The Days of Noah, Be Aware…..Demons Are Swarming Over The Earth

Days of Noah

JESUS warned us;

“As it was in the Days of Noah, so it will be in the days just before the SON of MAN+ Returns to the Earth.”


Human beings are now doing things normally foreign to to human beings. Natural behavior is giving way to bizarre and sickening and murderous acts. Human life means nothing it seems, and lawlessness is abounding, and normal human affection is growing cold.



We all know the filthiness and abominations practiced by isis and by islam in general. These devils  (isis) have been created, funded, and trained by the US/ CIA to work their plan for the CIA and to bring the world into chaos and fear.


High leaders and well-known political figures are involved in this treachery. They are servants of satan openly.



But beyond this, other things are happening among everyday people that are so twisted and deformed that they are obviously from demonic sources. Murder takes place without provocation. Children are murdered by their friends or family members. Cannibalism is taking place amongst the civilized nations; tribal peoples have given it up.



Disgusting sexual practices are rampant. We all know of the LGBT perversions, with bestiality and pedophilia raising its ugly head and wanting to be the next-to-be “accepted as a normal life style.”



World wide reports are coming in of people having sexual relations in public places, in the sight of as many others as possible! Sidewalks, parking areas, traffic medians, any high traffic area will do! Obviously this is NOT normal. These reports are global, not in just one place.



Scientists are  going into areas of research that are very dangerous to human existence, combining animal and human DNA, making hybrid creatures. They do not know how these creatures will react or what they will do if loosed on society. The DNA is being tampered with.



And YES, they are CLONING right now, and HAVE BEEN for a long time. They have government permission to do this and it is financed by your tax dollars. Some D.U.M.B.S.  ( Deep Underground Military Bases ) are set up for specializing in this abomination.



In another area of concern, there are over 2,000 sightings of “UFO’s” worldwide EACH MONTH!  Some of these involve contact with “beings” that are not human or friendly, but attempt to pass themselves off as such.


Some of these cases involve the “abduction” phenomenon, with humans taken and examined and experimented on,with human reproductive substances taken .



This is tied in  to the MANY animal abductions, where horses and cattle are taken, all blood drained from them, all highly genetic body parts, eyes, reproductive organs,etc,  are surgically removed, with a laser like precision, and the bloodless carcasses then dropped to the ground from some height. 


Not surprisingly, natural predators will not go near these carcasses … not coyotes, vultures, buzzards, flies or ants.  They will not touch them. This strange anomaly  has been going on for some years.



The point of all this is that we are most definitely  living in the “Days of Noah” that our LORD+ warned us would come upon the earth before HIS+ return from HIS+ FATHER’S Right hand.


In the days of Noah, all these things were done by human beings  in contact with the “fallen watchers”/ rebel angels and their off-spring, the Nephellim.  The SAME CONTACTS are happening now; these rebel angels have not aged one day.



The satan is using the same tactics now with different methodology,  making man “think” that “he”  is achieving godhood. The same lie he deceived the human race with in the beginning.


Those fallen angels involved in the Genesis 6 account have been locked away in “chains of darkness” until the final Judgment. ( See Jude ) All of the other rebel angels are actively involved in the final attack on the human race. ( See Genesis 6 and Enoch 1 for more details )



The human race

is being tested.


The Body of MESSIAH+ must stand firm against the lies that are sweeping over the earth. We must

” perfect holiness in the fear of GOD”,

and live separately from the world and its values, as Noah did in his generation.



Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved,

let us cleanse ourselves

from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit,

perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

2 Cor. 7:1



We MUST be shielded by and led by The Eternal HOLY SPIRIT of YHWH. These are VERY Perilous times when satan and his minions are seeking to take the earth and the human race for themselves.


But JESUS WON at the Cross and with HIS+ Descending to the heart of the earth, and HIS Resurrection after three days, HE+ Broke satans back, and his grip on those who will turn to HIM+ in Repentance and in Reality.


The satan plans to destroy the highest creation of The ELOHIM, Man, who HE created in HIS OWN Image and Likeness in the beginning.



Human beings do not realize what they have fallen from. They do not realize the Greatness of what they were, immortal, clothed in Eternal Light, bearing the Image of The ELOHIM in Great Beauty.  What our race is now is “eons” away from what we were created to be in the beginning. Through his LIES satan stole our heritage from us.



That is what was lost, and that is what The SON of GOD+, YHWH ADONAI+ came to earth in Flesh to bring us back to, and to restore us to.



The Days of Noah are satan’s last effort to fight against The ELOHIM, his Creator, and to make himself god. The satan will use man in every way he can to accomplish his evil purpose. He will LIE to man as he did in the beginning, telling man that he can be god,  and then when he is finished using man, will destroy him.



As followers of MESSIAH+ we MUST walk in the Power of the SPIRIT, in TRUTH+ and use the Weapons of our Warfare which are more Powerful that ANY weapon of this world.  Indeed, the weapons of THIS world  are totally ineffective  in the warfare against the satan.



We are indeed in the days of Noah. Let us make certain to be in The ARK of YESHUA ha MOSHIACH+ / JESUS CHRIST our LORD+ and our Life.  AS the great flood of the end-times evil covers the earth, The ARK+ of MESSIAH+ will bear us up.


In The NAME of GOD the FATHER Almighty,



HIS Beloved Eternal SON+, YHWH ADONAI+,



and The Blessed Eternal RUACH ha KODOSH –

HOLY SPIRIT our Leader and Guide.


AMEN + + +




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  1. This article explains the world we now live in to a T, and unless God is even a part of ones life people view all these abominations as normal without questioning. Bibles are staying as closed as the minds that should open them! You’ve explained very well how satan is blinding people to the Holy ways of God as sin is being passed off as if we do not accept it then we are the ones who are doomed, when in all reality it lines up with scripture that says: Woe to those who call evil good and good evil! (Isaiah 5:20-23). God Bless your work in Him. What a very good article.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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