Are Western leaders Complicit In Iran’s Human Rights Violations?

Genesis 4:10

And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

Pilate after condemning our Lord attempted to wash the blood from his hands by making it the peoples decision to crucify our Lord.  Herod refused to try him sending him back to Pilate so blame would be laid on him.  Western leaders today are still doing this and have become masters at deception and cruelty as ancient Rome was.  

Iran along with Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations are Violating Human Rights today and have become masters at the vilest work of torturing the innocent Christians and those who will not bow to their cruel barbary.

Western leaders are ecstatic with the new fame given them by working to honor these countries.  They are complicit in torture, and cruel deaths of thousands.  Simply put they have blood on their hands.  Drinking from the cup of wealth and sin to gain control of the world, these leaders have condemned themselves.

An individual is complicit in a crime if he is aware of its occurrence and has the ability to stop or report the crime, but fails to do so. As such, the individual effectively allows criminals to carry out a crime despite potentially being able to stop it from happening, either directly or by contacting the authorities. The offender is a de facto accessory to the crime, rather than an innocent bystander.

There is report after report surfacing about the cruel Iranian regime and it’s treatment of innocent people refusing to bow before the evil regime.  So many are women, so many are beaten, arrested, tortured and executed simply for their religious beliefs.  Iran has begun executing young Sunni Muslims recently. (Read more)  A common practice there.  All are condemned and sentenced without trial or fair judgement.  Families are harassed and denied access, and when they finally do gain access they find horrific abuses have taken place.  Bodies of loved ones show beatings and rape in the most heinous ways.  

Psychological torture is also prevalent in Iran.  From solitary confinement breaking the spirit and mind of the victim to forcing them to watch heinous mind bending executions.  Human rights activists all over the globe are crying out, and if you listen you can hear the cries of the victims and their families.  And yet the world governing body and many in the church are silent! Doing as the church did in WWll, turning up the sound of the music so as not to hear the cries of those on the trains taking innocents to their death. 

This report from Amnesty International details abuses of prisoners in Iran.  By highlighting the denial of medical care. Read more.  

And still western leaders deny and reward Iran.

There are many such reports.  There is another Human Rights organization reporting that 3 more political prisoners were taken by force to solitary confinement to either prepare new evidence against them or carry out execution.   Again western leaders have blood on their hands.

Mohabat News details the cases of Christians arrested and imprisoned simply for believing in Christ.  (Read more)

The government of Iran says they are trying to overthrow the government.  Recently prisoners Like Maryam participated in a hunger strike attempting to gain basic human rights like medical care and fair trials.  The following is from the Facebook page Free Maryam.

 Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran, a Christian convert who has been imprisoned since 2013 while suffering from several ailments, has ended her second hunger strike, as Evin Prison authorities have promised vital and fairer medical treatment. Nasim’s mother, Zahra Pour-Nouhi Langroudi, told the International Campaign for Human rights that “Maryam has served a third of her sentence and by law she qualifies for conditional release. We don’t know why she was sentenced to four years in prison in the first place. (Read more 

Unless the media stops it’s complicity by suppressing this news they are just as guilty.  We must speak out, share their stories, force the media and churches to become a voice.  To remain silent in the face of crimes against humanity means you are guilty as if committing them.  Force our leaders to address this.  Pray for God’s mercy.

Commentary by C.Refsland

Credit to Wikipedia, Mohabat News, Amnesty International and Human Rights Organization News Agency

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  1. It seems that the U.S. government is completely pro-islamic and will do all it can to strengthen the islamic nations, no matter what evil they do. Couple this with the fact that we are living under a “corporate dictatorship” at this point, with many muslim brotherhood people in the administration, and you have a recipe for disaster and suffering.

    We just found out yesterday that a new islamic school is opening in this area, probably with much federal grant money. We are living in a pro islamic and anti-christian nation at this time, and it appears that it will get worse.

    The churches as a whole will not stop eating, drinking, and playing and being entertained long enough to get serious about prayer and repentance and reaching out to help our brothers and sisters. There are individuals within some of the churches that do, but as a whole not much. Even to mention these things marks you out as a radical or a trouble maker, Which I am of course. Much of the organized church seems to be in a strange kind of coma!

    I pray The LORD our GOD+ help our dear brothers and sisters who are captives of the “death cult” of islam in these nations.


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