We Must Replace Womens Rights Activists Who Refuse To Speak Against Abuse Of Women In The Middle East


We as Christians are commanded to care for one another.  Paul tells us to remember those in chains as if we were in the body with them.

As Christians we have come together in the past as one voice and God has moved mountains.  The abuse of women and children is rampant in the Middle East and Africa.  Especially Christian women.  Many are beaten, raped and tortured or forced to convert.  Many are arrested for simply being a christian.   The list is endless.

One such case that gained noteriety because of voices like ours is Myriam Ibrahim.  She was freed.

Another is Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaram imprisoned in Iran because she is Christian and dared to help with underground churches. Nasim is in danger. Nasim’s health is grave.    She has a heart condition and recently started a hunger strike to raise awareness.  She was granted a short reprieve for her family to aid her and now is being forced back to one of Iran worst prisons.


Another is Asia Bibi.  She is awaiting a death sentence in Pakistan under the barbaric blasphemy law.
Women’s rights groups especially in America and the West refuse to take up the cause for these women.

We are more concerned with free birth control and free abortion.  Shameful.  A war is being waged against women across the globe and rights activists are silent!
We must be their voice.  Speak out sign petitions write your representatives.  Email every organization that deals in this until we are in the news.  Iran will back off and Pakistan will be forced to listen also. We can’t allow these countries across the Middle East to hold human rights hostage!  Women have rights in the free world, Christians have rights demand the UN and western leaders start speaking out!  Speak out now before it’s too late.  Nasim and Asia and thousands of women need our voices.  They need our help!  Here is a petition for Nasim.   SPEAK OUT!

By C. Refsland
Read more about Nasim

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  1. Amen! I pray The LORD GOD help these sisters who are held prisoners, and all those being ground into the earth by the LIE of islam.

    There is NO excuse for treating one half of the CREATED human race in this manner. The words and attitude of a demon-possessed mass murderer and pedophile ( mohammad ) cannot have ANY credulity when backing and supporting the crushing down of the female half of the Adamic race.

    The governments that follow this practice must rethink their grossly unfair position.

    Let us do all that we can to make it known that there is a BETTER WAY and a loosing from that bondage through The Eternal SON of GOD+, The MESSIAH, sent from The Bosom of The Eternal FATHER to set ALL mankind, male and female FREE, for ALL who choose to come to HIM+.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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