The LAMB’S+ Book of Life…..The One Important Thing: ( PCUSA LIES!)

Lambs Book 2

Is your name written in The

LAMB’S Book of Life?

This is of UTMOST PRIORITY during your Life here on earth.  Everything pales into insignificance next to this.


WE are living in an age of “Perilous Times”, BOTH physically and Spiritually. This is an Age when it is deemed acceptable to deny CHRIST with NO CONSEQUENCES … for Eternity.  A serious DELUSION. The DELUSION will be broken by DEATH!

If you DENY CHRIST,  will you be in a “heaven” somewhere ?  Can you assign YOURSELF to the Heaven of GOD ALMIGHTY  when you die?


JESUS said,

” I+  have the keys

of hell and of death.”


Many believe — and live their lives so — that they will be in Heaven EVEN IF THEY DENY CHRIST JESUS.

Nothing could be further from The Truth.

JESUS said, I+ AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

“NO ONE can come to The FATHER (in Heaven)

except through ME+”

It is another of the satanic LIES that are pouring out over the Whole Earth from the Evil Kingdom of the “father of Lies”. 

The Apostles say by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT, that, ” If we deny HIM+, HE+ will ALSO DENY US!”  Think about the seriousness of this. ( 2 Timothy 2 : 12 )


This morning it is being reported that the Heretical and Blasphemous Presbyterian Church USA, (PCUSA) opened its convention with “prayers” to the Bloodthirsty demon-god  “allah”.  The entity called islam blasphemes The Eternal SON of GOD+ and openly fights against The Gospel of LIFE.


Will those involved in arranging for this travesty to take place have their names in the LAMB’S+ Book of Life?  They have chosen with their own free-will to deny CHRIST / MESSIAH before the whole world and allowed men who hate Truth and The Gospel to lead their assembly in “prayers” to the “demon god” they call “allah”, the demon which tells them to “kill all Jews and Christians who will not submit” to the lies of that demon and the false prophet. The demon which delights in bloodshed, rape, and butchery.


The answer is obvious.


PCUSA is a DEAD organization and is bound for eternal separation from The Eternal GOD Who Created ALL that is.  Chrislam is a TOTAL LIE from satan and the human slaves that are serving him! Flee from it and repudiate it!


To all serious Christians who are in ANY organization that teach and allow this treachery: “COME OUT of THEM” lest you be taken in their plagues because the plagues and Judgment and Wrath are ON THE WAY! Get out before it is too late and you are caught in the Fire Storm.


JESUS said, “If ANYONE will follow me, let them DENY THEMSELVES and TAKE UP the CROSS and FOLLOW ME.”  If you save your ( earthly) life you lose it, if you lose your earthly life for MY+ sake you save it.” 


“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his eternal soul?”  NOTHING!  Make certain and sure that your name is written in the LAMB’S+ Book of Life.  It is Priceless.


The Marriage Supper of The LAMB+

Will you be INVITED?



Nothing on this earth can even be compared to belonging to The Eternal SON+ and WORD+ of YHWH,

I AM, The Holy One of Israel

The earth is passing away right now.


Only those belonging to HIM+ with their names written in HIS+ Book will remain standing.


Because HE+ LIVES we Live also ( John 14:19 ).

We long for HIS+ appearing and…..

for the First Resurrection of ALL the Righteous Dead, whose departed soul and spirit will rejoin their

NEW Bodies like unto HIS+ Own Glorious Body,

to  be with HIM+ forever.


Stand strong in HIM+ in The Strength of The Eternal HOLY SPIRIT / RUACH ha KODOSH.


Our Salvation is nearer now than when we fisrt believed / trusted.

+ + +

In The Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty,

YHWH ELOHIM of Divine Heavenly Armies,

and of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and WORD+ Who became Flesh for our sake, YHWH ADONAI,

and of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT,


< (((( ><

AMEN + + +

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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