BASEST of MEN Ruling the Earth….. Daniel 4 : 17


The SEED of Abraham

is under Attack !


On Guard, O Seed of Abraham ! Your ancient enemy, the satan, is trying to annihilate you.


Who is this SEED of ABRAHAM that has been targeted by all the forces of evil — and the target of people who ascribe to evil — this Most Blessed Seed , planted by the Most HIGH ELOHIM ? 


The Seed of Abraham is 3-fold:  Christians who are the “Grafted-In” of Israel, the Jews, and yes, the sons of Ishmael — who were part of Abraham’s seed — long before the false “prophet” Mohammad or the LIE of islam arrived in 622 AD .

The evil one delights to set them against each other; war is good for business, you see   … and always HAS been for the mammon-servers of the world’s global marketeers.


The Agenda? 


Make money, lots of money, while ridding the earth of the Seed of Abraham.  Brilliant scheme of the satan !


The world global marketeers sell their supplies and resources to make mighty killing machines,  for all 3 groups of the Seed of Abraham.


The other “hidden” strategy to wipe out the Seed of Abraham is to cull the unstable, un-trained, down-trodden, unhappy, and least wealthy members of these groups for pawns in their agenda.


Yes, the global marketeers cull thousands of the Seed of Abraham — currently, the sons of Ishmael being used — to be used as DUPES to do their dirty work, their killing, for them.


Islam has always been known for its willingness to kill all in its path, especially Jews and Christians, and the global marketeers are happy to use this to their own advantage.


Never mind that FOR A FRACTION of the cost these unhappy pawns could be helped with training in LIFE skills, instead of being trained as death squads for the New Secular Order, to become happier, productive citizens of THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.


The global marketeers do not want that.  They need, you see, a fomenting force to keep societies and countries in an uproar and in fear and confusion.


Conflicts are GOOD for business contracts, especially military conflicts.


And if the uproar is bad enough — oh, what a delight ! —  the global marketeers are ready:  martial law will be enforced.


The duped ones….will have walked right into their trap! 


VOILA !  An immediate slave-labor camp society is developed ( for the good of society, of course! ), just like in Nazi Germany.  Making mass martial law even more attractive, all the worker-bees’ confiscated goods and possessions return eventually to the global marketeers’  financial institutions, again,  just like in Nazi Germany.


If MY+ people

who were called by My+ Name…


If Christians would LOVE their enemies and refuse to fight… loving JESUS more than these trumped-up “patriotic” causes… LIES created to serve the purposes of “The Robber Barons”…



If Christians would stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS and refuse to participate in helping the behind-the-scenes supply-lines and war-machine factories and refuse to  operate the killing machines themselves…


If Christians would, as one, refuse to live immoral lives and stop blessing ALL SORTS of immorality in their churches and groups… 


GOD WOULD INDEED ACT in their behalf …  for obedience to HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST moves the heart of GOD like nothing else.


If Christians would remove themselves from the pursuit of mammon and instead pursue The LORD GOD with all their time, energy, and resources to evangelize……


… perhaps the Jews and the sons of Ishmael would turn their hearts to JESUS in greater number… enough to make a difference.



If the Jews would stand for Righteousness as one man, they too, would be led unto all TRUTH+. If they TRULY sought the LORD Whom+ Abraham sought, they would join Abraham who “rejoiced to see His+ Day.”   



If the sons of Ishmael would recognize they stem from ABRAHAM, the common father of both Jews and Christians, they would REFUSE to go to war and slaughter the Jews and the Christians… and other sons of Ishmael.  


Instead, we see the Seed of Abraham at each other’s throats, being handily used as DUPES by the satan, to destroy each other. 



And what about the rich global marketeers ? 

Whose DUPES are they ?


There is NOT ONE OF THEM in this Western Civilization who has not heard about the Gospel of JESUS.


Like the masses, they are not pagans;

they are CHRIST-rejecters.


Each one of them has NOT followed JESUS’ example through the temptation, when the satan offered the kingdoms of this world to GOD’S SON+ if HE+ would fall down and worship him, the satan.


No, rather, being the BASEST OF MEN,  they fell for the satan’s lies. They agreed to serve mammon at all cost of human life and sacrifice.  Human life means NOTHING to these servants of satan.


