Social Media Brings Bullying To A Whole New Level For One Pastor Saeed Abidini

social media

Social media has taken a very dark turn.  Social media continues to be used as a tool for abuse and bullying against so many.  Every week it seems we hear of another teen who has taken their life because of social media bullying.  One reason they do this, is because it’s so easy to have an audience of thousands, do they think Satan doesn’t know that?  One woman set out to destroy and wreak havoc and My God you wouldn’t believe what she has done.

And when God’s people use this, it makes it demonic.  Satan is controlling large swath’s of churches and so called men of God.  I can’t begin to describe the spiritual battle I’ve seen and been involved in with Pastor Saeed.  His imprisonment is not over, it’s only beginning here in America.  His wife is continually sending messages both text and private messages to her followers with innocent statements he has made and twisting and accusing.  It’s very obvious who is controlling who.

And whole people allowing satan not the Holy Spirit to guide them are doing unfathomable things to this brother.  They have recently taken over his facebook page and are spreading their vitriolic lies.  You see it only takes a small seed of doubt, it only takes repeating one rumor or twisted fact to grow a field of hate.  And that’s what they are doing.

I could say so much, just as I’m sure Saeed could, but isn’t it enough to know that God know’s our hearts?  God know’s who the liar is?  Yes, indeed He does.  When it comes to the spiritual world, they are wreaking havoc all across the globe, you see they know their time is short, and they want as many souls as they can take.  Tongue wagging backbiters and stone throwing Self Righteous Pharisees are making satans job easy.  It is not the church or pastors responsibility to use social media as a tool to discredit and call for every Christian and every church to destroy a man’s reputation, yet that is what is happening.  I have seen 2 such pastors recently maybe three doing just that.  Wolves in sheeps clothing.  It’s very sad, no beyond sad when satan infiltrates men of God in this manner.  The Bible is clear on the punishment for this.  No one who causes strife among the brethren is blessed by God.  In fact that is one of the 7 things God hates.  That and lying tongues.  And yet they have exhibited both.  Judgement begins in the House of the Lord.  Will He find faith when He returns?  At the rate things are happening, I doubt it.  He is choosing a remnant though and He’s bringing them together.  So do we do as the Pharisee’s and leave a man wounded or do we do as the Good Samaritan?  How about using the tools of  increased knowledge to encourage the persecuted and those suffering, how about offering healing and forgiveness and mercy instead of hatred and this mob mentality of the Pharisee’s to stone all.  It’s like a pack of wolves who smell blood and what’s really sad is that some of these people don’t even realize that a demon is in their presence causing them to behave in this manner.  I as well as many here have witnessed this first hand, not only in this instance but face to face.  Have you ever been talking with someone and watch their demeanor change and speak in a voice that’s not their own while hurling an insult that only you will feel as it stings?  I have.  Then most times they don’t even remember it.  Satan uses in that manner.  He truly does and it is getting worse.  The spirits (demonic) are growing and getting stronger as their time is short.  They asked Jesus as he cast out the “Legion” of demons why have you come to torment us before the time?  They know He’s coming again.  We must hang on, and endure until the end.  We must learn to discern truth from fiction and half truth or we will not make it.  So many are listening to tickling ear doctrine, so many consider man’s commentary or the greek commentaries to be more important than the actual word of God read with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Every one seems to be a scholar preaching “stone him.”  One commenter suggested that the Bible changes with the times.  Hello! That is Heresy (“restricting belief to certain points of Christ’s doctrine selected and fashioned at pleasure, which is the way of heretics.”) See how easy it is to turn a Christian from the love and mercy God gives us and lead into hatred and darkness.  God help us when Jesus returns so many will be found naked and ashamed.

Choose God’s way over satan’s.  Choose to pray instead of tongue wagging, this can destroy a church and the body of Christ.  Choose to pray instead of backbiting.  Stop encouraging gossip and say “I don’t want to hear it.”

Pray for Pastor Saeed.  Pray for God to strengthen him and protect him from these attacks.


pastor saeed

Only God can turn a mess into a blessing.  Pray for the backbiters and darkness created by the evil one to turn back on them.  Pray for God to use Him for His Glory.  You know Pastor Saeed had a vision of Jesus, in fact Jesus visited him and told him to go and warn His people as He was coming soon.  This is why satan wants him destroyed.  Pray for him and his family as they endure this horrible persecution at the hands of satan.

By: C Refsland

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  1. This is how the American church does. They have been taught that they are “under Grace” and it does not matter what they DO! The Words of CHRIST have been tossed aside and are considered not binding because they are “under Grace”! Complete insanity … and stubborn rebellion.

    I knew of a man, Brother Yun, the “Heavenly Man”, who went through horrible trials and persecution in China because of being a minister in the underground House Church movement in that country.
    When he finally was able to escape, American Christians began to make up ugly stories and lies about this brother. Brother Yun asked the ministers close to him why were they doing this. The men answered him, “This is how ‘christians’ do in America! ”

    I see that they are also doing this to Brother Saeed.
    “Do unto others ALL things that you would have done unto YOU” has NO MEANING to the average American Christian. None of HIS+ Words have any meaning to American “churchians” or “religionists” because they REFUSE TO OBEY HIS+ VOICE. I tell you truly, “THERE WILL come a time of great WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH.”

    This behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEFORE THE SON OF GOD+. This behavior is going to come into Judgment! Repent NOW and send apologies to this suffering Brother before it is TOO LATE. If there are any out there who think that The LORD GOD will not PUNISH the self-serving, broad-tongued American “church,” think again. Watch it happen!

    May The LORD GOD help Brother Saeed and deliver him from lying tongues — including that of his traitorous wife — who has not only betrayed him but also The MESSIAH+ that he serves and follows. WE forgive, but we call to REPENTANCE.

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