IF…..MY+ People Would Indeed Humble Themselves……


The time has come to be Single of Eye

and NOT to Diversify.


Are we followers of MESSIAH+, or are we NOT?


Are we of this world, or are we as our LORD+ and NOT of this world?  ( Revelation 17 )


Are our affections set on things above,

or is it this world that we still love?

Do we want the LORD+ to do our bidding,

or do WE OBEY HIS+ Voice

Who are we kidding?


The Apostles have taught and walked

and cried, then they died.

Do we take them seriously,

or do we set them aside?


My pastor says, “We are now under Grace,”

and can live as we want.

We can now ignore

those things JESUS taught!


We are now under Grace, 

this is a Plus,

but MESSIAH+ will NOT be

HIS+ Own Disciple for us!


We are called to Discipleship,

and to take up our  Cross. 

Of all we do, out of Love for HIM+,

nothing will be lost.


Have we died with HIM+ and Risen again?

Is there New Life in us,

or do we pretend;

do we still practice sin?


The final Battle draws close

and it’s getting very NEAR. 

The arena is in sight and

we can hear the crowds cheer.


The time is here for singleness of eye.

Be focused on ONE THING+ ;

all else is a lie.


If MY+ People who use my+ Name,

would REALLY humble themselves

and take their stand,

then I+ will hear

and save them for MYSELF+,

Though the nation goes down.


But Separation in the heart from Babylon’s lusts,

is necessary for MY+ Children,

for I+ AM bringing Babylon

to the dust.


Babylon comes down

for the righteousness it lacks; 

remember Lot’s wife,

and do not look back.


Look ahead to that City

which comes down from above, 

Where HE+ will be,

with all our TRUE Family that we love.


The former things will not be remembered,

nor come into mind.

New Heavens and New Earth

with Glory sublime.


But above all of this, 

in the Heart of this place,

we will be forever with HIM+

and behold HIS+ Precious Face.


HE+ Who loved us and laid down HIS+ Life,

that we  could be with HIM+ Eternally,

HIS+ Bride, The LAMB’S Wife.


Let us sow to the Spirit and

NOT to the Flesh at all, 

laying hold on Eternal Life,

to which we have been called.



This life is VERY SHORT.

Eternity is VERY LONG.

Choose well and end

the Fight of Faith, Strong.


Those who Overcome shall inherit all things,

and I+ will be Their GOD

and they shall be MY+ Children.


I+ AM  Alpha and Omega, 

the Beginning and Ending, 

the First and Last

says The LORD+.



from FATHER’S Right Hand,

and Take Back This Earth,

and destroy the darkness

that is upon it at this time.


Amen + + +









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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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