Save Saeed! Pastor Saeed Abidini Asks Us To Become Comforters Not Attackers


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You might wonder why I have titled this Save Saeed when he is at home safe right?  Well he is not safe, he is persecuted by Christians right here in America.  This brother has done nothing but reach out to the Body Of Christ and ask for compassion, love and prayers for healing and he is met with only hatred and vitriol.  I as an intercessor for him have been met also with hatred, I have also been called names by Christians for attempting to support him in love and prayer as he asks and as Jesus commanded us to do.  I will not remain silent when injustice is being meted out against a brother, even if it’s Christians meting out the persecution.  This brother is a victim of the very abuse they accuse him of.  This is outrageous.

I recently wrote about Saeed Abidini and the hatred and attacks he is receiving from so called Christians.  It’s been absolutely mind boggling the hatred that Christians have shown this man, and it’s much worse than I had ever imagined.  There are whole websites and church blogs dedicated only to attacking him, and ruining his life and reputation.  And that’s the truth.  I was completely and utterly shocked to find this.  There are those who say they have the facts, they know the truth, they say he is a wolf and even call him the Anti-christ.  They call anyone who supports him disillusioned, confused, and the name calling goes on and on.  He recently spoke at a womens Bible Study group in Arizona and one commenter told him it was so bad to see him there, seeking adoration from women.  This comment has since been deleted but that’s what was said.  It made me ill.  It makes me ill to see Christians who are commanded to love one another treat each other in this manner.  There is even one site that calls itself a Christian counseling site that say’s God’s grace isn’t for everyone.  Hello?!  You can’t make this stuff up.  It’s clear to see the Spirit of Jezebel alive and well in not only the church but the world and this man’s life.  He needs our prayers.  No one deserves what he is enduring.  Again, contact him and tell him your praying for him and his family.  Here is his latest facebook post:

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Last week I got a message from some people who called me a wolf and an Anti christ. I don’t blame them because of the false accusations they have read about me. Their pain in these accusations must be a common problem in their life. We get most upset about problems that exist in our own heart.
I see them as people who are hurt, and they show their hurt by attacking others.
This is true when you see pain in others and you have experienced the same pain. It becomes more painful to you and you want to shout and yell. Normally this response is because of wrong judgment. You can’t see very well because your pain and the way you see things are foggy. Our judgement is always filtered by our own experience.

What should we do?
If in any situation we can form a habit of seeing Jesus in others, it will give comfort. Then we can become comforters.
Can we be like Jesus to our brothers and sisters? Or do we leave Jesus out when these things happen?
It depends on how you see and how you think before you respond.
When you don’t have enough information about another’s life and you just hear things it is easy to form a judgement. Acting out on that causes you to become an attacker instead of a comforter.
Being an attacker is a choice. Remember the same can happen to you.
Make a decision if you want to attack or comfort today.

Saeed Abedini
Exclusive Director at Saeed Ministries, Inc.
(Non-profit, Non-denominational, Christian Ministries).
Awakening Christians, Reaching Muslims.
Preaching the Whole Gospel to the whole World.

PO. Box 8207
Boise, Idaho, USA, 83707

What is wrong with people?  I agree with Saeed, people are hurt and instead of giving their pain to God and forgiving as we are commanded to do, they become hate filled and bitter and lash out at others using them as scapegoats.  Until these people forgive and trust God their lives will be filled with hate, strife and bitterness.  I know, I was in this position at one time.  Peace only comes from God.  God avenges not man.  If you have been wronged trust God to take care of it.  These people’s faith must be less than a speck, if they can’t trust God to handle a situation, and instead they are going to meet out justice, not wait on God.  And to base a judgement on false allegations is one of the things God hates.  The mob mentality is a very dangerous thing, and satan loves to whip the weak into a frenzy to carry out his will.  Let’s remember the 7 things God hates.  As Pastor Saeed say’s pray before you speak, your words will be judged one day by God.  I am praying for God to heal, and expose those who only want to cause strife and division.  I am praying for God to give peace to our brother.  Will you join me?  These wicked voices are converging on all websites that give Saeed a voice and spewing vitriol like you have never seen.  I am asking them, think and pray before you judge, think and pray before you attack, you can comfort instead.  Offer pray instead of hatred, offer love instead of accusations.  Jesus showed love in all He did.  He showed love to the Samaritan woman at the well, He showed love to the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery, he showed love to all.  He showed grace to all.  What is wrong with Christians today?  No faith.  No trusting in God.  Only hatred and bitterness.  “Be a comforter not an attacker.”

things god hates

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  1. It’s very sad and scriptures say that the love of many will wax cold and we are seeing this happen.


  2. This is so very grievous for this dear brother who has been through so much, only to come home and be viciously attacked by a spiritually warped and traitorous religious system in America that is bound for the Judgment Crucible!

    It means nothing to the American “church” to break the Commandments of CHRIST against this brother, since they are so accustomed to breaking HIS+ Words in their everyday life and in everything else. They have NO CONVICTION of SIN! They no longer know what Truth is! Lies and gossip are what they feed on, preferring that instead of Truth.

    May The LORD GOD help our Brother Saeed and heal his wounded heart, and defend him from the lies that are being hurled at him by those who should be loving him.



  1. Save Saeed! Pastor Saeed Abidini Asks Us To Become Comforters Not Attackers | Daily Bread

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