The Interloper…..An Intruder From satan

Interloper 1

About 1,400 years ago an Interloper came on the scene claiming to be something he WAS NOT. For this length of time, this Interloper has caused NOTHING but grief and sorrow and heart-ache and anguish to the human race… even to those who followed him.


This man was demon-possessed and proved it by his actions toward other human beings.  He has made women’s existence a total inescapable nightmare. Children also.


This man claimed to be a messenger from a “god” who demanded bloodshed and torture, and rape.  Destruction and death were issued to any who would not submit to this False Prophet from the dark realm of evil, fallen spirits.



This man, Mohammad, was no more a “prophet” than  Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun were “prophets.”

Coming 600 years after our LORD JESUS CHRIST walked on the earth, this man was adept at stealing words and phrases from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian New Covenant Scriptures as well. 

He used names and places to claim that he had special revelation from a “god” named “allah”,  the “moon god” of Mohammad’s Kuraish tribe, to do the criminal and mass murder that he did, and commanded others of his followers to do.



This evil-doer taught that women were nothing more that cattle and were only there to satisfy the sexual whims of this perverted man and the blind fools that chose to follow him in his depth of evil and butchery.



This is the man that the government of the US and its current president are claiming to have started a “peaceful religion.” That is an easily REFUTED LIE.



The current government is importing thousands of Mohammad’s followers into the US to do just what they have been doing in other parts of the world


It is no secret that killing Jews and Christians and terrorizing all others who will not SUBMIT to islam’s LIES and teachings of demons is their TOP priority.  Sounds like they have been listening to satan and taking their orders from him,  does it not ? 


In their mad quest to conquer Western Civilization, they immigrate to other countries in order to CONQUER, not to assimilate.  They immigrate in order to CHANGE the “conquered” nations, which they hate and disdain.

interloper 2

The current president of the US is a muslim jihadist.He has proved it in all of his words and actions.

He has tipped the scales against Christians in the US and is giving preferential treatment to islam. Muslim Brotherhood members have been appointed to high level positions in the government. They are pushing the satanic values of the False non-prophet Mohammad and seeking to subject everyone to his false and demonic teachings and sharia law.



Mr. Obama has been told to support this and he will support it as long as he is in office, and probably beyond.  ( Remember “Christmas” at the White House this year ? )



Oddly enough, Mr. Obama is not seen on his prayer carpet, bowing to Mohammad 5 times a day, nor are his wife and daughters swathed in burkas. 


As a matter of fact, Mrs. Obama would be stoned in muslim countries for revealing her bare shoulders, especially in public, in mixed company.


Comely daughters are dressed up-to-date and modern as all rich young women are dressed; one could not tell them apart from other rich Western Civilized young women. The eldest daughter is even heading to college, unhampered by a burka, with no fear of being raped by a muslim future “husband.”



So exactly WHAT KIND of “muslims” are the members of America’s  First Family ? 




Islam is being used as a TOOL of the satan.  Its followers have little knowledge of the Qur’an.  See David Woods’  videos on that fact. 

He speaks with muslims often, quoting the Qur’an and they do not KNOW what he is talking about.  They do not believe what he says is in the Qur’an ! [  When he shows them, they walk away angry.]

However ,  they are well-versed in jihadist activities and the lies the local imam tells them.



If you would like to know more about what the Koran REALLY says about Mohammad and what he did and said, the position of women, etc., I can recommend David Wood’s channel on You Tube. ( I especially like “Fun Facts  about Islam”).



You can keep up to date about the well-planned muslim invasion  of Europe and the West , including the US at ….. Brother Marcel watches this carefully and posts reliable information on it, some of which you don’t see elsewhere.



We are swimming in a sea of LIES. America is drowning in a sea of LIES at this time. It is the stock and trade of the current well-placed dictator. 




we must be “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We are in the End of Days and ALL things are being fulfilled. The ride is going to get rough.



Prepare to STAND FIRM and STAND WELL for The SON of GOD+. If they have hated HIM+ they will hate you also.



Cultivate the Presence of GOD.

Learn to LIVE in HIS+ Presence. 

Our Redemption draws near.

Peace to The “Called Out Ones”.

Peace to The Israel of GOD

AMEN + + +














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5 replies

  1. The Lord God Jesus is always in control. Mohammed and his followers rot in hell, believing the lies and bloodshed will get them to heaven and no doubt the demons there laugh and torments directed directly at them in hell for believing the lies that they, yes they told mohammed.
    We can pray for them to see the truth and a few will, but many will persecute and murder us to their own demise, an eternity filled with darkness, torment, and unthinkable pain.
    Praise Jesus the king of kings, only he can judge the living and the dead!!



    To answer your question. I assume you are referring to the rock singer , Jim Morrison, who died of a heroin over-dose, as did others, such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, of the same era. John Lennon, another performer, died a different way.

    All of these people were adored and worshipped by many people, as fallen human beings do, woshipping things that are NOT of The LORD.

    I cannot see why anyone would bow down to a dead Jim Morrison. His life was wretched and tragic and his death was the same way. The sad part of all of this is that he and the others mentioned above died in their sins… to their ever-lasting sorrow.

    As for islam, the governments are using the muslims as their “killing and terror” machine. They use them to cause fear and submission from the populace, due to their unrestrained violence. The US Government is setting up Christians and Jews to be violently persecuted. It is moving against the land of Israel, also, to force its will on that nation.

    This is all prophesied in Scripture and the LORD is bringing the nations down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat to thresh them there ! O happy day !

    I hope this answers some of your questions.

    May the LORD guide you and keep you safe during these troublous times.


    • Mark 13
      2 Thess 2
      I just cannot grasp Islam or the leader of Islam as the antichrist. I think satan is using them in confusion. I see it being the illuminati and to me it seems the lizard king ( dragon) could be the leader …. We can agree to disagree but we also do not want to be unprepared I would never bow down to any other than my lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It says even the elect could be deceived if it were possible so to me He will look attractive maybe even like the pictures we have


      • Who is saying that the leader of islam is the anti christ?

        Some may be saying that. Obviously islam and their leaders are anti-Christian, anti-Israel.

        THE anti-christ is another story. It seems from Scripture that he will be a “secular” leader supported by a “religious” leader.

        However, the main thing is as you stated: “Bow down to NO-ONE except your LORD+ and SAVIOR+ JESUS CHRIST.”

        Then you will be safe. Serve HIM+ Alone with your every thought, word, and action.

        The LORD+ be with you, Sister.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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