A Sacrifice To Satan



 On June 12, 2016 at 2 a.m., 50 night-clubbers in Orlando, Florida were ruthlessly gunned down. Within minutes, their lives were snuffed out by a man they did not know , had not seen, and to whom they did no harm.


Also, 53 others were terribly wounded, some critically. They will face months and months of painful recuperation … if their bodies can recuperate at all. Likely, most of the victims will never be the same.


Most will experience physical problems for the rest of their lives. Assuredly, ALL will have trauma scars that will last a life-time.


This horrendous ordeal occurred within minutes.


Again, their injuries came by the hand of a man they did not know, had not seen, and had not harmed.


Other night-club patrons and workers will live with horrendous visual memories for the rest of their lives also. Emotional scars do not heal easily nor quickly.


In the end of this blood offering to satan, the demons directed the shooter to shoot the dead ones again and again “to make sure they were dead,” one survivor said.


by WorldTribune Staff, June 15, 2016 [ SEE: www.worthynews.com , a Christian world news site. ]


G4S, the employer of the Muslim terrorist who killed 49 people at the Orlando Pulse nightclub, is a major contractor for the Department of Homeland Security and State Department.


Daniel Gilroy, who worked with Mateen at G4S, said he made repeated formal complaints about Mateen’s aggressive behavior and alleged family connections to Al Qaida, but eventually quit his job when G4S refused to fire Mateen.

  “Out-raged” politicians used this massacre to point to the crucial need to put strong gun control laws into place.


 Other “out-raged” politicians labeled it the act of a home-grown terror-boy, operating out of a hate-filled mentality. 


 “Out-raged” pastors called for more love and tolerance for the LGBT- doers.


 Another “out-raged” pastor publically applauded the massacre of “pedophiles” and perverts. ( There is NO EXCUSE for this display of hatred from someone claiming to be a Christian.)


 “Out-raged” citizenry developed more hatred and animosity for muslims, both here and abroad.

However … who was NOT “out-raged” by the blood-bath ?


the satan


His mission was successfully accomplished. He received a blood sacrifice by the ones who serve him —  the dupes, the patsies, the low-level stooges who wish to climb higher, the ones who believe the lies of satan. 


Who ARE these people who are being used to make these horrendous, terrifying, and frightening blood sacrifices to satan ?


We can find them if we analyze the situation, asking ourselves one simple question:  who stands to “win” after the blood-bath ?

+  +  +


The Winning Politicians


Everyone is sickened by yet another senseless massacre of innocent lives, that is, innocent of any animosity towards the shooter. 


Thus…we find US Presidential hopeful Mrs. Clinton and UN Secretary-General hopeful Mr. Obama cashing in on this massacre to promote the platform to remove guns from the hands of the citizenry.


The henchmen in the UN are already prepped to “demand” stronger gun control in the US.  


U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs ‘Robust Gun Regulation’ Jun 16, 2016 

[ See: /www.worthynews.com ] By Patrick Goodenough | June 15, 2016 | 4:25 AM


 (CNSNews.com) – The United Nations’ human rights chief called on the United States Tuesday to enforce more effective gun control measures in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack, dismissing as “irresponsible pro-gun propaganda” the notion that firearms make societies safer.


U.N. human rights commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein urged the U.S. government to live up to its obligations to protect citizens from the “horrifyingly commonplace but preventable violent attacks that are the direct result of insufficient gun control.” Jordanian diplomat Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein has been U.N. human rights commissioner since 2014.

 +  +  +


Massacres like Orlando, like San Bernardino, like the attempted massacre in Wal-marts in Amarillo, Texas this week are very handy to justify tighter gun controls and to remove guns from the populace… with the consent of the decent people who are sickened by the ruthless killings.


However, if we analyze the killing sprees objectively, we can spot the LIE right away: The ” populace ” (about 320 persons ) INSIDE the Orlando night-club did NOT have guns; only the muslim shooter did.


Who had guns in San Bernardino ? In the Wal-marts store in Amarillo?


Only the shooters, who were muslims.


The “populace” — i.e., the victims — did not have guns


Thus, after such a massacre of innocent victims, LIES can be established as truth. So the politicians win this point as LIE #1 is established


Keep in mind, satan always operates in LIES. His operatives use LIES.  LIES indicate the presence of satan, one of his  characteristics.


Mr. Obama also, being briefed by the FBI, declared the Orlando massacre was accomplished by a home-grown terrorist, filled with hate for segments of our “pluralistic” population. It had nothing to do with out-side influences “from abroad”……notwithstanding the public knowledge, that daesh / isis has ordered all good muslims to kill non-muslim “infidels” during the current month of ramadan.   

