In The Last Days Perilous Times…….

   Perilous Times

For any one who may have missed this: satanic forces are swarming over the earth. Demons, fallen watchers, rebel angels, are gathering for the Final Battle, and hope to take as many human slaves down with them as they can. ( Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth!) JESUS said, ” Because iniquity ((Lawlessness) shall abound, the love of  many shall grow cold.”  Human beings are losing the natural affection and any human compassion as they yeild themselves to unrighteousness and rejection of TRUTH.


The rebellious and stubborn humans are “Free Meat” for these malevolent forces.  Only The Children of GOD, the TRUE followers and Disciples of The MESSIAH+ have power and Weapons against these wicked beings.


This is why obedience to the ordinances the Apostles of The LAMB+ laid down for us are important to keep and follow. They are a protection and a shield for us.


Daily we are hearing of and seeing more and more cases of demonic possession and acts across the entire globe.


Even in public places like stores and buses and in the streets. These things have no other explanation than just what they are, demonic manifestations.


It is very important for Christians to be aware of their surroundings when they are out at work, doing errands, or shopping for necessities. Be sure to Pray for The LORD’S+ Protection and Guidance before you begin any action. Always be alert to The Guiding  of The Holy Spirit.


It would be wise to dress as the Apostles have taught us by the Holy Spirit: to dress in modest,  ample covering, and sober clothing ( Men too! ) and not to go forth to our errands in the garments of the world.


We reject the clothing styles of Babylon. Even this obedience to The Holy Spirit will cause unclean spirits to pull back from the area, because The LORD+ will Anoint your obedience with HIS+ Holy Fire, and the unclean are forced to back away.



It would be helpful to learn to use the ” Sign of The Cross” as you enter stores or other places of commerce.  No, this is NOT a Roman Catholic custom only.  The ancient, pre-Nicene church used this before there even was a Roman Catholic church as we know it today. The Cross of Christ belongs to ALL Christians who are willing to bear it!  Believe me, the unclean spirits know what it means! Use it against them!


If you have children, keep them close to you when you are out in public places. Children are being abducted, abused, raped, and murdered, in broad daylight in the stores and parks IN THIS LAND as well as others. Small towns as well as large, also. ( We just heard of a horrible incident today in a very small town in Ohio, involving child sexual attack by an adult. Be AWARE.)


Human beings have given themselves over to the unclean spirits which are malevolent. The ONLY rule these demonic beings have is to hurt and destroy human beings that were created in the image of The Eternal ELOHIM.


Children are easy targets.

Therefore, walk circumspectly.


Also, seek  The LORD’S+ Guidance as to when to do any given chore or errand. HE+ can see MUCH farther than we can. HE+ sees over the next hill and around the next corner. We do have “Helpers” to accompany us, as The LORD+ sends forth Holy Warriors to go with us, before us and to guard our backs.


Be in tune with HIM+ and learn to pray without ceasing. Remember, our Brother the Apostle John was “In The Spirit” on The LORD’S+ Day.  Seek to be “In The Spirit” continually.


As a final thought, Try to avoid places of public gathering for various entertainments, concerts, fairs, and street carnivals.  These PUBLIC GATHERINGS are magnets for trouble… especially around the civic or worldly holiday “days”. 


The majority of attenders at these events have no use for The Gospel of Life or its Eternal AUTHOR+.  To say the least, these places are worldly and un-sanctified,  and most of the time it is not appropriate for a serious Child of The Eternal GOD to be there. They are Danger Zones and MAGNETS for the demon-possessed.


As it is written, “Put on The LORD JESUS CHRIST, and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.”  There are other and better entertainments for the people of GOD.  As the ancient Christians avoided the Roman circuses, so  we should  AVOID the modern versions of the same.


In case this advice sounds “legalistic” to anyone, I refer you to the plain words of Scripture, spoken by the Holy Apostles, Through The HOLY SPIRIT. 


THESE ARE THE SCRIPTURES THAT MOST ALL OF THE MODERN CHURCHES IGNORE; concerning Christians manner of dress and conduct. We are not of this world. Let us NOT adopt the world’s customs.


  We are living in the revived Roman Empire. Let us therefore take heed and walk in Wisdom.  It will save us some grief.



In The Name of GOD The FATHER Almighty,


And HIS Beloved Eternal SON+, YHWH ADONAI,


and The Blessed  Eternal HOLY SPIRIT,

RUACH ha KADOSH our Sanctifier


AMEN + + +


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7 replies

  1. Thank-you, Samson7Able. As we have just witnessed in Orlando, God is withdrawing His hedge of protection from around this country. And things will only get worse, FAR worse. Only a couple of weeks ago I was in Los Angeles and had a vision of terrible destruction happening there (quake and tsunami). Incredibly, yesterday a man was arrested in Santa Monica with his car loaded with weapons, ammo, and explosive material. Authorities suspect he was possibly on his way to the Gay Pride Parade to cause mayhem. The only safe place in this savage world is in the embrace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is astounding to see how everything is rapidly falling apart in this corrupt, Satanic world. I always expected it to be bad, and the plunge into the abyss is appalling to behold. Every night before going to sleep I pray to God to send our Messiah as soon as possible. COME QUICKLY, JESUS!!!



  2. Amen! Thank you for this which has been on my spirit! Meaning alk three of us in our family have been wrestling with this very thing. Now we have it officially spoken through the body of Christ! Amen brothers and sisters!!! The Brown family.


  3. Amen! Thank you. We would all do well to take this to heart. Time is short.



  1. In The Last Days Perilous Times……. | Daily Bread

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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