The Millennial Temple of Ezekiel, The Coming Throne of Messiah

Ezekiel Temple Fire

In the book of the prophet Ezekiel, there is a picture painted, a divine blueprint given, of the Future Temple complex of the Millennial Reign of The MESSIAH on the earth for one thousand years.  The MESSIAH+ will be The Builder of this Temple, and will sit upon The Throne of HIS+ Glory.        ( see  Zechariah 6 : 12 -13 )



[A note of explanation:   This MESSIANIC Temple is not to be confused with a temple that some groups of men are wanting to build by their own means and finances, and which may be involved in end time prophetic events.  The Temple of Ezekiel’s prophetic vision is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY different and separate from ANY man made temple effort. This Temple is constructed after MESSIAH’S+ Return to the earth.]



This will proceed after the Resurrection of the Righteous dead ones and the catching up of those Living Righteous ones who remain on the earth.  These will then have glorified Eternal Bodies, like unto The ONE+ Whom+ they have followed and obeyed while they lived on the earth. They will Reign with MESSIAH+ according to the assignment that HE+ shall give unto them.


From this Temple complex at Jerusalem the LORD MESSIAH will Reign over the whole earth.  The Throne of HIS+ Glory will be in The Holy of Holies , the Place of the Soles of HIS+ Feet, ( See Ezekiel 43:7 ), the Feet with the nail scars of our Salvation and our Deliverance from the “father of lies”who held the human race captive until our Mighty LORD+ Broke satan’s grip and broke his back from HIS+ Cross of our Redemption.


Over this Millennial Temple complex and all of rebuilt Jerusalem and over all of their assemblies, there will be a Canopy of a Supernatural Cloud by Day and a Canopy  of a shining of a Flaming Fire by night.  For over the whole  area there will be the Constant Presence of The LORD YHWH Adonai +. Isaiah 4.


As the Pillar of Fire went with, before and behind the Children of Israel in the wilderness, so it will be here in a Greater Way.   ( See Isaiah 4 )


From the Throne of HIS+ Glory The LORD MESSIAH+ will restore the earth from the destruction caused by the satanic forces in the rebellion against The LORD GOD.  HE+ will cause the “desert to blossom as the rose” and the earth to produce its fruits in Great Abundance to feed all of those left of the nations.


The nations must come up to Jerusalem each year for a Retrospective Sacrifice that will be a Memorial of That One Great Sacrifice that took place on Calvary. 


When YHWH Adonai, The Eternal Word+, became flesh for our sake, HE+ was nailed to The Cross as The Passover Lamb of GOD to take away the sins of ALL who would come to HIM+ in Repentance and Truth.


For those nations which refuse to come up to the Memorial Sacrifice at Jerusalem each year, that land will have no rain. 

Remember: the liar satan is bound in chains in the abyss during this time, and  MESSIAH+ Reigns with a Rod of Iron over the earth, HIS+ Resurrected Ones Reigning with HIM+. Zechariah 14: 17-18


Ezekiel 2

The people remaining of the nations must again be trained in the standards of Right and Wrong and instructed in what is expected from them, as they are allowed to partake of the blessings of The MESSIAH’S Reign on the earth.




They will be mortal human beings, who will bring forth children and also be able to die, although life expectancy will be increased Greatly, so much that if someone dies at 100 years, people will say, ” Oh, they died so young!”


The Resurrected Saints will be Reigning with their LORD MESSIAH+ and are unable to die ever again, but are in an Eternal state with their Risen LORD+. 


The assignments of Reigning with HIM+ are given to the Risen Saints according as the LORD MESSIAH+ has seen right, as it is written, ” Behold I+ come, and MY+ reward is with ME+, to give to every man according as his works shall be.”


There is much more that could be said about this Great event and perhaps more should be written.


This event is on the way!

It is headed right toward us.


The period leading up to its fulfillment is going to be difficult for the Saints of GOD. As our LORD JESUS was treated on this earth, so we will be treated.  If the world hates HIM+,  they will hate us also, if we are walking closely with HIM+ and NOT compromising.



As the pattern is laid down by our LORD+ before us: First there is the persecution, the rejection, then the betrayal ( with the Judas church’ eagerly joining in to betray the Followers of JESUS ). 



Then there will be the “killing / crucifying” of the Remnant Church, those who are really following and obeying The LORD JESUS CHRIST.



After that,  there will be the First Resurrection and the ascending to meet HIM+ in the air, and so we will EVER BE WITH OUR LORD+, never to be separated from HIM+



This is the pattern. May GOD help us to Endure unto the end ( really the beginning for The LORD’S+ Children ! ),  and to overcome all things through The Blood of The LAMB+ and The Word of our testimony.


The Testimony of JESUS+

is The Spirit of Prophecy.

Rev. 19 : 10


Heavenly FATHER, help us to fix our eyes and our hearts on this great event, on your coming Kingdom and Your Beloved SON+ Reigning on the earth.


Help us to see the darkness and death being destroyed by The Glory and Brightness of HIS+ most Holy appearing, coming from Your Right Hand in Flaming Fire taking Vengeance upon the forces of satan.


Help us, Holy FATHER, to honor your Beloved SON+ with our whole life and delight to keep HIS+ Words, following HIM+ in the Strait and Narrow Way that leads unto Life Eternal with you.


In HIS+ Precious and most Holy Name we ask this.


Amen + + +

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4 replies

  1. Finally a writing of truth! How many think there will be a visual temple built. This article is spot on of the spiritual temple of the people of GOD will be gathered at with a cloud by day and flaming fire by night, just as it was with Moses as you say. God Bless You for this excellent writing!


    • Thank you Julia.

      I was speaking here of that Millennial Temple, of which the blueprint is laid out by the Angelic Messenger to Ezekiel in the last chapters of that prophetic book.

      Of course, at that time, the Spiritual Temple of Living Stones, the Saints of The LORD+, will have been Resurrected and will be Reigning with The HIM+ upon the earth as Revelation 5:10 states.

      That Millennial Temple which the Angel showed Ezekiel will be an actual Temple for the mortal humans that remain on the earth from the nations which rebelled, who must come up to Jerusalem each year .

      The New Jerusalem which comes down from GOD out of Heaven will be the Eternal Dwelling of the RESURRECTED Saints who are Reigning with our Mighty Savior on the Restored earth for the Thousand year ” Day of The LORD+” period before the Final White Throne Judgment and the New Heavens and New Earth are formed.

      I hope this clarifies anything I may have left out. Bless you dear Sister. Bless you, and thank you again for you kind comment.



  1. The Millennial Temple ot Ezekiel, The Coming Throne of Messiah | Daily Bread

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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