The Open PARADE of SIN in Jerusalem … Sodomite PRIDE

” …..I+ Know the Blasphemy of those who say they are Jews,

and are not,

but are of the synagogue of satan.”

Rev. 2:9



Can this be happening in Jerusalem, Israel?

  Yes, sadly the LGBT / Sodomite debauchery is on the “politically-Correct” Protection list, globally, and even in Israel. It is not permissible to call these activities SIN anymore… only one of many acceptable “lifestyles”.

At least two “rabbis” have spoken out in favor of the “rights” of the LGBT community to BE homosexual, lesbian, etc., without any consequences from society.


These rabbis  both attended the LGBT event in Jerusalem on July 21, 2016 as secular Jews paraded as Sodomites before GOD and man. 


Despite hundreds of rabbis speaking out against Jerusalem’s gay parade and Rabbi Yigal Levenstein’s anti-gay comments, a Jerusalem-based Orthodox rabbi nevertheless gave full support to the event.


See full article at LINK :    Jerusalem GAY Parade


“I feel there is a community who is being oppressed at the moment, and society is judged on how you treat your disenfranchised,” Rabbi Donniel Hartman told The Jerusalem Post. 


Hartman is president of the Shalom Hartman Institute, a pluralistic research center for Jewish thought. He voiced strong backing for the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and even participated in the march….



“I think it’s important that the LGBT community feels that they are not alone and that Israel is as much theirs as it is mine,” he said….


“We need to make space for everyone, and the place of LGBT people in society is something not only they, but we too, have to fight for, because only then is this the homeland of the Jewish people.”


 Rabbi Hartman said:

“The definition

of what is deviant and what is not

shifts over time,”

he said in relation to the explicit prohibitions in the Torah against homosexuality.


“Anyone who knows about Halacha knows that OUR ability to reinterpret texts is almost infinite,” Hartman continued and said he had      “no doubt”

that …

… Jewish law would evolve

to accept homosexuality.”







therefore ( for this reason ) you sons of Jacob are not consumed. 

Malachi 3:6

YES,  Malachi 3:7  states this truth:

7 Even from the days of your fathers you are gone away from Mine Ordinances, and have not kept them.

Return unto ME, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of Hosts. But ye said, Why should we return? 


Here , the LORD is rebuking Israel for robbing The ELOHIM of  HIS  tithes … and the glory due unto His Name.


But there is more, read a few verses further …


13 Your words have been stout

against ME,

saith the LORD.

Yet you say,

What have we spoken so much against you?


14 Ye have said,

It is vain/useless to serve GOD:

and what profit is it

that we have kept His Ordinance,

and that we have walked mournfully before the LORD of Hosts/YHWH of Armies?

1And now we call the proud happy;

yea, they that work wickedness are set up;

( that is, established )

yea, they that tempt GOD

are even delivered.

+  +  +


We  have witnessed this SAD , not gay, occurrence on July 21, 2016 on the streets of Jerusalem, the city of The Sacrifice of The LAMB+ of GOD..

Even PM Netanyahu, definitely NOT ORTHODOX,  supports the LGBT right to march, parade their sins if they want, and to live un-molested in Jerusalem and all of Israel.

In a democracy of “the people’s rule”, ALL SORTS of people have these rights, including witches, the demon-possessed, and yes, even isis. 

All those who are an abomination to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and to all their righteous off-spring are now “allowed”  to  live WITHOUT REMONSTRANCE , according to the politically-correct global New World DIS-Order.  This DIS-Order  is  dictating to  Israel too… because of the money received from leaders of the NW Dis-O. 

But Israel  is different; it DOES INDEED  carry the Name of The ELOHIM, whether Israel likes it or not.  It will be judged according to the light that it has.

TORAH is given as Light from YWHW.  TORAH is designed to lead the SERIOUS-MINDED Torah reader to The LIGHT of YeSHUA+ ha MOSHIYACH,  The LORD JESUS CHRIST, The Light of the world.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “secular” Jew.  There are only apostate and rebellious Jews who ignore the Presence of The HOLY ELOHIM and reject HIS Ways.

These apostates  ignore the PURPOSE that YHWH has ordained for little Israel.  [ Isis and other anti-semitic, however, have NOT ignored this purpose of GOD.  Therefore, they work to destroy Israel and all Jews. ]

As  in the case of beleaguered  Mr. Netanyahu,  the social-politically “Correct”  OVER-RIDES the plain and simple words of TORAH  and the NEW COVENANT , Romans 1:26 – 27.

