Obama Announces The Beginning Of A New Liberal World Order


His excellancy obama made his final speech at the UN yesterday. He declared his new world order to be in place and working well. 

He started it by saying the world has never been safer or more prosperous!  Last weekend we saw terrorists bombs going off in New Jersey and New York.  A Somalian in Minnesota attacked mall shoppers stabbing eight, while shouting about Allah.  And that’s just one weekend.  There is an ongoing genocide of Christians across Africa and the Middle East.  Europe is going under, Venezuelans are starving, Brazil is about to go under.  The world economy is tanking, but things have never been safer or more prosperous.  What a great deceiver and master of propaganda.

He ended by chastising China and Russia for protectionism and feuding with neighbors.  He praised Iran ( of all things) .  Really?  

Iran, let that soak in.  Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are the 3 top human rights abusers in the ME.  And India is now squaring off with Pakistan and facing war.  North Korea is testing Nuclear weapons and Iran is threatening US ships.  And Russia is forming an alliance with Iran.

Here are the key words and phrases from his speech:  International order, global economy,global integration,souless capitalism, curb capitolism, global marketplace,liberal political order, global education, and borders drawn by colonial powers.  He also criticized Israel and blessed his “liberal democracy.”  Any doubts now about his policies and what he stands for?? 

He was preaching a form of democratic socialism plain and simple.

He thinks he’s an emperor, he thinks he has the new world order all tied up in a nice pretty package.  I spoke to someone from the UK recently.  The people there are not happy with the cards they have been dealt recently.  They said most didn’t want to leave the European Union but now had to deal with it.  They said “you have your own thing going on here, it will be interesting to see. ”  We parted with me saying we would pray for each other.  The world is on the brink of a nose dive into the abyss.  

And the arch to the Temple of Baal was uncovered on Monday in New York, and satanists announced their new global headquarters to open in Salem.  

Time is running out!

My God have mercy.  Wake up America.

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  1. When America was founded, The LORD GOD in HIS+ Great Foreknowledge knew that it would end in the way we see happening. HE+ has offered time to repent, but HIS offer has been spurned.

    The American people does Not Want HIS+ Righteous Laws. They Do Not want HIS+ Kindness and Grace! They do not want HIM+ period, but have instead chosen the “father of lies” whom they serve to their own Death and Destruction.

    Even the Messianic nation of Israel, when it chose SIN and Rebellion, was not allowed to go on that way, but was brought down in NO uncertain terms.

    America has had SO MUCH of the Gospel Light+. So how much MORE, then, must Babylon America be stopped in its Arrogance and Rebellion? It Cannot be allowed to continue in its pride and arrogant Rebellion against The LIGHT+ that it has had in the past , with no consequences.

    Mr. Lying obama is the epitome of that which America has chosen. It is the Law of Sowing and Reaping that we see occurring.

    Those who choose The LORD+ will stand out and be as Lights in the midst of a Crooked and Perverse Nation.

    America is the “Flagship” Nation of “The New Secular Order of the Ages” (NWO). It has reached its lofty goal! Its stench has reached to Heaven.

    Now we must watch and see if the LORD GOD of Israel will Burn Down Babylon America with Fire. The Bill for 60,000,000 murdered unborn Adamic humans is coming due, along with an evil nation raising its fist in GOD’S Face and Challenging HIM+. What Fools!

    Watch and Pray and Keep your Spiritual Armor on. It is a fearful thing to Fall into the Hand of The Living GOD.

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    • I never thought I would see this day. I feel like Abraham begging God for mercy because of the good people in Sodom. And at the same time I hear God’s words to Jeremiah “don’t pray for this people I will not hear them. Jeremiah 11:14. God has chosen His remnant it’s time to prepare.


  2. Apparently a person can twist words so well they almost sound believable! Exactly what world is he living in?? The world order this man is speaking of has nothing to do with anything being in order,but total chaos.Scripture holds true If the blind lead the blind they will all fall into the ditch! All that Matthew Chapter 24 speaks of must come to pass before Christ’s return and it looks like the evil cup is being filled to the brim! God Bless you Sister for posting the truth.

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    • Yes, prophecy is unfolding. The deception that calls evil good and good evil is festering and spreading. Iniquity is abounding. Our Nation is turning it’s face from God. Christians must wake up, when a man stands on the world stage announcing he has brought the world into false peace when chaos is abounding, and calls for global word order, it’s time to look up for our redemption draws near. Nearer than ever before. The world and America stood at the crossroad and chose the wide path leading to destruction. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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