The Fourth Reich…….New World DIS – ORDER


The New World DIS-ORDER … or … Old Tricks for the “New” World Order


Righteousness exalts a nation,

but Sin is a reproach to any people;

Shall not MY soul be Avenged on such a nation as this;

Vengeance is MINE says The LORD+, I+ will repay.

Christians: Be aware.


When ANARCHY occurs, ALL civil law will be negated, never to return again.

This is the Plan of the anti-christ government,

so they can kill and imprison with impunity under Martial Law…  for “our” safety, of course.

“Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves”



There is NOTHING NEW under the sun, wise King Solomon told us.


The LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,  and HIS Eternal Holy SON+ JESUS CHRIST, and the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT — One, Unified GOD — is still the fount of ALL wisdom, light, and goodness for man.


The satan and all his wicked beings and the evil, fallen angels who have left their first estate  remain  the active source of all evil towards man and in man.


EVIL wars against GOD’S Good.


No… there are NO “new” tricks for the so-called New World Order.  The satan is still destroying mankind in one way or another.


ALL modern technology is geared to destroy mankind, ultimately. The prince of the power of the air is full of evil schemes to use man’s clever new technology… against man himself. Human beings are easily deceived by “new” high-tech “trinkets”. The satan has had many years experience at manipulating mankind.  He knows what they will fall for every time!


What is so NEW about that? And what is so CLEVER about it?


 Only ONE group can resist him, those who have been GENERATED from ABOVE by The Eternally Living Blood of The LAMB of GOD+,  and the Immersion into The HOLY SPIRIT – RUACH ha KODOSH.




The New World DIS-ORDER has conducted many successful “trial runs”  for its last final coup.


If examined closely, however, the trial runs for the New World DIS-ORDER operate the same way


They all follow the same principles of warfare.  The satan tries to expunge all traces of The HOLY LORD GOD from planet earth…  which includes mankind, who is made in the likeness and image of The ELOHIM.   Remember, JESUS said, “If The LORD had not shortened the days, NO FLESH would be saved! But for HIS+ Children’s sake HE+ has shortened the days already. ”


The satan’s methods remain the same. The ONLY thing that ever changes is the level of technology involved.


Here is one OLD TRICK being used by this New World DIS-Order.


Order Out of Chaos


This “chaos” is a deliberately ENGINEERED chaos.


It works like this: police are ordered NOT TO RESPOND  when  violence occurs.


This violence is perpetrated against innocent civilians by violent members of a select group of people. In other words, the No-Response situation is NOT a domestic quarrel or a bank heist to which the police are called.


There are several varieties of “no response” in use.  


One way is to take 2.5 hours to respond to a  rape  situation, as we have recently seen in Twin Falls, Idaho when muslim youths attacked a 5-year-old girl.

[ Most traffic fender-benders receive more timely attention. ]  There was a recent incident in the Lindem Hills suburb of Minneapolis, in which muslim men threatened to rape a woman in her own home and yard. The first time police were called it took 3 hours to respond!


Another trick is to “do nothing” unless the victim can identify by name the perpetrators of the crime.


( What sense does THAT make ??? )


Rape victims in Germany recently were told this excuse, when they requested help from the police.


Some of these emergency terrorist situations are planned by the masters of the New World Dis-Order and carried out by their “plants” in a select group.


Has this been done before in history?


Yes.  The Nazi’s in Germany were masters of this technique.  History tells us how the Nazi’s created a camouflaged terrorist situation … and then brought in their troops to “restore order.”   The problem was, though, the troops never left and Nazi-control ruled the communities. 


The RESULT of No-Response Responders…


The RESULT of such No-Response responders is anger by the people. The general populace feels mis-treated and unprotected.  They feel the criminals are protected MORE than the decent people of the community.  Does this sound familiar?  I know of a nation where this is becoming common-place. Do you?


When  people and communities realize that the rightful governmental authorities are DELIBERATELY DOING NOTHING to protect the populace,  then the people are pushed to protect themselves. They may choose to do this individually or collectively. 


That situation is called “civil dis-order” or rebellion or anarchy. The government is now listing groups of people as “terrorists” including “preppers”, bloggers, anti-abortionists, and, yes, serious orthodox Christians who stand for righteousness!



of the masters of the New World DIS-ORDER… surprise, surprise ! 



Anarchy is a tool of the New World DIS-Order masters, although the common anarchists, rebels, or radical preppers may not realize this.


The next “legal” step is to DECLARE MARTIAL LAW, after anarchy develops.


All protection, all due rights of civilians, are legally abandoned and the people are at the mercy of the masters of the New World Dis-Order.  They can arrest, torture, or kill anyone they “suspect” of  rebellion and no-one can stop this.


Has this been done before in history?


Yes.  Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler — to name a few — are the ones commonly associated with this trick. There appears to be another “leader” rising at the present time, who will out-do the above mentioned individuals.


MARTIAL LAW is the real goal

of the New World DIS-order. 

The “masters” will then fulfill their own prophecy to “bring order out of chaos.”  Thus, ANY excuse for total control will do.


