The U.S. Government is OUT of CONTROL…..




The US government is



  No amount of expense is too great, no amount of human death, misery, and suffering are too great for it to accomplish its damnable plans.



This is why the US lying criminals who head this government fought “Desert Storm” , so that they could gradually phase in control of the whole middle east.  This is why they have aggressively pushed “Regime Change” all over the Middle East and else where.


This is why the precision-engineered 9/11-“Reichstag Fire”event took place: to whip the populace up to “GO GET” those bad “Terrorists” in Iraq, and make everyone afraid of the “terrorists”, so much so that the people would give up their normal lives to get “protection” from the government-made “terrorists.”



This is why (at least) Two satan-serving LIARS occupied the White House during this time frame, to move The Plan forward several notches. The New Atlantis  (NWO) must rise, you see, and Control and OWN the Whole World.



WE are watching this all play out.


The Holy ONE+ of Israel knew about this evil plan from the Beginning.  HE+ has warned us about it. The LORD+ is VERY MUCH in Control. If HE+ were not we would be Destroyed already! HE+ is funneling the Evil into a certain path, and bringing the nations down into the Vally of Jehoshaphat, to Armageddon, to Destroy the Enemies of the Whole House of Israel there.



Revelation Prophecies  paint a picture of GREAT loss of human life and great suffering.



The CRIMINAL Slaves of satan in The “City of BA’AL DC — the leaders of this country and the ones telling them what to do   are PUSHING for War right now.  Even today they are pushing forward their LIES and blaming other nations for what they themselves have engineered. 



The ones caught in the middle are those with no where to run to, those caring for sick relatives, for elderly, for infants, those who have nothing!


These are the VICTIMS of the Damnable Multi- Billion-Dollar War Machines of Death and Destruction.



There is NOTHING righteous about about this needless Invasion of another country to get control of that nation for an Oil Pipeline. Get the “proxy armies” out and leave the people alone.


Filthy Babylon, you have caused enough death and suffering. As YOU HAVE DONE TO OTHERS, IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU! That is a PROMISE!



The possibility of World War 3 does appear to be on the horizon.  What must we as Disciples of The SON of GOD do in these Tribulation times? 

WE are called to be a Holy and Separate people, a people for possession, that we may Praise HIM+ Who has called us out of Darkness , into HIS+ Marvelous Light.


WE MUST draw near to our Heavenly FATHER through HIS Beloved SON+ and yield to HIM+ our Every Breath, Every Heartbeat, and Every Moment of the Time allotted to us to live here on Earth.


We must seek to Live in HIM+ , with HIM+ living in us.  As we yield to HIM+ our lives totally, we ask HIM+ to confirm HIS+ Word with Signs following as at  The Beginning of the Church.


WE Need and Must have The RAW POWER of The HOLY SPIRIT to Overcome in these days.


May we have The Mind of MESSIAH+, to hear with HIS+ Ears, to see with HIS+ Eyes, to walk with HIS+ feet and to work HIS+ Works with HIS+ Hands in the Power of The Ruach ha Kadosh -The HOLY SPIRIT. 

        AMEN + + +


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2 replies

  1. Amen brother, the Ezekiel 33 warning of the approaching hoofbeats of judgment and war goes out to those who will listen and surrender their lives to Jesus and prepare their hearts for the time of tribulation that is near.

    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    Matthew 110:28


    • Thank you brother Marcel,
      Times are so serious and prophecy is being fulfilled so fast. It is plain that things are NOT going to continue as “normal”. Most of the lukewarm “church” can not hear Truth but turn away to lies and propaganda, much of which comes from the pulpit.

      The LORD+ is sending out the Warning nw to prepare hearts and minds for what is at the door. Flesh and blood cannot stand what is coming. We Overcome by The Blood of the Lamb+ and The Word of our Testimony, in the Strength of the HOLY SPIRIT.

      Let us continue to send out the warning as long as we are able to do so. Bless you Brother,


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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