Scientists Have Proven Life Begins At Conception


This gives new meaning to God’s word to Jeremiah!
“Before I created you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I set you apart; I made you a prophet to the nations.”

Scientists at one university in Chicago have released video of as they say “the moment life begins”! They have video of the moment an egg is fertilized and it shoots off a brilliant white light!  It’s magnificent.  It’s God’s design, it’s God giving life.  More
And yet pro-abortionists still say life does not begin at conception!  Obama and Clinton and planned parenthood should be so ashamed, yet they continue to deny life at it’s beginning.  Holding on to the murder they perpetrate, even when science has proved them wrong!

Of course these same scientists that are in AWE of God’s handiwork are already starting their work to use this as a tool of creating the perfect human much as Hitler’s aspirations.  They say the brighter the flash at conception the healthier the child.  They are attempting to alter God’s design.
A people full of sin and darkness, using the creator’s design for evil.  Satan has been very busy.  Worshiping created things rather than the creator.  They exchanged the truth for a lie! Romans 1:25
Millions of abortions have been performed in this country alone, thousands of late term abortions, and even the selling of body parts of aborted babies.



They are in essence still worshiping Molech.  Still sacrificing babies as Satan whispers again in the ear of woman.
We see the push for changing God’s design also in the transgender manifestation.  We see over and over how they say.  “God made a mistake”.
A Calvary Baptist Church in Washington D.C.  was the latest to follow the Lutheran’s by ordaining a transgender female as their Pastor.  He used to be a man and has quite the credentials but he too said God made a mistake, even going so far as to say the Bible is wrong on transgender and homosexuality.  HELLO! THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD IS NOT WRONG!  Man is wrong and his heart is evil. The LGBT movement is not about acceptance it’s about destroying God’s creation and Christianity.   It’s about destroying the innocence of children, it’s about forcing society as a whole to accept their bizarre behavior even allowing them to enter a bathroom that they ” identify” with.”. Its about a few forcing many to abandon their belief or face punishment.  And it’s backed by our President.  Even pushed by him.

The Body of Christ has for the most part fallen away.  And if they are not chasing after sexual immorality they are chasing after things of the world.  Is it any wonder Jesus revealed to John in Revelation that he was about to spit the church out of His mouth?  Judgement has begun and I believe He is sifting the wheat from the tares are you ready for the ensuing tribulation?

Editors note: (I want to say as I always do when reporting on Abortion.  If you have had this God can and will forgive a repentant heart.  He can heal your pain.  You must forgive yourself also.  If you are considering an Abortion I urge and plead with you to consider an alternative.)

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  1. Thank you for this post! The Light flashes! This may be a sign of the true Light that lightens every human being that comes into the world! A small unseen Light, but Light non-the less.

    The LORD+ is gathering OUT of HIS+ Kingdom ALL THINGS THAT OFFEND. It is NOT going to be a pleasant time, and The LORD+ cannot be deceived with any “religiosity”. If the Blood is not there, and the walk is not REAL, if the heart is false, that one will be pruned OFF of The VINE+ of Life and gathered into bundles to be cast into the fire.

    Swift Repentance is urged.

    Let us stand strong in our LORD+.


  2. Awesome! Thanks for posting. No coincidence that “Light” flashes.


  3. Quote: “We see over and over how they say. “God made a mistake”.

    Yes I have come across myself from someone I was boarding with who calls himself a Christian. I quietly informed him that if he did not believe the word of God as it stands then he might as well throw the book away and stop going to his church.

    Told him he cannot pick and choose what he believes in the word of God or take something out of context and twist it to suit his chosen lifestyle.

    He also tried to tell two of us one night that King David and Jonathan were homosexuals because of the love Jonathan had for David.

    Not only are these people deluded but those who go to a christian church use it to prey on others and try and turn them from the absolute truth of God in these places. I know because I watched this man do exactly that, prey on younger men in the church his was going to. When it did not work he went out secretly into the world and found like minded younger men to be with and bought them home.

    He eventually asked me to leave his house on a pretext and find somewhere else to live, which I have done, though temporary because he knew, I knew what he was doing.

    It is so sad really for the Lord showed me a lot about this man so I knew how to pray for him, BUT, he chooses to continue to walk in this lifestyle and that is all this is, a chosen lifestyle built on the lust of the flesh.



  1. Scientists Have Proven Life Begins At Conception | Daily Bread

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