These global marketeers have lifted THEMSELVES up as “gods” indeed and have received huge portions of the kingdoms of this world, being the BASEST of men


They have gathered around themselves their own courts, governments, and agencies of assassins in order to obtain these earthly kingdoms by any force needed. 


They gather to themselves lower-level henchmen and assassins — also hungry for mammon —  in order to maintain their global “control.”  They are “robber-barons”, in the words of Francis R. Connolly. 


In short, they TAKE what they want…

when they want…

how they want .


They strong-arm entire countries to yield their resources to them, robber-barons all … promising a carpet of gold, or else if refused, a carpet of bombs.


Mr. Connolly succinctly identified the ruthless globalists behind the destruction of the Seed of Abraham.


The video is called: OIL HAS DESTROYED US. The 14 minute video is well researched and is sickening to see what lies have been in place for a long time, masquerading as truth.

 ( Mr. Connolly’s  full video ( 3 hours long ) is linked on John Little’s page below the shorter clip. Warning: It is EXTREMELY sobering and  very disturbing. )


However, Mr. Connolly

missed the point.


The point of this all

is to destroy

 the Seed of Abraham.


He also missed the point when urging “revolution now.”  The satan is also TRYING to destroy the whole human race… and he does not care how it is done.


Both programmed wars AND “revolutions by the people” are just fine with the satan. As a matter of HISTORIC fact, the robber-barons finance BOTH sides of every killing conflict for profit, even revolutions. 


In other times, the satan will gladly destroy human flesh even through medicine and so called “health” programs and is doing it right now. 


At this point in history, we are  witnessing the attack and destruction of the reproduction of human beings… from abortion to same gender unions to the mingling of animal with human in “breeding” experiments behind closed doors of government-financed laboratories.


This has been done before:

Pre-Flood Atlantis tried it.


That is the satan’s agenda. To destroy man is the only way left for the satan to strike back at The LORD GOD / YHWH ELOHIM for casting him out of Heaven.



The satan’s ultimate desire is to eradicate ALL WITNESS to the LORD GOD / YHWH ELOHIM  from off the earth. Man, you see, was created to bear witness of the LORD to the visible and invisible of creation.


Man was created

in the likeness



The satan, however, wants man to bear his stamp and image.


Lowly man will one day, through the Messiah, YESHUA+ ha MOSHIACH, judge angels also, which is a bitter gall to the satan.


Thus we see the satan, for his own destructive purposes,  using those who REFUSE to submit to The LORD JESUS to try to hurt  GOD.



Yes, the Seed of Abraham — all three groups — know ENOUGH and have heard ENOUGH that every one of them can turn their hearts to JESUS instead of to the sword and “patriotic” causes trumped up by the global marketeers.


Because they refuse — en masse — to follow the Words of CHRIST, they are used as DUPES — en masse — of the global marketeers, over and over again.



And YES, the global marketeers know ENOUGH and have heard ENOUGH that each one of them could turn their own hearts to JESUS instead of to hollow skulls and dead bones, and the abominations that go along with that.


If they know enough to mock, then they know enough to TURN.


They erroneously think that their control of their vast money interests is going to last forever … just like they think they are!


The satan is delighted with this entire set-up.  It all might be avoided if the global marketeers would realize they are but men, also.


The satan controls ALL who do not follow JESUS above Self-interests, above mammon, above “patriotic” causes


These obscenely-wealthy global marketeers are DUPES of the satan also… just like the worker-bees they ruthlessly use, ravenously devour, and heartlessly dump into a mass grave when their usefulness is over.


The only way out is to TURN the hearts of the duped ones, high-born or worker-bees, to The LORD JESUS CHRIST before it is too late. 


Pick up your Bibles, not your guns.


Wave the standard of Righteousness,

instead of the red, white, & blue.


Work for the Kingdom of GOD,

not the kingdom of this world.


And WORK… for the night is coming when no man can work.  


We can NOW see that Night on the horizon.


The WAR is on between the Eternal Kingdom of Light and Life, and the kingdom of Death and Darkness. The Final Battle is approaching.


Be Prepared to Stand for the  SON+ of GOD, JESUS CHRIST our LORD. The satan and his slaves, the current crop of world controllers, ARE GOING TO BE DESTROYED and given to the “Burning Flame”. ( Daniel 7 : 11 )


Get your Armor on!  