Another OLD TRICK:  Assassinate one of “your own”  officials… and blame it on the group currently in disfavor.


Has this been done in history Yes!


Look at the Nazi’s plans to take over Austria.  They planned to murder their OWN ambassador Von Papen , and then blame it on Austria. [ See Wikipedia article on Franz Von Papen / Ambassador to Austria. ]


The Result ?  Justification to invade Austria and establish Nazi-control.


Has this been done by the New World Dis-Order masters ? [ Please ask Mrs. Clinton, who walks in close proximity to those masters, why Ambassador Chris Brown “had”  to be eliminated.


Here is another trick by the New World Dis-Order masters: Remove the freedom of speech, freedom of the press.


Well, this trick has been done so many times in so many eras that it was a FOUNDATIONAL RIGHT written into the US Constitution.


Removing freedom of speech or freedom of the press is ALWAYS  a hallmark of a tightly-controlled populace.


Has this occurred in the “Free World” recently ? 


Today, the main-stream media in the US will not carry certain valid, news-worthy stories.  Today, control of alternative news sites and blogs is a main topic of discussion by government officials.

 1st Amendment BILL OF RIGHTS: Prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.


is no idle threat.

As reported on June 26, 2016, in the Breitbart report,  the Obama Administration’s appointed  U.S. Attorney, Wendy J. Olson , issued a thinly-veiled threat to news sources regarding the information published about the little girl who was sexually assaulted in Twin Falls by muslim youths.

The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. ~~~ U.S. Attorney for Idaho, Wendy J. Olson

FROM  WIKIPEDIA:  Wendy J. Olson (born 1964) is the current United States Attorney for the District of Idaho. She was appointed in 2010 by President Barack Obama, replacing Thomas E. Moss. As one of 93 US Attorneys nationwide, she represents the United States in all civil and criminal cases within her district.

[ See BREITBART article , 6.26.2016, by Katie McHugh  : Idaho Refugee Rape: Obama Justice Official Threatens Americans Who Criticize Migrant Programs ]

And,  from the same article:

Olson’s statement echoes Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s December 2015 pronouncement to take “aggressive action” against Americans who criticize Muslims with speech that supposedly “edges towards violence.” That threat was made just one day after two Muslims in San Bernardino slaughtered 14 Americans and wounded another 22.

Lynch fretted about “the incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” at a Muslim Advocates dinner, telling them “that fear is my greatest fear.”


Ms. Olson’s  threat was NOT directed to the main stream media because THEY DID NOT report on the details of the No-Response responders. It, therefore, must have been directed at the alternative internet news sources who publicized the crime.

[  FOR an interview with the 89-year- old  former nurse, Jolene Payne, who was an eyewitness of the  scene SEE:

/exclusive_audio_eyewitness_confirms_migrants_raped_five_year_old_idaho_girl   by FAITH GOLDY ]




Following JESUS is the answer, with all of our heart and soul, our mind and strength.  If every soldier in the armed forces REFUSED to kill, steal, and destroy — as JESUS taught — then the masters of the New World Dis-Order  would have no-one to do their killing and stealing for them.


Those who actually  follow JESUS know what is happening, because HE+ warned us of it nearly 2,000 years ago. History is repeating itself. All Tricks in satan’s book will be used to pull the world into TOTAL CHAOS.  The chaos will be used to gain compleate control over the human race and to destroy the Followers of The MESSIAH+.


Our job now is to draw very CLOSE to HIM+ and listen to HIS+ Voice, and be prepared to stand for HIM+ … as the time of testing draws near. The “Great Mouth” is speaking lies and ALL EFFORT will be made to produce MASS CHAOS. BE PREPARED.


The Gifts and Calling of The HOLY SPIRIT will be evident and will be our WEAPON against the plan of the adversary.


We shall overcome by The Blood of the LAMB+ and The WORD+ of our Testimony. The Testimony of JESUS is The Spirit of Prophecy.


Peace+ to ALL of The “called-out” ones.


AMEN + + +










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3 replies

  1. Amen Brother! There is nothing new under the sun! Thank you!


  2. “Those who follow Jesus know what is happening’

    Yes, we are not ignorant of the devils devices!

    Great message, you put it together well but so many who worship the Beast will continue to serve the idol at the center of their heart. NO amount of real evidence will persuade them otherwise.
    They are committed to the end to their own destruction.

    It’s amazing to see those who call themselves Christians, who in truth serve Satan, and serve, follow and obey those who do his works.
    They want to be deceived because they really do not love the truth and take their pleasure in unrighteousness.
    They love their liars and deceivers and nothing can pull them away from their whoredoms.


    • Bless you brother Marcel,
      I am hoping that the real and true Disciples of our LORD+ will walk in discernment from the HOLY SPIRIT and be aware of what is happening and continue in that narrow WAY that our LORD+ marked out for us with HIS+ Own blessed feet.

      I expect NOTHING from the “Judas church” except more betrayal and more idolatry. You are right! They prefer their lies and whoredoms over The TRUTH+.

      Thank you again brother for commenting. May The LORD+ Bless you and keep you safe this day.


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