pleasure in my friendship with this older, wiser man. We shared a love of words and books and history. And perhaps, like most politicians, we shared too great a joy in hearing ourselves talk. ”

Click on the link below for the full text of his speech.

Obama eulogy of Shimon Peres

JESUS said,

“By their FRUITS

you will know them”


No CHRISTMAS at the White House this year?

Abortion promoted and funded by his administration?

Muslim immigrants shown favoritism, given money and welfare benefits and appointed to high places in the Government ?

No asylum for fleeing Christians allowed in  the US?

Not recognizing the Persecution and Slaughter of Christians by muslims around the world ?

Promoting SODOMY and Trashing the Biblical definition of Marriage? 

This is a Christian?? I think NOT!  Remember again, it is acceptable to LIE, LIE, LIE in the cause of islam. (So says the quran and the demon allah!)

Does Mr. Obama really THINK he is a “Christian” ?

Whatever could his speech-writers be thinking  to put such things in Mr. Obama’s fine speech at Shimon Peres’ funeral in Jerusalem, Israel on Friday ( Year of Our LORD, 9.30.2016) ?  Why is such a farce being promoted? 

If one looks at who is lauded in Mr. Obama’s speech, one will find Mr. Abbas is mentioned very nicely, and not simply in passing.  Is Mr. Abbas a Christian now too ?  ( One who has sworn to kill all Jews and destroy the State of Israel??)

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama’s silver-tongued speech writers omitted an IMPORTANT fact:

No liar shall enter into The Kingdom of GOD, into Heaven

Here’s another IMPORTANT one the speech-writers over-looked:


And as it is appointed unto men

once to die,

but after this the judgment:

Hebrews 9:27

And yet, another one missed:

But I+ say unto you,

That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof

in the day of judgment

Matthew 12:36


So, perhaps we had better pray for Mr. Obama’s TRUE Conversion to TRUE Christianity — and also his speech-writers — so that he and they do not enter into the Lake of Fire when their Divine Appointment with Death comes.

We swim in a sea of LIES in this age.

Be aware of this and receive only the TRUTH+.

Warn continually.

NO liar will enter GOD’S

Eternal Kingdom

AMEN + + +

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4 replies

  1. Obama is about as Christian as Hitler.


    • Thank you Sister! I could not keep quiet about this farce. The whole world knows what agenda is being worked out by this administration. Thank you again. Bless you.


  2. We know what he is. I’d have more respect for him (not much, mind you but a wee bit) if he finally told the truth about something. How we voted in a man with that name astounds me. It’s like 9/11 never happened. I pray for him but “ye shall know them by their fruits.” I pray for his eternal life but I can’t wait for his life as POTUS to end! God bless all.


    • worthyisthelamb737,
      I agree with you. This president seems to be a “Front Man” for a very powerful “Committee” shall we say/ I no longer trust the “Electoral System” that is in place in the US. I have questions about exactly how he got into office. Too much lying is going on.
      Thank you for your comment.


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