DEATH THROES of the kingdom of evil



The Battle Is Won; 

the Victory Is Certain; 

We Are

Watching the Death Throes of the Evil one 

and his fallen angels.


Judgment has ALREADY been given to The Christian Saints.

( Daniel 7:22)


RIGHT NOW … we are seeing the death throes of the creatures of evil.


Like a flailing octopus angry at dying, these evil creatures are  grabbing and grasping ANYONE they can “reach” to take with them into the “everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matthew 25:41


They do this through the medium of LIES.


Thus, LIES are permeating every facet of society. 

There are LIES in the educational programs, LIES in the medical systems, LIES in the financial world ( big, puffy LIES ), LIES running the governing bodies of the world, and worst of all — LIES in the religious systems. 


And all of these LIES are promoted by man.  Adamic, un-regenerated men who fall for the LIES of the fallen angels. 

No man is FORCED to accept these lies and illusions, but of man’s own free will, the LIES are received.


Un-regenerated men turn willingly to these LIES… because their hearts are NOT turned to TRUTH. Men who have both knowingly an UN-knowingly given themselves to these evil, LIE-clad systems …  CLOAK themselves as doing “good.”


Furthermore, as the evil creatures come closer to the Eternal Pit, they become more frantic and more demanding. 


Their human counterparts start screeching at the top of their lungs, world-wide.


Martial law — and every other kind of “law” — is established for those who have escaped the grab of the evil octopus.   That is handy.  It makes those Christians who do NOT ascribe to the LIES of the fallen watchers , “law-breakers.”


As such, then, they can “legally” be prosecuted, persecuted at will with no protection, and removed from the face of the earth. And the whole world will say, ” Good Riddance !”


TRUTH, you see, is the antithesis, the enemy of LIES. TRUTH, you see, is the only thing which stands in the way of LIES taking over the earth.


Now understand this. These LIES are promoted to do only ONE THING:  to destroy man, GOD’s highest creation.


This is satan’s revenge — his futile “getting even” with The ELOHIM — for GOD thwarting his rebellion in the Heavenlies eons ago. 


The LIE is, of course, that “LIES” are beneficial  … at least for the elite who are running the world’s systems.


Alas, they are blinded slaves themselves !  These human controllers are the basest of men and women. They are wooden puppets on a string; they can ONLY move as they are bidden by the fallen angels. They have no power whatsoever AGAINST EVIL. As a matter of fact, they have NO POWER AT ALL, in and of themselves. ( But they do not know it. )


Because they have yielded their lives over to LIES, the LIES control them… be they involved in education, medical, financial, political, or religious systems.  

LIES are 

  • all they can talk about, 

  • all they can promote, 

  • all they can enforce…  for a limited time.


The ELOHIM: The FATHER, The SON+ JESUS CHRIST, The HOLY SPIRIT — can put an end immediately to these prolonged Death Throes of the evil kingdom… because the battle has already been fought and ALREADY won at the Cross.  

The satanic kingdom was vanquished at the Cross. 


Long before the Battle at the Cross, the satan and his rebellious angels were summarily and permanently and forcibly removed from Heaven. JESUS told us, “I beheld satan as lightning fall from Heaven.” Luke 10:18


The force of that battle that took place when the satan was cast out of the Heavenly realm can be seen in the scars on the planets and moons and in the shattered asteroid belt.  


The satan, like a desperado, was locked onto the earth and its environs, for his last stand. 


Then, at the appointed time, the satan was soundly beat at the Cross and NO LONGER HAS THE FORCE to retain GOD’S people in Sheol. 


And NOW in time, the satan and his creatures are SUBJECT unto man… all men who Follow JESUS, that is. 


So now …


Why is it that …our Victorious LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO+ took Captivity captive out of Sheol … 


Why is it that  The ELOHIM, WHO saw to it that lucifer and his rebel angels were cast out of Heaven ( Rev. 12:9)  …  


  appear to allow the evil kingdom to grow and prosper upon the earth ?


It is to ALLOW

the Kingdom of GOD

to grow !


During Severe Testing, The Saved are being brought into a deeper maturity in CHRIST. They will lead many to JESUS in the face of terrible hardship… as they always have done during times of persecution


The Seed is planted

deeply and fertilized

with the Blood of the Saints.


During Severe Trials… The Unsaved, in dire straights and hopelessly stripped of earthly comfort and glory, are MUCH MORE open to the Gospel and the Saving Love of JESUS CHRIST.


Hungrily, they lap up the Word of The LORD, the Word of Hope, offered to them. Although they may indeed shortly die, they will awake in the Eternal glories of Heaven.


We see this happening already in the torn-up moslem countries, with dreams and visions being given to those hungering and thirsting for TRUE righteousness, the TRUE and Living JESUS CHRIST.



will occur,

to the glory of the Life-Giving ELOHIM:



and the HOLY SPIRIT.

+  +  +


The nominal Christians ?  

Well, they will either join CHRIST JESUS for real and cease being a hindrance to the work of the Kingdom of GOD… or they will be SIFTED OUT of the Church proper. 

The dead fish will no longer 

foul the waters of the Living Fish. 

 MATTHEW 13: 40-42

As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;

so shall it be in the end of this world.

The SON+ of Man shall send forth His+ angels,

and they shall gather out of HIS+ KINGDOM

all things that offend,

and them which do iniquity;

And shall cast them into a furnace of fire:

there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

+  +  +

Yet, in the midst of it all, there will be a few SURPRISES coming for the kingdom of evil and its henchmen.  

And such as do wickedly 

against the covenant 

shall he [the evil one[ 

corrupt by flatteries: 

but the people 

that do know their GOD

shall be strong, 

and do exploits.

Daniel 11:32

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4 replies

  1. We do not have to look far to see the deterioration of the church, but the true Spirit filled church will shine more and more til the return of Christ. The hand of God is showing like never before, but His true power is being belittled …….. as just this morning the horrendous storms that went through texas with hale the size of grapefruit was lightly said tat mother nature was upset…….NO that was God walking through the earth trying to wake the people up to the fact He exists and should be considered over what they are choosing. Mother nature does not exist, but God Almighty does! (Nahum 1:3)….(Job 37:11-13). God Bless all you are doing to show forth His Glory.


    • Amen Julia! I saw a photo of a car hit by those grapefruit/softball sized hail stones! It was totally destroyed.
      No! Mother nature does Not exist, but FATHER GOD most assuredly does! HE will show HIS Mighty Arm in the sight of the nations.
      May ALL of HIS+ Children draw near to HIM+ Who is their SHIELD+ and Exceeding Great Reward! Bless you Sister.


  2. Very thought provoking articles …. Thanks We don’t know the day or the hour but we know the generation….. We are in the fig tree generation and so excited to be living today…. Grateful to be ready. 2 Timothy 3 16


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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