Incirlik Air Base…..Another Sacrifice to satan?

isis ally

The U.S. Incirlik airbase in Turkey is being held captive by the muslim dictator  Erdogan. Water has been cut off as well as electricity. Incirlik base houses 1,500 US military personnel  and their families. It also houses 50 Tactical Nuclear Bombs.   This is obviously an act of war.



See LINK:  Status of Nuclear Weapons in Incirlik AFB


Incurlik Bombs

So far, the American administration has not said or done ANYTHING.   No outcry of protest  from the muslim president of the U.S. against his friend and fellow muslim  Erdogan.  

What is going on?


We do not desire war at all,  but we cannot help but notice that this is totally ABNORMAL behavior for secular states.


Will the criminal administration of the U.S. allow the criminal dictator of Turkey to seize the nuclear weapons of the U.S? 

Does the U.S. administration and its muslim president hope to further the progress of the islamic caliphate that is attempting to rise with Turkey as its head … at the expense of US military personnel … and their families ? 


Is  this going to be anther “sacrifice to satan” similar to the well-planned and administration-backed 9/11 event, just taking a different form?  Are these 1,500 Americans going to be offered on the altar of the globalists’ agenda, like the US Ambassador to Libya ?


OR …

Is  this “situation”  simply another  fake crisis by the global con artists ?  

OR …


Is  this another clever move of the  “helpless” US military  to prevent those nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of   isis, the Caliphate killers  of Erdogan and the CIA?


OR … 


Was this a deal  worked  out  ahead of time between  Mr. Obama and friend Erdogan , a swap  for allowing US  bombers  to locate  there to attack ( or to GIVE THE APPEARANCE of  attacking )  the  isis-backed groups trying to topple the  Syrian government ?


[  Remember:  The US Government gave Air Force families the OPTION to return to the States one year ago,  all expenses paid by the military.  )

The evacuation offer issued Thursday was not mandatory, but would allow those interested in returning to the States to do so at government expense, if they desired. The small Department of Defense Education Activity school on base remains open.
It’s not the first time a voluntary evacuation has occurred at Incirlik. Dependents were given a similar option in 2003 as the U.S. launched attacks on Iraq.

See link , ( same as above) : FAMILIES SENT HOME IN 2015


Why the news black-out ?


Where is the ever-present UN ?


Why are thousands of  law-abiding Turkish people illegally arrested, left without an international voice raised in protest ?

See this link: Law in Turkey suspended


Where are the “economic sanctions”  that are put into place when human rights are so blatantly violated ?


( Currently, there are reports leaking out of Turkey that Erdogan plans to execute up to 17,000 Turkish people he has “detained.” )




The situation in Turkey, seemingly backed by this Obama administration,  is  strikingly similar to Hitler’s pre-world war II tactics. 

The decent people of the world DID NOTHING to stop Hitler in pre-world war II days, when he could have been hindered.  

ARE  there ANY

decent people of the world

left ?

Has the populace been “dumbed down”

with Mind Control?

JESUS asked if there would be faith left on earth when HE+  returned.  HE+ is the only way out.  HE+ offers the only protection for human beings.  JESUS said:


I+ AM  the Way,

the Truth , and the Life;

No man comes

to The FATHER,

except  by   ME+. 

Let us pray for the Christians in Turkey who are under this oppressive, “Caliphate-oriented” muslim  dictator. 


Let us pray for the Christians in Europe who are under their globalist-oriented rulers, to the ruination of their respective countries.


Let us pray for the Christians in this land  who are at the mercy  of  control-crazed, muslim-influenced,  CHRIST-rejecting leaders who know not GOD nor regard HIS Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST. 

As we watch martial law unfolding  in Turkey,  powers granted to a dictator by legislators who are NOT ALLOWED to voice opposition to the dictator,  let us be aware:  

the globalists are NO  respecters of countries

nor their paper-thin Constitutions

nor their the Bill of Rights

the true opiate of the masses.


Who  are these industrial-military

wealthy globalists who have all this power ?

They may BE  human beings

and well-known global family corporations,

and kings and queens,

on the outside… 


but  behind  them  all are the  10 Kings of Revelation 17 who have power with the BEAST one hour.  These globalists in human form  MUST obey  these 10 Kings… if they want to retain their wealth, their power, and yes… their lives.   



The 10 Kings are dictating the actions to benefit the satan’s goals:  destruction of man, GOD’S highest creation, and destruction of GOD’S earth.  Then the satan will  have destroyed ALL WITNESS and testimony to The ELOHIM  from the face of the earth.



The battle plan of the Christians

is to FOCUS ON

who the REAL enemy is

( i.e., not human beings )

and to make SPIRITUAL war

using the weapons of OUR warfare

… which are not made by man.



Through CHRIST,  the weapons of our warfare are MIGHTY through GOD to the pulling down of demonic strong-holds and  every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of GOD …  the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the GOD and FATHER of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.   


We target the SPIRITS behind the demonic  activity,  not the poor human beings of flesh and bone who are duped unto  doing  the  will of  satan,  out of their own illusions of grandeur. 



The followers of  satan  willingly  lay  down their lives to do his bidding.  


Is our love for JESUS as strong ?

Are we able to  DO THE SAME,

on our knees,

for our LORD JESUS ?

+  +  +

WHAT is going to happen at Incirlik ?  Let us watch and pray. 

Perilous times are upon the earth.



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4 replies

  1. Things are moving rapidly as God gathers the nation for their appointment. There is so much information being blacked now, China tightened control over internet news shutting down many sources.

    Not much reporting on the torture and rape now going on in NATO ally Turkey with only empty words from Europe and America.

    The darkness and gotten much darker and it’s not far off when we will face the same here.


    • Thank you Marcel,
      We are watching all of these things. Praying for the Christians left in Turkey. Thank you also for the link. Bless you this evening brother.


  2. I am afraid Erdogan will get his hands on those U.S. nukes and use them against Israel. I believe this was the plan from the beginning. I hope and pray I am wrong.


    • I hope so too Bill. I have thought that isis, whom Erdogan backs and supports will get them, as they have MANY other U.S. armaments. It almost seems purposeful. I suspect collusion among the “leaders” once again. A very large “scam” is being worked out. Thank you for your comment.


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