Our Lawmakers Will Not Be Able To Wash The Blood Of Christians From Their Hands

What in the world is going on with our lawmakers?  While the media in the West focuses on our election they are covering up continued persecution and genocide of Christians.

Countries like Iran is increasing pressure on Christians invading their worship even quietly.  Invading family outings, beating and arresting them, many on trumped up charges of attempting to overthrow the government just because they believe in Jesus. (Read more)  Outrageous, while Iran threatens the US by engaging our ships, they threaten Israel, arrest Christians beating them and torturing them if they speak out.  They execute furiously anyone who doesn’t agree with the corrupt religious views of the government, and the West is silent.  

In Turkey the government run news (no news operates in Turkey without consent) published a propaganda article that said the Patriarch of the oldest Othodox Christian community was involved in the coup.(Read More)  Later they took it down but not before it was spread far and wide.  This puts the Christians there in grave danger.  And the West is silent. AGAIN!

The media is finally beginning to cover the plight of Pakistanis who fled to Thailand and the darkness they fell into there, but our lawmakers instead refuse to take Christians from there. (Read more)  

The latest 10,000 refugees admitted from Syria held only .5 % Christians.  Shameful that a powerful sovereign state such as America allows the UN to dictate who receives refugees and what type.  Pakistan too has become increasingly dangerous for Christians and yet receives the most aide from the West.

Boko Haram is actually intensifying it’s attacks on Christians in Nigeria and surrounding areas (confirmed) and yet the promises of Buhari turn out to be only empty words.  Like the empty hope and change promised by obama.  The hope and change that transformed America into something dark.

The DAESH although you wouldn’t know it by our politicians are making strides in Iraq, and Stepping up attacks in the West.  And the genocide and abuses continue un-abated.

And our President and Secretary of State have the un-mitigated gall to say the world is safer than ever and climate change is the greatest danger.  

Refugee camps from Africa to the West are rotting with infiltrators who rape, torture and kidnap for the sex trade.  This is a proven fact.  In fact I read this morning of the plight of girls arriving in Italy from Africa, they are traded as sex slaves and the boys as servants.  And the West is silent and bent on bringing this cancer to the doors of the West.  

The churches in the West are almost as much to blame, remaining silent on persecution, Abortion and Human Rights abuses only concerning themselves with filling their coffers.  There are a few but very few who speak out.

For a nation that screamed “NEVER AGAIN” after wwll, we have failed miserably in the eyes of God and the world.

Proverbs 21:13

Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

Commentary by C. Refsland

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