Pentecost 2016…..Does GOD Change HIS Mind?


Pentecost 2

Preparation for PENTECOST


The Glorious Ascension of our LORD’S risen and glorified earthly body  has occurred. In our remembrance of the occasion on the Christian calendar ( for western Christianity Orthodox or Eastern churches will observe the remembrance of His+ glorious Ascension on June 9 in 2016.)  

Now,  Ten Days later comes The Day of Pentecost, celebrating the outpouring of The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT on The Called-Out Disciples of MESSIAH, clothing them with Power from on High, sent forth from our LORD+ as HE+ Promised.   This Sunday the 15th of May, is Pentecost by the Western Church calendar. 



Preparing for Pentecost


HE+ shall Immerse you

into The HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE, Whose+ fan is in HIS+ Hand,

and HE+ will throughly

purge HIS+ floor….


Through the Blood of The LAMB+, and The FIRE of PENTECOST, Followers of JESUS are entered into the Royal Lineage, the Royal Priesthood.  The HOLY SPIRIT infuses the waters of Baptism, infusing His+ Followers with Himself+. A further Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT is also promised for further UNION WITH our HOLY LORD.  (Acts, 4 : 31 )  So even after the original Baptism and Gifting of The HOLY SPIRIT, there are further Anointings of The same SPIRIT for Disciples of MESSIAH+.


This is promised for each one of us… when we MEET the CONDITIONS.  However, many who have been filled with the HOLY SPIRIT are missing the mark. 

Will they RETAIN their position

in the Royal Lineage ? 

+  +  +

Let’s find out if THE LORD ever CHANGES HIS MIND ….




And I declare to him:  ( To  Eli )


I am judging his house forever, for the iniquity which he has known because his sons have been making themselves VILE… and he has NOT RESTRAINED them.


And therefore I have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli’s house shall NOT BE ATONED for by sacrifice or offering forever.


And, in  I Samuel 3:13, 14 ….


the GOD of Israel: 


I said indeed that your house should walk before MY Face forever.


But now YHWH declares,


Be it far from ME


For those who honor ME, I will honor, and those who despise ME shall be lightly esteemed.

I Samuel 2:30 ( Hebrew translation from Jay P. Green, Sr., Hebrew-English Interlinear )


+  +  +

The LORD cannot be tricked. 


HE REFUSES to go against His standard of Righteousness… just to avoid unrighteous man’s accusing finger pointing at HIM and saying,

” But YOU said I  could  [ … be in Heaven no matter how I lived ! ] “ 


Willful sin will come into Judgment. (Heb 10:26-27)

If sin is present REPENT and turn your back on it.


HE has told us, O Man, the things HE wants us to do. HE has told us, just like HE instructed His Ancient People, the Israelites, how HE+ wants us to live.


HE has TOLD US — by Word+ and EXAMPLE+ in CHRIST JESUS…..The MESSIAH — what KIND of WORSHIP is acceptable to HIM.



When we choose to IGNORE His instructions,

then HE is not obligated to keep

His part of the Covenant. 




Why is this so ?

Does not GOD keep His Promises to us forever ?




The problem lies with us: 


WE BREAK the Covenant with disobedience. WE  ignore “our part” of the covenant. 


When it goes on LONG ENOUGH …  The LORD divorces us. HE separates us from His Presence.  The Divine Husbandman knows well how to wield the pruning knife against the unruly, non-fruitful branches.  ( John 15:2 )



HE is the ONE WHO  does the removing

… removing us

from His Presence and His Promises.


In the case of the Priest Eli, The LORD separated Eli’s family from  coming before HIS Face forever !


Eli knew his grown sons were strong-arming the people bringing sacrifices.  Eli knew his grown sons were prostituting themselves with the women at the gate of the Tabernacle.


Yes, Eli voiced his disapproval… but he did NOT DO WHATEVER WAS NECESSARY  to remove the evil. Eli was not forceful in standing FOR GOD and AGAINST EVIL.


Why ?


Perhaps his sons would have killed him; they were the basest of men.


Perhaps his sons would have led a revolt; they likely had friends of the basest sort also.


Why would not Eli CORRECT his sons with the KIND OF CORRECTION that would have cleansed the evil from Israel’s midst ?


They were simply his sons, that’s why.


GOD conducts no “royalty line”

 like the world does;

flesh and blood cannot INHERIT

the Kingdom of GOD.


Thus, those who CHOOSE The LORD consistently choosing to follow JESUS in the face of our daily situations … are part of the True “Royalty Line” established by The LORD GOD HIMSELF.


Those Choosers become

“a kingdom of priests”

which serve our LORD.


The LORD is able to raise up STONES to worship HIM in righteousness.


Indeed, HE has predetermined that HE will  have a people, a people for possession, a royal priesthood,  a Holy Nation, to show forth the praises of HIM+ Who+ has called man out of darkness into His+ marvelous Light… the LIGHT+ of  HIS SON+ , our LORD JESUS CHRIST. ( 1 Peter 2 : 9 )


This is NOT a NEW message.  The LORD declared this to Eli through the mouth of the prophet , in 1 Samuel 2:35:


Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind.  I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before the face of My MOSHIYACH+.


GOD’S message has

not changed.


+  +  +


Take HEED, O Man,

who calls yourself by My+ Name.


You think you are priests and you claim My+ Words as your promise.


I am NOT OBLIGED to bless disobedience.


I am NOT OBLIGED to be with you if you refuse to walk with ME+ … and that entails, walking honestly and whole-heartedly in the Truth I+ have set before you.

I do NOT WALK in darkness, but in The Light+. 


I will judge you as surely as I judged Eli.


There is no royal priesthood

apart from obedience to ME+.


Take My+ Words seriously.

Take them earnestly and eat them up.


Do exactly what My+ words say to do. Do not change them to suit your convenience or to avoid being hated.  The worldly ones have always hated My+ Words.


If you ignore them, I will ignore you.

If you cast them to the side,

I will cast you to the side.


HEED My+ call.


Cast away your guns and gold.


If you fall away, I+ will cut you off.

  If you adhere to ME+,

I+ will adhere to you.


It is TOTALLY your choice;

I+ am not changing My+ Words. 


I+ Desire all to be saved,

but I+ will NOT choose for you.





Thus saith The LORD.








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4 replies

  1. Guns and gold may come in handy, I will let God guide me in the evil days unfolding


    • They who take the sword ( i.e., guns ) shall DIE by the sword. JESUS said, ” Put AWAY your sword; if My+ Kingdom were of this world… THEN WOULD MY SERVANTS FIGHT.” Our “fight” , you see, is to fight the GOOD FIGHT of Faith.

      Gold and silver will be thrown to the bats and the moles, as people hide themselves from the wrath of GOD. Of what help is gold ? JESUS said, “Lay up YOUR treasures in Heaven…. Pick up the cross and FOLLOW ME.”

      Guns and Gold are going to help NO ONE in the days that are ahead. Many professing Christians are going to find that out the hard way.

      How can GOD guide you if you have already set your will against HIS+ Will, as is written in The Word+ of GOD ?

      Cheap grace and easy believism are coming under Judgment also. Make your “calling and election sure” and certain.


  2. Amen. Thank you for this teaching.



  1. Pentecost 2016…..Does GOD Change HIS Mind? | Daily Bread

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