(See internet report: By Eric Bradner, CNN ,Updated 9:25 PM ET, Sun June 12, 2016 )


Strangely enough, there are photographs available on the internet site at:

Father of Orlando Shooteris Long-time CIA Asset

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 7:39

(Before It’s News)  21st Century Wire

 that show the shooter’s father, Mr. Mateen, in association with Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher Republican Congressmen.   Interesting?


The elder Mr. Mateen makes no pretense about being the true President of Afghanistan, working with the CIA. 


The elder Mr. Mateen raised his son to reflect the patriarch’s muslim values: wife-beating and intimidation, a justification of extreme violence, and a hatred of homosexuals and all things “not muslim.”  


The shooter, the younger Mateen, 29, informed the 911 operator that his loyalty was to isis/ the daesh.


It seems the FIB … oops, the FBI “Briefing” of President Obama was seriously lacking these facts, not to mention integrity.




Perhaps pre-agreed-upon LIES were in the briefing that was given to Mr. President.  


Hence, the satan’s henchmen established LIE # 2, to inspire the populace to denounce  anyone speaking AGAINST “the values” of the “pluralistic population” of peoples and religions in this society.


Because we are a nation of equals, we do not condemn anyone who is different……unless, of course, one is a  muslim.  Then, in contrast to the pluralistic ideology of the US of A,  one may express — violently — his opposition to non-muslims and no-one seems able or willing to stop this.




This one was a masterpiece.


“It had nothing to do with influences from abroad,” Mr. Obama said, negating the isis-loyalty statement of the shooter to the 911 operator.


Indeed, Mr. Obama was correct to say the shooter WAS OPERATING FROM INFLUENCES IN THIS LAND.


Yes, we all recognize the development, training, equipping, funding, and ON-GOING support isis/isil/daesh receives from the U.S. of A, both at home and abroad.


Note well: This is another sign of  satan’s work… a mouth speaking great things issuing great confusion.


Now we come to the Christians in this land.


Most are as horrified as the general non-Christian population. Many, many are grieving over the deaths of people who had no time allotted to them to repent, no time to see the error of their behavior.  


But satan’s henchmen are planted in Christian circles too! A pastor went public on YouTube saying we ought to be GLAD for the killings, as it ridded us of  ” 50 pedophiles” and perverts. ( This was a most disgusting performance.)



( See: Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ, Pastor Steven Anderson. YouTube removed the 4-minute video but others up-loaded it again. Unbelievable comments from a so-called “Christian” pastor.)



THAT move was a stroke of genius; satan could not have done better himself. 


In one brief statement, satan’s operative managed to enrage the non-Christians, the pagans, the heathen, the muslims… and set Christians at war with each other.  


No conscientious Christian would stand with that un-righteous pastor. JESUS told us to love our enemies, not kill them. 


KILLING is what satan does. That is another identification of satan’s followers. 


With such a statement made on the heels of the suffering and grief of that massacre, that one man lit the match to burn  Christians at the stake.


Now, not one of us will be able to state we “hate the SIN but love the sinner”  with any kind of credulity to worldly listeners. 


Not one of us will be even allowed to say that homosexuality is SIN… without being hated, arrested, imprisoned, or stoned by the general public.


The government will not have to do much NOW to sway public opinion that Christians are an “intolerant” part of the population which must be purged and whose voices must be stopped. 


“Perfect !”  exclaimed satan.


So we see the master of confusion at work with his so-called “Christian” operatives.


The OTHER side of the Christian camp also veers from the Life-Giving Word of GOD.  They clamor loud and long the LOVE GOSPEL: we tolerate all SIN because that shows everyone how loving Christians are. 


How much SIN

did Our LORD JESUS tolerate ?


Are we then claiming to be more loving than CHRIST JESUS… Who+ died to set us free from sin and from satan ?


Are we claiming to be more spiritual and discerning than the Apostles who wrote the New Covenant Scriptures… and who also met violent deaths for the sake of the GOSPEL ?



We are not more loving than JESUS CHRIST. We do NOT have greater discernment, understanding, or power than did the Apostles.



We too — like Our LORD JESUS and like the Apostles — must warn the drunkards, the drug-addicts, the violent, the thief, the self-righteous, the proud, the heterosexual as well as the homosexual all … that SIN of any sort will keep a person out of Eternal Life, out of Heaven.  All immorality is sin.


Christians do not hate. Christians do not live immorally with either gender. Christians do not kill.  Christians do not even desire to kill!


We warn … and WE are hated ! We live clean, and WE are shunned and mocked. We turn the other cheek and WE are persecuted or killed for it, committing our defense unto the LORD unto Whom+ all vengeance belongs.


Setting brother against brother is one thing that The LORD does hate; it is a sure and certain sign of satan’s hand inciting another blood sacrifice to occur.


