What Happened To Save Saeed? Where Is He Now? Why Do America’s Christians Attack Those Who Are Suffering?


Saeed: 1 Chronicles 21:13

And David said to God, “I am in great distress.  Please let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great; but do not let me fall into the hand of man.”

In my last 36 years of my life, once, I met Jesus Christ Lord and savior face to face and He told me: “I am coming back soon go to preach the Gospel, and I did until today in any circumstances.  And once, I heard Satan’s voice clearly and he told me:  I will destroy your face (reputation) and just hours after that I went to jail for one night because of someone’s false report, nine years ago.  But still today, I believe God is in control and He is the only true and just judge for ever who never make any mistake and I am so content and happy that he will be my judge forever until eternity and I say as David said:  Please let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great!

That was Saeed Abidini’s post today on Facebook.  He has been through hell and back in Iran, and America.  Yes you read that right, America also.  Last weekend, Saeed’s sister Zeebandeh Abidini asked for prayers for him and his daughter.

Saeed’s daughter is suffering from anxiety attacks and was placed on medication, and Saeed was admitted to the Emergency Room suffering sever chest pains.  He is still facing more tests and visits to his cardiologist.

Saeed’s sister has been caring for him since his return from Iran.  She has been a constant at his side.  Today she posted on his facebook post that she would stand shoulder to shoulder with him through this crises.

He told CBN that he and his wife are still separated, and she had filed a restraining order against him.  If you know what this is, it would most likely affect his visits with his children.  As most restraining orders will not allow you to be within feet of the residence.  Saeed told them. as he has on his facebook page. that he never abused Naghmeh and he regards her and their children as heroes for working to free him.

But her followers have made it their mission to destroy Saeed.  And if you remember the reports that came out before his release, she said “I sent a prayer request to a few of my supporters.”  Her supporters.  This has become a game to some.

He was broken hearted as his dream of returning home quickly turned upside down.  He said he was going to relax, and get time to rest, but that didn’t happen.  “The news, the false accusations-today I can’t feel my freedom yet; it was just like coming out of a prison to another prison.”

You could not even begin to believe the hatred, & bullying he is facing on his facebook page.  It literally makes me cry at times.  People say things like “your not fit to be a minister”, to “your worshiping your ministry and that’s an idol”,  they tell him to leave his ministry, they tell him to repent.  And that’s the mild comments.  You can read his interview with CBN here.

He posts beautiful Bible Studies.  He poured his heart out in this interview, and the hatred shown him through social media was astronomical.  “Don’t read this guy he is a false teacher”, and others accusing him of lying.  As Saeed say’s satan wishes to destroy him, he IS the DESTROYER.   That’s what he does.  Regardless, this brother has been persecuted for his faith, are we to let him be devoured?  We prayed together for the deliverance of this man, we came together as never before, we actually made a difference with our voices.  Our voices to the Throne, and with Government.  Obama actually had to listen as we pushed, and we pushed hard.  We made so much noise they had to act or go deaf.  Send him an email, or a message on facebook, to let him know that you are still praying for his deliverance we have not forgotten!  I don’t know how all this in his marriage will work out, God has a plan to heal Saeed and his family.  Encourage his family, hold them up in prayer.  Saeed has done nothing wrong.  Why do Christians eat their own?  They are not true Christians.  Simple.  Spread hatred in the name of love? Really?  Most hate comments start out by saying, “I’m doing this in love”, and then the hatred begins.  This love is not from Christ, it is from satan, and at times you can actually feel Satan’s presence in the haters of Saeed.

Pray for him, pray for his family.  The stress that this type of hatred causes actually causes physical illness.  It destroys just as satan destroys.

And Cyberbullying is illegal in most states.  Idaho is one of the few states that has this law.  So not only are these people breaking God’s commands but they are breaking the law of the land.  So my big question is why do Christians attack their wounded?  Why do they enjoy these attacks of hatred.  Why does the Body of Christ have so much hatred in them?  This is not of Christ, and if your pastor is telling you that it’s ok to go to a social media page relentlessly  and shame someone;  and that bullying, and destroying reputations is of Christ RUN!  This is an example of a False Teacher.   I will continue to defend this brother, as God leads me, I will continue to intercede in his behalf.  No one deserves what he is enduring at the hands of “so called Christians.”

You can send letters to him at :

Saeed Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 8207 Boise, Idaho, 83707

He is also on Facebook as Saeed Abidini.  Some of the other pages are not his, but this one is: https://www.facebook.com/PastorSaeedAbedini

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7 replies

  1. I am praying for Pastor. People can be cruel. They SHOULD be praying for them and saying words of encouragement. Where is their liove? What about the Fruits of the Spirit! ? Love u Brother


  2. He said, she said and God is the only true witness. ALL of the public discussion needs to stop and the marital division needs to be resolved privately. We should continue to pray for them but mind our own business.


  3. The love of Christ has surely departed from some churches. When you see someone who does not extend the fruit of the Spirit run fast! Galatians 5:22-23. They either have lost their way or never found the way in the first place. God help them. It is our job to extend the fruit to others.


  4. It is saddening that people who call themselves Christians would be so quick to spew. These people do not know him or his family. If truly there was abuse then yes stepping down as a minister would be an appropriate request. Howevere since we do not k ow him or his family the correct response would be to pray for him and his family. Praying for the whole situation.


  5. This is almost unbelievable! The American church system is broken seriously, and it would seem from what is taking place that The Spirit of GOD has departed from it. There is no way that these cruel and vicious actions could be interpreted as from our LORD+.

    May The LORD our GOD protect this Brother from the lying Judas spirit that is controlling those close to him and the FALSE church system that is persecuting him and being followers of a “personality cult”.

    Can we see why corrective Judgment MUST come to the REPROBATE American “church” system? There is NO WAY these actions can be construes as Christian actions!

    May GOD help our Brother who is being shamfully mistreated.



  1. What Happened To Save Saeed? Where Is He Now? Why Do America’s Christians Attack Those Who Are Suffering? | Daily Bread

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