These ones who ignore TORAH, the Jewish Mosaic Law, and the Prophets,  THINK they “got away with it” because GOD did not strike them dead as they paraded their sins.


[ Indeed, ALL sinners think that when they indulge in  sin.  Since judgment does not fall IMMEDIATELY from the Hand of our long-suffering LORD+, they think there will be no consequences from Heaven for their sin.]


But the SINNERS are wrong on this point, as on other points regarding sin.  The REASON they are not consumed   is  because of the mercy of The ELOHIMthe very ONE  they mock and reject.


They think GOD is like one of them. They make GOD into THEIR own image !  They think their ways are HIS ways and their thoughts HIS thoughts.


But NO, as it is written:

For My thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways My ways,

saith the LORD.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are My ways higher than your ways,

and My thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55: 8 – 9.


They will find this out the HARD WAY.

Here are the words from that Jerusalem Post article of yet another learned Orthodox ( ? ) rabbi-ess, a woman, who also supported the Parade of LGBT-ers in Jerusalem.


Rabbi Chaya Rowen Baker, who heads the Ramat Tzion Masorti community in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood, also gave her full backing to the parade.

“There is no holiness inherent in a place. Holiness comes from what happens in a particular place. If we want Jerusalem to be a holy city, then it needs to be a place where there is no injustice,” said Rowen Baker.

?  ?  ?

( How is saying that SIN is SINFUL, and warning to Repent and escape eternal punishment, be considered “injustice”? )


Throughout the call for compassion and equal rights for the LGBT community, we hear the learned rabbis purporting to teach GOD the “correct” values of  “justice” for the LGBT community …  versus the  HOLINESS that is required by The ELOHIM


Pitiful little human beings who only live a few decades at best, seeking to Correct The Eternal ELOHIM!  


Unfortunately, these Jewish rabbinical scholars have forgotten the ROOT of the word  “just” … and that word is RIGHTEOUSNESS,  tzadik in Hebrew. 



The RIGHTEOUSNESS of The ELOHIM is immutable, unchanging.  The holy standards HE established in marital human relationships  are  based on HIS Righteousness not on what society “wants.” 

The LGBT societal  “norms”  are NOT NEW on this earth. Thousands of  brimstone/ sulfur balls  are still found embedded in the ash at the archeological site of Sodom and Gomorrah… two of five great, wealthy, self-righteous-in-their-sin cities that were destroyed by GOD.   See this link:  Ron Wyatt — Sodom and Gomorrah Archeological site

The remaining ruins

have literally been turned into ASH as

Scripture states.


 GOD’S Word still stands. 

It is as immutable as The ELOHIM HIMSELF. 

WE must change;

HE will not. 












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8 replies

  1. Agree with you completely, and those of us who do are more and more in the minority. I would simply add that the US also had that same light and no country/government does more to promote this specific sin than ours, including threats to withdraw funds they were expecting.


    • Scott Miller, I am totally in agreement with you. Babylon America is the leader in this debauchery. I too believe that the monies that were promised are being used as a “stick” to force Israel to do as the U.S. wants them to do, to further “The Agenda” that is coming out of the ” City of ba al” D.C. and the satanic U.N. We ate watching and praying. Thank you brother for your comment.


  2. Just like the Pharisees of all, making their own laws instead of obeying the Lords.


  3. A much needed warning for heavily sin laden Israel. Well said brother. I pray that the remnant God has called out for Himself are strengthened to stand up against this evil flood. Know that judgment is at the door for Sodom and Gommorah, Jerusalem, God shall cleanse His land and His people though few remain.

    I had the opportunity to rebuke the very stubborn and proud wolf Donniel Hartman before I was silenced at The Times of Israel. The truth is unpopular with the godless and self worshiping religious crowd.
    He like so many lead the people astray.
    As it is here in America the people do not seek God and are led by their own flesh and perverse thoughts and are drawn abominations that in time destroy them.

    I hope and pray that many in Israel will read this message and repent while there is still time, it’s running out.


    • Thank you brother for your very good comment! May The LORD+ Bless and Keep you in the work you are doing and the warnings you are putting out.



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