The Intermediate State…..Absent From The Body-Present With The LORD+



What happens to a Disciple of The MESSIAH+, The SON of GOD, when he dies?


JESUS said

those who follow HIM+

have ALREADY passed from Death unto Life.


So death for a follower of JESUS is a leaving of the fallen fleshly tabernacle and this fallen realm, as his spirit and soul move into the Paradise of GOD in the Third Heaven. 


A Follower of JESUS,

you see,

does not “die.”


Man is a Tri-une being. He has a Body which houses the Soul, which in turn houses the Spirit. The Body of clay, of Dust, falls to the ground and returns to the dust from which it was originally taken. The Soul and The Eternal spirit which was Breathed into Man in the Beginning is taken into Paradise… if the person was a Follower of JESUS.


JESUS indicated that there is an escort of Angelic beings for the righteous, to escort them through the Enemy Territory of Earth to the place of the Blessed who are waiting for the Resurrection of The Righteous and to receive their GLORIFIED BODIES.


 Prior to the Resurrection of The MESSIAH+,  the abode of the departed human soul/spirit, was in the heart of the Earth

where JESUS went

for the three days and nights

after HE+ Died on The Cross.


After HIS+ Resurrection on the Third Day, HE+ took the Righteous dead ones with HIM+ —took  them out of Abraham’s Bosom in the heart of the earth —-  and Ascended on High, leading the captive ones captive HIMSELF+ and giving Gifts unto them. 


Abraham’s Bosom, Paradise is now in The Third Heaven. The LORD+ totally removed HIS+ people from the heart of the earth.


Hades, Sheol, Hell, has enlarged itself, and the enemies of The LORD+ who serve satan pour into it.   Isaiah 5:14


Enoch saw the place prepared for the righteous departed human-soul/spirit and described it as Beautiful. It is only for the RIGHTEOUS departed human-soul/spirit when his physical body returns to the dust.  The Angelic beings  are there to care for it and the ones occupying it.


The Human soul-and-spirit looks like the body it departed from, MINUS the ravages of life on the earth. In other words, the human’s soul-and-spirit is youthful looking and joyous; it is no longer burdened down with the weakness of fallen human flesh.


Truly, Truly,  I+ say unto you,

He that hears My+  Word,

and believes on HIM that sent ME+,

has Everlasting Life,

and shall not come into condemnation;

but has


passed from death unto life.    

John 5:24


And whosoever liveth

and believeth in ME+

shall never die.

Believest thou this?   

John 11:26 


Thus, the Great Transition has already taken place.  We must HOLD ON TO JESUS and do as HE+ has Commanded us as HIS+ Blood-Bought Children.


So death for the Disciples of The MESSIAH+ is a Transition into LIFE+.  HE+ promises to come to us and receive us unto HIMSELF+, so that where HE, is we may be there with HIM+ also.


JESUS said, ” I+ am going to prepare a place for you. And if I+ go to prepare a place for you, I+ will come again and receive you unto Myself+ so that where I+ am, there you will be also. ” John 14


PRECIOUS in the sight of The LORD+

is the death of His+ saints.


The LORD’S way of judgment — how HE+ measures things —  is so DIFFERENT from ours. 


Will HE+ measure us according to how much Greek and Hebrew we know — or — how much of His+ Heart we reflect ? 


Will HE+ be concerned if we understand great philosophies of comparative religions — or — if we walk Hand in Hand with HIM+ throughout our day ?


Will JESUS reward us according to our worldly accomplishments and treasures ?  NO… if we have pursued that deadness we already have that reward, to be seen of men and be well-thought of in their esteem.  That is worthless.




Rather, The LORD esteems those who deny themselves, pick up the cross of rejection and persecution , yet do not deny His+ Name. 


HE+ esteems those who PRACTICE putting Self to the Cross in order to follow HIM+ more closely.


His+ reward will go to those who walk in a daily close companionship with HIM+… whether they are learned or unlearned, whether they are famous or unknown, whether they live in fine palaces or under the bridge.


The LORD is not mocked; HE+ knows who attends church but does not attend to His+ Word.  The LORD JESUS is not tricked .  HE+ knows those who change clothes to have the “right” outfit, but never change in the inner man when HE+ knocks on the door of their heart. 





HE+ is fully aware, Scripture teaches, of those who sigh and mourn about the ungodliness and evil taking place around them in society.  HE+ marks such a one as this Not a sigh, not a moan, not a grief is wasted. 


The LORD JESUS is also aware of those back-slidden ones who sell their soul for a mess of pottage.  They chose the temporary pleasures of this age… not knowing that their soul will be required of them this night … and their lamps have no oil in them.



Be ready !  Because the hour cometh and now is when your soul will be required to give an accounting unto GOD for your stewardship of time, of heart, of health, and of goods that HE+ has given you. 


Upon whom did you lavish it ?  On yourself ?  On your family ?  On your  rich neighbor ?  On the hurting ? On the Kingdom of GOD ? 


May the LORD help each one of us to take stock of WHERE we are on the pathway to Eternity, that we do not miss the mark.


THEREFORE…. Let us press on for the high-calling of GOD in CHRIST JESUS and be READY TO GO  when HE+ summons us…. a workman not ashamed of his labors before CHRIST JESUS.



and of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+


and of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT our Sanctifier

AMEN + + +



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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