Obama’s Shredding Of Our Constitution Almost Complete

While Americans are absorbed in the race war, election, and confusion, obama is living true to his promise to fundamentally change America.  He has announced his new world order on the world stage at the UN.  He has brought America to the edge and in his remaining days he will strip America of the last vestiges of sovereignty and power.  He has November surprises of his own.  I really don’t understand why Congress has not impeached this man.  He has done more damage domestically and foreign than any other leader in modern history. 

 John 9:4

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Everyone is warning from Franklin Graham and other prominent religious leaders who have not bowed the knee to a worldly god, to the nation’s top thinkers, yet the sheep continue to snooze on.  Some cowering in the corner silently awaiting the final curtain to drop.

Franklin Graham issued this statement on his facebook page:

On October 1 President Obama is planning to turn over control of key components of the Internet to an international group—and Congress is standing by, letting it happen! As this Washington Times article points out—”why are congressional leaders not screaming bloody murder about yet another executive overreach?” America invented the Internet. The whole world relies on it. U.S. taxpayers paid for its creation. It is a national treasure of strategic importance and our politicians have no right giving one of the most powerful tools in the world to anyone else. This is a huge mistake, and once the “keys” are given away, there will be no way to get them back.  Congress needs to act now. Contact your representatives today and appeal to them to block this before the Oct. 1 deadline. Share this if you agree.

Russia, iran and China with the Obama ideology that ISIS and groups like them are only underprivileged needing a voice, have turned Syria into a bloody Valley of death with their proxy wars.   Images coming out of Syria are purely evil.  Yet the world governing body is powerless to say ENOUGH.  Critics of this have been demeaned and called unreliable.

Obama has multiple times stated that he wants the media to stop reporting on terrorism so people won’t know what is going on.  He has publicly criticized conservative alternative media and bloggers.  Now he is exacting revenge.  

Russia has instituted laws for the Internet that make it a crime to post about religion.  China controls it’s Internet completely and now obama is turning our information highway and freedoms over to the UN.  A governing body powerless to stop evil, one that lauds human rights abuses and condemns those who speak out.  And you know what’s so sick about this?  There are millions who won’t care as long as their games and Facebook is not interrupted.  

Wake up America!

Ephesians. 5:14 Arise O sleeper!!

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1 reply

  1. It is obvious that we in America are already living under a CORPORATE Dictatorship.

    The Jihadist Obama has not been impeached because he has Very Powerful and Ruthless individuals backing and supporting him in all of his criminal activities. Human life means NOTHING to this servant of satan or his bosses.

    The Fourth Reich is rising before our eyes. As you stated, most Americans will not care as long as their “Fun and Games and supply of junk food is uninterrupted.
    Will it take the First Nuclear bomb exploding before these can remove their eyes from the electronic games?

    Our LORD+ Warned us of these times. If HE+ did not shorten the days, no flesh would be left alive on Earth. May The LORD our GOD help us to stand. Christians are the Target in this final battle. The TRUE Body of MESSIAH+ is what satan and his servants hate the most.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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