The Christians can be manipulated to betray each other to the powers that be …… that is how much “love” they have ! (No wonder they cannot love their enemies, when they will not love their fellow Christian brothers.)


Thus, we have well-developed LIE # 4: Christians and their Christianity is the REAL problem that exists and must be eradicated from our midst. That’s the LIE!



And then we come to the well-designed plan of satan’s staff: anarchy and civil war. 


Muslim immigrants are granted money and an open door, mosques and No-Trespassing settlements in this country. Military training camps are operating inside U.S. borders with full knowledge of the government! The rapists and violent muslims are not hindered by the law nor our police officers.


NO OTHER GROUP has ever received such preferential treatment at the tax-payer’s expense… which goes beyond money, as we have just seen.


However, the agreement is to foment change. The radical elements publically state their purpose is to islamize the world. They are violent in doing so.


The satanic plan of the 10 Kings is, of course, to use the protected muslims to anger the citizenry so deeply that anarchy will occur. Or civil war.


Then the evil plan — which is already in place — is for MARTIAL LAW to be established “for the protection” of the populace.


FEMA has ready-built internment camps.


The old Nazi supporters are still with us: the Henry Ford foundation, Coca-Cola, the Bush men, Colgate, Bird’s Eye, DuPont, and the Rockefeller’s empire, including Standard Oil — maker of Zyklon-B Gas for Hitler’s gas chambers — have not gone anywhere. Indeed, they become stronger and wealthier in times like these. They thrive on war in any form or size and supply both sides to the conflict.

(See John Little’s shocking video — yes, with documented photos — to verify the above information. OmegaShock.com “Oil Destroyed Us” )


And so , the hallmark of satan, the LIES, point us to WHO is really behind these heinous crimes against humanity. The satan’s operatives high and low do his bidding.  They think they will GAIN money, control, status, or some kind of reward.


High or low, they all are dupes, patsies, the fall-guys for the satan.


+  +  +


JESUS is the answer, not guns, not politicians, not the flag.


JESUS does not lie; ALL of the above DO. They all are tools for satan to pull man to himself for eternal destruction.  



Now then, understand this:  the satan does not care about muslims any more than he cares about politicians whose mouths speak great things or the un-illuminated, very ill, global ILLUMINATI  stomping the “useless eaters” with their massive iron-clay feet.  (Daniel 2 and 7. )


The satan chews them all alike and devours them at will when he is finished with them, when he has used them to fulfill his purposes.


ONLY ONE THING is satan concerned about:  stopping the Christians from following The LORD JESUS CHRIST , The KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords.


Obedient Followers of JESUS CHRIST overcome satan by the BLOOD of The LAMB+, by the WORD of their testimony, and they love not their lives unto the death.


This type of Christian who stays loyal to JESUS CHRIST and obeys His+ Words are thus enabled to be “strong and do exploits.”


Obedient, single-of-eye Followers of JESUS are the only ones who can hinder satan’s plan to totally destroy mankind and control this world.


All the rest of mankind are “free meat.”


THAT is why all of satan’s programs march towards the same goal: to expunge all Christians from the earth. 


He will then be free to destroy ALL of mankind with no hindrance, as well as the earth — both which bear testimony to The ELOHIM.


The duped ones, high and low, he uses to plan and carry out these horrific sacrifices to satan are themselves sacrificed to satan.


The sacrifices occur over and over again with increasing terror and violence because the mouth of hell is never satisfied, never full.


+  +  +


Christians… take heed.


Do not abdicate your position of authority for an exceedingly TEMPORARY pot of gruel.


Do not throw away your authority over the unclean spirits which JESUS Himself+ said were subject unto you. Luke 10:20.


Do not be tricked by the father of LIES to throw down the Cross+ and pick up a gun to defend any Christ-rejecting nation … which they all are and ever have been from their inception.


Do NOT deny CHRIST — nor His+ Holy Standards — before men to gain favors from the followers of satan.


They mock you as a fool, knowing you have left the only tool of defense man has against their evil. THEY believe in His+ Power more than you do !


Do not deny CHRIST to “show love.” Rather, speak the Truth in love to both muslims and homosexuals … and prepare your hearts to suffer. 


You are not greater than your MASTER+. You will be treated exactly as the world citizens treated JESUS. If they hate the LORD JESUS, they will hate you also.

( John 15, several verses.)


If you do these things, happy are ye. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in Heaven.  For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.


Therefore, be wise as those serpents and harmless as doves, as JESUS said.  










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  1. I did not recieve this for some reason but wow this was an excellent article!!
    I can not believe how this is unfolding right in front of our eyes…….


  2. Amen!! And carefully orchestrated by Satan down to the last detail. Revelation is coming alive. Come quickly Lord Jesus!



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