My Take On Replicating The Temple of Bel

The Walls of Babylon and The Temple of Bel (wikipedia public domain)

The Walls of Babylon and The Temple of Bel (wikipedia public domain)

(I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ) I have been watching all the latest news about erecting  the replica of the Arch leading to the Temple of Bel from Palmyra, in New York and London.   I have not reported on this as I have been watching and waiting.  I know that Christian magazines have been reporting on this, but are they reporting fact or sensationalism?  We will go through some of the facts that are surfacing, and significance.  One of the things that I found more interesting than the fact that these replica’s are being erected, is that the UN is calling the destruction of this temple a war crime.  Really?  With all the war crimes that have been committed by a demonic entity let loose on the world, the destruction of this Roman-Greco site is a war crime?  This band of demons have destroyed everything Historic from Christian relics and ancient churches to Buddhist icons.  And this destruction is a war crime?  What is a war crime is the slaughter done by the hands of this band of demons at this site.  It hasn’t been that long ago that we watched the beheadings of many at this site.  And in the recent days they have found mass graves of not only men, but women and children also at this site, the last I heard the count so far was 45.

According to the History channel this statement has caused me more concern than all of this.

But according to IDA executive director Roger Michel, the project is about more than just appreciating a shared cultural heritage. “It is really a political statement, a call to action, to draw attention to what is happening in Syria and Iraq and now Libya,” he told the Times (UK). “We are saying to them ‘if you destroy something we can rebuild it again.’ The symbolic value of these sites is enormous. We are restoring dignity to people.”

Time after time in the Bible when God raised His hand to destroy idol’s, and cries came to rebuild it only fueled God’s anger.  Isaiah 9: 9And all the people know it, That is, Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria, Asserting in pride and in arrogance of heart:10“The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.” 11Therefore the LORD raises against them adversaries from Rezin And spurs their enemies on,…

Yes ancient God’s are rearing their heads in these last day’s.  Yes, it’s significant, but what others seem to leave out is nothing is new under the sun.  I am not a scholar, or prophet, but I know that God said He does nothing without revealing it to His prophets.  Now let’s look at what God told His prophet Jeremiah about Babylon and Bel.

Jeremiah 51

This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says:

“Daughter Babylon is like a threshing floor

at the time it is trampled;

the time to harvest her will soon come.”

34“Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon has devoured us,

he has thrown us into confusion,

he has made us an empty jar.

Like a serpent he has swallowed us

and filled his stomach with our delicacies,

and then has spewed us out.

35May the violence done to our flesh be on Babylon,”

say the inhabitants of Zion.

“May our blood be on those who live in Babylonia,”

says Jerusalem.

36Therefore this is what the Lord says:

“See, I will defend your cause

and avenge you;

I will dry up her sea

and make her springs dry.

37Babylon will be a heap of ruins,

a haunt of jackals,

an object of horror and scorn,

a place where no one lives.

38Her people all roar like young lions,

they growl like lion cubs.

39But while they are aroused,

I will set out a feast for them

and make them drunk,

so that they shout with laughter—

then sleep forever and not awake,”

declares the Lord.

40“I will bring them down

like lambs to the slaughter,

like rams and goats.

41“How Sheshak (Of foreign derivation; Sheshak, a symbol. Name of Babylon — Sheshach.) will be captured,

the boast of the whole earth seized!

How desolate Babylon will be

among the nations!

42The sea will rise over Babylon;

its roaring waves will cover her.

43Her towns will be desolate,

a dry and desert land,

a land where no one lives,

through which no one travels.

44I will punish Bel in Babylon

and make him spew out what he has swallowed.

The nations will no longer stream to him.

And the wall of Babylon will fall.

45“Come out of her, my people!

Run for your lives!

Run from the fierce anger of the Lord.

46Do not lose heart or be afraid

when rumors are heard in the land;

one rumor comes this year, another the next,

rumors of violence in the land

and of ruler against ruler.

47For the time will surely come

when I will punish the idols of Babylon;

her whole land will be disgraced

and her slain will all lie fallen within her.

48Then heaven and earth and all that is in them

will shout for joy over Babylon,

for out of the north

destroyers will attack her,”

declares the Lord.

49“Babylon must fall because of Israel’s slain,

just as the slain in all the earth

have fallen because of Babylon.

50You who have escaped the sword,

leave and do not linger!

Remember the Lord in a distant land,

and call to mind Jerusalem.”

51“We are disgraced,

for we have been insulted

and shame covers our faces,

because foreigners have entered

the holy places of the Lord’s house.”

52“But days are coming,” declares the Lord,

“when I will punish her idols,

and throughout her land

the wounded will groan.

53Even if Babylon ascends to the heavens

and fortifies her lofty stronghold,

I will send destroyers against her,”

declares the Lord.

54“The sound of a cry comes from Babylon,

the sound of great destruction

from the land of the Babylonians.

55The Lord will destroy Babylon;

he will silence her noisy din.

Waves of enemies will rage like great waters;

the roar of their voices will resound.

56A destroyer will come against Babylon;

her warriors will be captured,

and their bows will be broken.

For the Lord is a God of retribution;

he will repay in full.

57I will make her officials and wise men drunk,

her governors, officers and warriors as well;

they will sleep forever and not awake,”

declares the King, whose name is the Lord Almighty.

58This is what the Lord Almighty says:

“Babylon’s thick wall will be leveled

and her high gates set on fire;

the peoples exhaust themselves for nothing,

the nations’ labor is only fuel for the flames.”

