The Pro-islamic American Government…..Where Did Isis Come From?

ISIS American product

What we have known

for a long time

is now coming to light.


The US created, funded and fielded Daesh, isis/IS. The US leaders needed the bloodthirsty, murdering muslims as their terror group-killing machine to help in the takeover and control of the Middle East and eventually other parts of the earth as well.



It is now coming clear that “noble leader”, the anti-christian Barack Obama, has trained and funded isis all along.  Then, he has implemented a FAKE non- attack on the isis butchers which he created!  It is a CHARADE.

See the two articles below:



Mr. Obama , under the direction of the committee he takes his orders from, is hoping to subjugate America in the same way as Europe is now being conquered.

This is all in the “big plan” that has been worked out slowly over the years by Mr. Obama and several other former presidents of Babylon America before him.


The infamous  9/11 was no “sneak attack”. It was well planned and orchestrated from within the American government.


The 9/11 “Event”  was the Reichstag fire of Mystery Babylon to get the populace angry enough to support invading Iraq and Afghanistan and the whole middle east.  Smoke and mirrors and lies, lies, lies.


The video below is from David Wood, a serious Christian apologist, who openly exposes what islam really is and what it really does to those around it. He exposes the roots and fruits of islam and its founder, the false prophet of satan.


In this video he exposes how the US government treats the Book of the Hebrew and Messianic Scriptures, and how the government treats the koran. It is very informative and sobering, if not maddening.



you are a serious Christian,

a follower of Messiah YESHUA+ …

…you are being targeted in the U.S.

Slowly and steadily you are being placed in a position of having NO RIGHTS left to you because of your allegiance to your LORD+ Messiah.

The government as it now is moving tens of thousands of unscreened muslims into the U.S. who are taught in the koran to hate and kill Jews and Christians, and also to blaspheme the Holy One of Israel and HIS MESSIAH+.



Draw near to The LORD+ with ALL of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. HE+ is your Life and your protection in the coming storm.

A vast LIE is being engineered by evil men, as Judgment is on America because of its refusing the Good Ways of The LORD+ and preferring and allowing the evil ways of satan.



The Heavens and the Earth are being shaken and it is going to get worse!  When The LORD GOD answers from Heaven, GIVE THANKS and PRAISE for HIS+ Judgment and Wrath upon the works of evil.


HE+ knows them that are HIS+.  Let everyone who names the Name of The LORD YHWH Depart from evil and iniquity.


Peace and assurance to the


the Ecclesia of JESUS / Y’SHUA+ .

AMEN + + +


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