Why Do The Nations Rage ?

 Temple Mount

Why  ? 



The Palestinian authority has postponed its latest request for a U.N. resolution to push Israel to stop building homes on Israel’s own territory, the Jerusalem Post reported on Friday, April 22, 2016.



France is putting forth a plan for the dividing up of Israel and Jerusalem, but is now calling for a “peace” conference in Geneva in May to discuss this issue.


 Oddly,  Neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority are invited to that conference… to divide up Israeli land.




Meanwhile, UNESCO has renamed the Western Wall – The Wailing Wall– “The Al-Buraq Plaza,” IGNORING the Jewish claim to the site of its two historic Temples.




UNESCO is calling Israel “the occupying power,” and blaming “Israel aggression”  for violence at the site.



This statement was made despite  HISTORIC facts.

RECALL: that the war of 1967 to annihilate Israel was begun by the United Arab Republic ( i.e., Egypt) and Jordan and Syriawho were miraculously defeated IN SIX DAYS by the small Israeli Army and Air Force as the Arabs were amassing troops on the Israeli border … to attack Israel.

Hence, the Israelis captured the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria in this 6-Day war of 1967 … which Israel did not want nor start

( And while  noting HISTORICAL FACTS, please take note that “Palestinians” were NOT a distinct people group and owned NO part of the Holy Land in 1967, just a few  decades ago.  So… who is “occupying” the West Bank and Gaza Strip now, pray tell ? ) 

Had those Arab nations been satisfied with their portion, Israel would be much smaller … and harder to defend … today.

In the recent, one-sided, UNESCO announcement, it made no mention of the muslim rioters and their violence against innocent Jews and Christians who come near the Temple Mount simply to pray at the Wailing Wall.


( Reports from http://unitycoalitionforisrael.org and 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, Wikipedia)

+ + + + + + +

PSALM 2:1-4


 …do the nations rage,

and the people imagine

a vain thing ?


The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD YHWH, and against HIS MASHIYACH+, saying,


“Let us break Their bands asunder, and cast away Their cords from us.”

HE that sits in the Heavens shall laugh:


the LORD ADONAI+ shall have them in derision. 

+  +  +

Why are they at it again ?

Why are the nations  DETERMINED to annihilate the Seed of the Whole House of Israel ?  ( both the Natural and the Grafted IN Branches )

Why are the nations so stupid ?

… or rather, so dull of wit ?


Who has drugged them,

and made their senses so very dull ?

+  +  +

JOEL 3:4

Yea, and what have you to do with ME,

O Tyre, and Zidon,

and all

the coasts of Palestine?

Will ye render ME a recompense?

and if ye recompense ME,


swiftly and speedily

will I+ return your recompense

upon your own head;

+  +  +

Take heed, you nations that foam at the mouth, that speak great swelling words at My+ Expense.


Your recompense is coming soon.


A recompense like Pharaoh’s indisputable recompense.

Pharaoh would not turn from his satanic desire to destroy My+ Servants…

even though HE KNEW they were MINE+,

not his.


Even though Pharaoh clearly KNEW I+ was defending My+ People… at his expense.


Even though Pharaoh clearly saw My+ Hand of Power and Might… at his expense.

Even though Pharaoh clearly heard his counselors (Exodus 8:19) tell him he could not win against GOD ALMIGHTY, Pharaoh plunged forward in hatred … at his own expense.


So I allowed Pharaoh to have his own will and hardened his heart in his own choice.


Pharaoh’s own arrogance destroyed him …

… despoiled his land’s enormous riches…

… vanquished his nation’s invincible army

… and afflicted all his own people.

Beware: I+ have spoken THROUGH-OUT THE AGES to you haters of the Seed of the Whole House of Israel. If you choose to retain your hatred, you will receive the recompense planned.


It is not because of their righteousness that Israel is not destroyed, but rather…..

…because ISRAEL is MINE+. 


You … and the 10 kings directing your path, and the unclean ones directing them,

 … cannot have what is MINE+.

+  +  +

HE+ Who+ Watches Over Israel,

neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Psalm 121:4

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9 replies

    …..If you choose Jesus you choose life and eternity forever with Him
    but if you don’t you choose Satan and He is your leader…
    So sorry …. Im a sinner saved by grace alone 🙂


    • Bless you! I saw the mistake and was trying to decide HOW to let you know about it! I did not think that you meant what it said, but that it was a typo.
      Every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, to the Glory of GOD the FATHER! Amen!
      Thank you for your correction, and thank The LORD+ for making you aware of it. Peace to you.


  2. Im not understanding …. why is FRANCE doing this??
    I was very blessed to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked
    Very humbling….. very exciting times we are in
    Up on the Temple Mount where the gold dome is … the Muslim Mosque inside is the Dome of the Rock CHRISTIANS and JEWS believe Father Abraham offered up ISAAC ,there
    however, the MUSLIMS believe Abraham offered up ISHMAEL -Abrahams other son with the handmaiden
    all this going on goes back to that time a jealousy and a hatred going all the way back to that time
    We cannot end all this going on …. only God can put an end to this!!!!
    God is still on the throne and this is exactly how it is suppose to be
    Christians can have peace!!!
    For the Unbeliever it is not too late…. but oneday it will be
    If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior
    He loves you and wants you to accept Him as your Savior … it is a free gift
    If you choose Jesus that means you choose Satan and that means you will spend eternity with your leader in hell!!!!
    God does not send us to hell….. we choose to go their all on our own!
    GOD bless you !!! John 3 16


  3. Yes brother thanks for this great post. They have even denied the very existence of a Jewish Temple. Spreading this propaganda is an abomination in itself, by those wishing to destroy Israel. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


    • Amen Sister, We are seeing the nations push at Israel and bow to the lie of islam because it suits their purpose, their “agenda”.

      The LORD+ will strip bare the LIES of the nations and break them in pieces like the potters vessel. The plan is to wipe out the Whole House of Israel, both Natural and Grafted In Branches, but HE+ Who sits in the Heavens shall Laugh at them! YHWH ADONAI+ shall have them in Derision.

      Let us Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


  4. As true believers we know the Truth. About the Jewish remnant, about Israel, about Jerusalem…because the Truth lives in us forever by the Holy Spirit of Messiah. All who love the Truth stand by Jewish Israel.
    All others are gripped by Lucifer and belong to the prince of darkness.


    • Amen Gary. I pray that The LORD YHWH protect and keep the Whole House of Israel, both the Natural Branches and The Grafted In Branches as well, and that we stand together in HIS+ Truth as One New Man. Thank you Brother for your comment.


  5. Thank you for sharing.



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