Take it seriously.  The time is at hand.



 +  +  +

Flee, one and all, 

to the ONE true 

SEED+ of Abraham,



HE+ gives an open invitation to all kindreds, tongues, peoples, and nations to  come to HIM+, the Fount of Living Water,  to be cleansed from sin.

+  +  +  

The  night is far spent;

DAY  is close at hand.  

Hold onto JESUS;  

HE+ will hold on to you. 

+  +  + 




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5 replies

  1. Samson7able,

    Yes. I cannot believe what I am seeing in the world now. Sometimes I want to scream. Everything is going straight to Hell. The anti-God sentiment out there is astonishing. I always had visions of these times and knew it would be bad, but I must confess I didn’t realize how FAST everything would fall apart. The gender-identity/restroom controversy is an example. America has lost its soul. It’s all in free fall. Short of Christ’s Return, I don’t see what can save us. A national Revival? Where is it? Where is everyone? My heart is saddened. God help us.



    • Bill Morrison, brother, Hold fast! Our LORD+ is on the Way! HE+ forewarned us that times would be like this before HIS+ Return. We are seeing Prophecy fulfilled on a daily basis. We are the generation chosen to go through these end times.

      Let us “Pot on our LORD JESUS CHRIST” and stand firm in HIM+. All idols are going to come down and every lie will be uncovered for what it really is. HE+ is on the way! Let us stand firm and ” occupy until HE+ Appears.

      May The LORD+ Bless and Strengthen you Brother.


  2. I do not share your view that we Christians and Jews and on equal with Muslims in Gods eyes. Salvation is of the Jews. The oracles of God were given to the Jews. God still has a covenant with the Jews that will be fulfilled when he returns. The sons of Ishmael are against Gods people, we do not serve the same God as Muslims. While it is true that America ( and other countries )wage wars for profit, the Muslims wage war because they convert people by war. God is no respecter o persons and of course there will be Muslims saved, but it serves no purpose to try to convert them, only the Hy spirit can do that and the same can be said for and other Gentiles.
    I am a Zionist , and not a pacifist, if any man does not defend their own, he will answer to God for it. The church will not change culture, the bible says when Christ returns it will be as the days of Noah. God saves individuals, not masses as the celebrity preachers teach. Wars, rumors of wars will continue until Christ comes again. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


    • Dear S Goldman, I am in complete agreement with you that Salvation is of the Jews, and that muslims are NOT on a par spiritually, with the Jews and the Christians. ” In Isaac shall your seed be called”. I did not mean for it to sound that way. I meant to say that there was a seed of Ishmael long before the horrible lie and butchery of islam even existed. I was speaking about the seed of Abraham as whole, in a natural birth sense.

      No, Christians and Jews worship the ONE LORD GOD, YHWH ELOHIM of Armies, Who sent forth HIS only Begotten SON+ Y’SHUA+ ha MOSHIACH into the world to become Flesh for our sakes, to Redeem us from death and darkness and the power of sin in our lives. The thing called allah is a demon at least and is obviously satanic.

      I am not a pacifist either, but am an orthodox, Pre – Nicene Christian, and follower of The SON+ of GOD, and seek by the Power of The HOLY SPIRIT / RUACH ha KADOSH, to follow HIM+ as per the Example HE+ left us.

      As for defending my own, I seek to do that the same way the ancient Church, the Ecclesia, defended their own. A very old and large book called ” The Martyrs Mirror” will give examples of this if you are interested. I do not believe that the Christian Church should become an armed camp, ready to kill. That is only playing into the hands of satan, and will give his human slaves the excuse to slaughter us.

      That the “Basest of men” are in power is plain for all to see. What we are seeing is exactly what JESUS/YESHUA+ said would happen before HIS+ Return to take back the earth and to destroy the GROSS Darkness that is covering it at this present time

      May The LORD GOD of Israel clothe all of HIS Servants with HIS HOLY SPIRIT and Fire and strengthen us for the days that are ahead of us. May we overcome by “The Blood of the LAMB and the WORD of our Testimony and love not our lives unto death”.

      I hope I have rectified any misunderstanding. Peace+ to you S Goldman.



  1. BASEST of MEN Ruling the Earth….. Daniel 4 : 17 | Daily Bread

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