Boko Haram Back With A Vengeance As Nigerians Awaken To Broken Promises


When I first started researching and writing on events unfolding in the Middle East, God gave me a vision of a black bear that started in the Middle East.  I was shown a map with this bear that grew and spread across the middle east all the way to Africa.  As I researched and began to write a picture started to form and become clear of the Super Highway of Terror that was being constructed across the Middle East to the coasts of Africa.  Drenching the entire region in the blood of innocents.  

I have written many times about the chaos in Syria, Iraq, and even Africa.  Nigeria, the CAR, Darfur, Yemen and Sudan.  Even Eritrea.  The powers that be instigated an Arab Spring or awakening, covering their intentions with democracy and coating it with giving the people a right to live free from oppression.  From Egypt to Libya, to Iraq and Syria.  All the while ignoring the innocent shedding of blood, and the genocides that were taking place with minorities, mainly religious minorities. They created the perfect environment for evil to spread, much like the conditions growing disease in a pietree dish.   We warned of refugee camps being overtaken by operatives of Al-Queda, Boko Haram, Isis and even the Lord’s Resistance Army.  We warned of the weapons trades that were using these camps for cover, even the human trafficking taking place.  Terrorizing of children and women, widows and the Christians and Yazidi’s.  

Nigeria was set on fire under the guise of terrorists vying for control, displacing millions and killing hundreds of thousands.  We uncovered the fact that the Doha pipeline and the oil rich fields of Africa were hooks in the jaws of the west, so to speak.  Western Leaders, including our own in America poked and prodded and planned to put a government in control that would squash Christians and other minorities.  We warned of the Hope and Change promised by Buhari, and our warnings went unheeded.  Buhari has been very vocal about his wish and love for Sharia law.  At one point even making the statement when he came under fire for the practice of chopping off hands of theives, “what difference does it make to Christians if we (muslims) want to chop off hands.”  Obama and his administration from Clinton to Kerry has backed this.  Even refusing aide (military) to GoodLuck Jonathon, when he was attempting to fight Boko Haram.  Oh we made a good show of the fact we were troubled by the Chibook School girls kidnapping, but it’s since been proven that we knew where they were and did nothing. 

Screen shot kidnapped Chibook girls

Now today as Buhari has been questioned by his own people who trusted him, Boko Haram is back with a vengeance.  Even changing leadership, calling themselves the IS of West Africa province and soldiers of the caliphate.  It seems as the UN is attempting to praise him and even set to begin negotiations with the Boko Haram for the exchange of Boko Haram prisoners for the schoolgirls.  

They pressured Jonathon to fire Christians and admit more Muslims into his administration, this was proven and confirmed with our contacts there.  

Now years later the Chibook Schoolgirls fate is still in the balance, many sold for sex slaves, and there has even been questions that they may have been used in some of the suicide bombings.  And Nigerians are awakening to a new form of government that is allowing arrests for Blasphemy and calls for implementation of Sharia Law.  

The Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, and even Al-Queda has pledged support to ISIS, the brutal evil attacks on Christians continue un-abated.  It begs the question who is pushing this ethnic cleansing?  And why won’t they stop it?  You remember Darfur?  How about Rwanda?  Well this latest has spread from Syria to Africa like a cancer.  The numbers of course are under-reported, it’s a constant propaganda field attempting to wash away the fact that a Christian genocide has taken place.  The world finally acknowledged that Christian genocide took place in Iraq and Syria, but what about Nigeria?  What about Libya?  What about Yemen, and Sudan, what about the CAR?  One report I researched about the area suggested that investors would stop investing if the chaos didn’t end.  Is this why they are implementing new governments, and covering up the human rights abuses and atrocities?

Now that more is coming to light about even Libya,Nigeria, Syria and Iran, it makes all these questions plausible and begging for answers.  The answers are clear to those watching.  Our

President recently said “The world is safer now than it has ever been.”  Evidence of the propaganda spreading as fast as cancer.  The world is now more dangerous than it has been in Centuries.

Commentary by : C. Refsland

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