The COMING Kingdom of GOD


The Kingdom of GOD is on the way as our LORD+ has foretold.  The relatively short space of time getting THERE from where we are now will be a time of “Great Tribulation” as our LORD+ has also fore-warned us. “It is through much Tribulation that we enter The Kingdom of GOD”.  ( Acts 14 : 22 )

     The short video below starts at The Beginning of The Millennial Reign of CHRIST / MESSIAH on the earth.

The Resurrection of the Righteous Dead Ones, and The Catching Up of the remaining followers of MESSIAH that remain alive,  will have taken place already, and the Resurrected Saints will at that point have Glorified Bodies like unto their LORD’S+ Glorified Body and will be with HIM+ Forever and will Reign with HIM+ on the earth for The Thousand years, ( One Day !  The Total Day of the LORD+, beginning, middle, and ending.)

So the Scriptural subjects dealt with here are after the FIRST RESURRECTION. Bear that in mind as you watch. The Second Resurrection does NOT take place until the end of the Millennial Reign of MESSIAH+ upon the earth.  The second Resurrection will include ALL of the rest of the Adamic race who have died.


      This video covers briefly some major points of that 1000 Year Day.  It is well done and gives Scriptures continually all the way through, so that you may check the verses quoted if desired. As the video continues it will black out briefly as it shifts to the next topic. I thought it was good to post it for those who may not have seen this or something like it.


Of course, no man-made video can portray these events as they will actually be since our finite human minds can only stretch so far and then can go no further in our present state. But I did think that this was a good effort at presenting the main points.


    The Final White Throne Judgment is SOBERING to say the least.  The ONLY Important thing  in this life is to MAKE CERTAIN that one’s name is written in the LAMB’S Book of Life.


    Let everyone know that, ” Today is the Day of Salvation – NOW is the ACCEPTED TIME !”  Tomorrow is NOT promised to anyone.


  The GLORY that is coming is NOT WORTHY to be compared to this pathetic and temporal world and ALL of its worthless trinkets and endless “grind” to achieve NOTHING.


 Seek FIRST the Kingdom of GOD and HIS+ Righteousness.

  All else is empty and futile.

The “Night is far spent and The Day is at hand.

Let us lift up our heads, our Redemption draws near.


( It is good to watch the video in Full Screen if possible )


Courtesy of Armageddon watch

Amen! Come quickly Lord JESUS + + +

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5 replies

  1. It will be more than worth it to go through such a devastating time, to dwell in the light of the Lord for all eternity. There will be no more dealing with those who hate and dishonor the one we love and serve! Great article. (Revelation 21:21-27). God Bless and keep you Always in His care.


  2. Sobering to think about the lost…..but GLORY TO GOD! Even so, come Lord Jesus! My prayer, Have your lamps filled with oil for the time is at hand! Grab anyone you can from the entrance of Hell now, while there is still time!


  3. Amen Trish. May HIS+ Kingdom come and the darkness that covers the earth be destroyed by the Brightness of HIS+ Appearing.



  1. The COMING Kingdom of GOD | Daily Bread

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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