TARES…..Gathering Out of HIS+ Kingdom All Things That Offend


  As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this AGE.


 The SON of MAN shall send forth his Angels, and they shall Gather Out of his Kingdom All Things That OFFEND, and them which do lawlessness;


 And shall cast them into a Furnace of Fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.


We are seeing the gathering out of HIS+ Kingdom all those who REFUSE HIS+ Words and Commandments.  They are being gathered together into “Bundles” for burning.


They are called ” Denominations.”


Some examples would be

( and  this list is not exhaustive) :


  • Episcopal Church U.S.A. with its “lady” pastors and homosexual “bishops”, and disregarding Holy scriptures at will.

  • Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with its hatred of Israel, and its praying to “allah,” the demon-god of hell.

  • United Methodist Church, which has removed the idea of sin from its teaching, and has substituted psychology for repentance, and fought against the Apostles of The LAMB+ of GOD, and The LORD+ MESSIAH HIMSELF.

  • Let’s not omit the Pope who has crucified CHRIST afresh in front of the whole world, being more politically-correct than Scripturely-sound.

  • and lastly, the spirit-filled Emerging Evangelicals who are so full of … well, WHAT spirit ? … as they proudly forge yet another lie called “chrislam”  and brow-beat a Christian brother who has gone through persecution in an Iranian prison because he left islam for the sake of CHRIST JESUS. 

  • Any church organization which teaches us to disregard the commandments of CHRIST and “blend in with the world.”


These are the TARES that are even now  being gathered into bundles for burning.


They gather themselves together against The MESSIAH+, saying “We will Not have this ONE+ to Reign over us!  HIS+ Words are offensive to us!”


  “We are smarter and more knowledgeable than those who followed HIM+ in old times,” they say.  We will talk with “popes and imams and fake rabbis, who are so politically correct, and we will all worship as we see fit!”


Yes! We will worship satan and call him “god” !  We have been doing it anyway for a long time. See how worldly wise we have become?” WE are rich and increased in material wealth and have need of nothing!


These do not see that they are poor, and blind and naked and are already in satan’s grasp. This game is for “keeps”, for eternity.  “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and LOSES his Eternal Soul?”  

Absolutely NOTHING!


All of those who say that they are Christians and yet DO NOT DO THE THINGS MESSIAH+ HAS TAUGHT AND COMMANDED are, “LIARS AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THEM!”  (1 John  2:4 )


A SNARE is coming upon the face of the whole earth to test them that dwell upon the earth. ( REV. 3 : 10 )


It is going to take a whole-hearted LOVE for

The LORD your GOD 

and for HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and WORD+

that HE sent into the world for our sake’s,


so that with HIS+ own Body and Blood HE+ might BREAK the BACK of satan,


and loose all who come to HIM+ in Truth and Reality from the Chains of Death and Darkness placed there by the “father of lies”.


There is NO TIME for half-stepping and religious game- playing. It is the Time for being “SOLD-OUT” to The SON of GOD+ and to WALK in ALL that HE+ has Commanded.


Read HIS+ Words in The Gospels and submit to HIM+ in LOVE for what he has done for you!


Truly our life, both now and eternally, are united with JESUS / YESHUA, The Eternal SON+ and WORD+ of YHWH, our Heavenly FATHER. 


If we belong to HIM+ we are no longer of this world, even as HE+ is Not of this world, ( John 17 )  We are Crucified with HIM+, yet we live. WE are Baptized / Immersed into HIS+ Death, and we rise from our immersion, ( Mikvah)  to walk in Newness of Life.


Learn to KNOW HIS+ VOICE and to be led by The Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT.  Hide in HIM+ as “The Snare” approaches.


Remember, HE+ will throughly purge HIS+ FLOOR,  HIS+ Grain HE+ will gather in to HIS+ Barn, but the chaff HE+ will burn with unquenchable Fire.  ( Matthew 3:12 )


Separate your selves from any religious organization that teaches that you do not need to live your life as JESUS COMMANDED.  As Apostle John states by the SPIRIT:”Those are liars and the Truth is NOT in them!”

JESUS said,  ” Not those who call ME+ Lord…Lord… shall enter The Kingdom of Heaven, but those who DO THE WILL of MY+ FATHER in Heaven”.


The Peace of The LORD+ JESUS CHRIST be with the “Called-Out” ones. 

AMEN + + +      

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3 replies

  1. Loved this post! How many do not call upon the Lord til a last resort or their in trouble and try to negotiate by saying, “if you get me out of this I will serve you Lord”. You said it, the laws and His ways are NOT NEGOTIABLE! His ways are not our ways……Isaiah 55:6-11. Repentance is in order. God Bless You for the truth spoken.


    • Thank you Julia. I am watching and praying, waiting to see what The LORD+ will do. I am expecting some SHAKING! ” As it was in the days of Noah”, so it is now in this land, and on the face of the whole earth. May The LORD+ Strengthen us to stand for HIM+.


  2. Amen brother. I have said this very same thing lately. The separating and sifting has begun. And those you describe are blind, miserable, poor and naked. God is gathering His remnant. Time is short.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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