59This is the message Jeremiah the prophet gave to the staff officer Seraiah son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah, when he went to Babylon with Zedekiah king of Judah in the fourth year of his reign.60Jeremiah had written on a scroll about all the disasters that would come upon Babylon—all that had been recorded concerning Babylon. 61He said to Seraiah, “When you get to Babylon, see that you read all these words aloud. 62Then say, ‘Lord, you have said you will destroy this place, so that neither people nor animals will live in it; it will be desolate forever.’ 63When you finish reading this scroll, tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates. 64Then say, ‘So will Babylon sink to rise no more because of the disaster I will bring on her. And her people will fall.’ ”

The words of Jeremiah end here.

Look at this last verse where God told Jeremiah that Babylon will be desolate forever.  This has not happened in history.  This is not a fulfilled prophecy.  Also look at what He told him to do with the scroll::::: Tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates!  

Fast forward to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and you find similar words about Babylon.  John uses the words “Mystery Babylon”  but you see the same destruction.  Babylon has spread across continents in the last centuries, all continents drinking the wine and becoming drunk.  The idea of Babylon has been resurrected in more ways than one.  The world has become as Babylon.  A Jezebel spirit worshiping every ancient god but the most High God.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  You can not deny this.  In Western countries you see images of this everywhere you look.  Europe, and the US have many images erected to Ancient God’s.  And yes, evil has been unleashed and it is my opinion it is as it say’s in Revelation 9:  13Then the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, 14one saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15And the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released, so that they would kill a third of mankind.…

Angels unleashed from the Euphrates?  Angels that have been kept for this very hour??  Remember the scroll warning of the fall of Babylon?  Where was Jeremiah told to throw the scroll?  The Euphrates.

Unfortunately Christians who should recognize this are sound asleep.  The Church in the West has been found naked and ashamed just as Christ warned.  Concerned with worldly things instead of watching and waiting and warning Christ’s flock.

God also told us in Revelation that on the fulfilling of all these things that the Mystery of God would be revealed. Revelation 10:7  But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

At the very least we should be able to look at the world and the demonic release that is occurring and know that we are in the last day’s.  The day’s that will reveal God’s purpose.  While everyone is chasing after a one man show in Antichrist, evil untold has been unleashed.  And most are asleep.  There is so much research on Bel, Baalbeck, and how the Roman Empire down to Hitler’s Germany have been attempting to raise powerful dark god’s in order to gain power.  There is much debate and a plethera of books about Hitler and the occult.  Of course some are saying they are sensational and not factual, but one fact can not be denied, he indeed did have a fascination with Ancient artifacts and the occult, Winston Churchill compared Hitler to Moloch.  Molach was an ancient deity in which it’s followers sacrificed their children in the fire to this false god.  Even Israel followed this practice at one time.  “Sir Winston Churchill wrote in his memoir “The Gathering Storm” about Hitler and Moloch: “[Hitler] had conjured up the fearful idol of an all-devouring Moloch of which he was the priest and incarnation”

Bible references to Molech tell us that God forbid this practice.  Read here.

 So the question is does historians attempting to say that Hitlers fascination with the occult had nothing to do with his rise, as they are embarrassed that they could all be fooled by such a master of deceipt?  Does today’s spirit of Antichrist attempting to change history, and customs, and their revelry of everything dark focus on new or old??  Nothing is new under the sun, the West is falling, Babylon is falling and God wants to take this spirit of darkness, the spirit of Jezebel, the world’s fascination with darkness away forever.  And He will in His time.  You can’t deny that by resurrecting and revering Idols of wood, and stone whether they are replica’s are not, we have revived an ancient, mysterious spirit of demonic activity in antiquity.  A spirit that has been active for thousands of years.  This ancient form of Bel has been and still is one of the most dangerous, dark, evil, straight from the gates of Hell.  The  Bel is the Canaanite word for master or Lord.  The plural word of Bel is Baalum and is used to refer to idols or God’s collectively. The title meaning Lord was spoken in the “Levant”.  The use of the word was taken over into Christianity and Islam and appeared as the Infamous Beelzebub…. Really??   This is the ancient serpent of old, the dragon, the ruler of darkness.  There is a reason God warns so severely about associating with this dark spirit.  Another significance is that this ancient god demanded children.  Look at the slaughter of children today in the Middle East and Africa Crises.  Look at the slaughter of Children in America through Abortion.  Can you see what this is yet?  And how it is prophecy unfolding?  Can you see the deceipt that satan has been working on since the beginning of time?  Babylon is known as the center for false religions.

There is so much to say about this it’s impossible to lay it all out in one post, such as the Roman Catacombs underneath the City of Palmyra, the “Arch of Triumph”  all the way to the new technology that will be used to replicate it.  A laser technology.  And you can’t overlook the fact that a portion of this road to the city was the ancient silk road.  Pagan Rome fusing with Persian and Eastern ideology.  Even the laying out of Babylon’s  gates is significant. The Silk Road was full of all religions in antiquity, all different types of belief and gods.  And according to a report from “Belief Systems along the Silk Road” Islam flourished.   The fact that the UN wants to replicate and erect this gateway to ancient darkness in London and New York is significant also.  Two cities that are icons of the gateways to Western society.  This city has been thrust into a high place of world worship and an icon of Syria.  Another interesting fact for me given the prophecies of Damascus that has yet to be completed.

We will be watching and posting more as God reveals.   I also know that the secular world in media have set out to mock and destroy what some Christians are warning, but you can’t deny what God’s word say’s.  And remember what Jesus told us:  “What I say to one, I say to all, Watch!”

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  1. Amen Sister! We are watching this carefully, along with the events and attitudes taking over and controlling the worlds populace.

    Truly, evil is being called good and acceptable, while TRUTH+ is being rejected and called UN – acceptable.

    Our LORD+ has warned us that these things were coming long ago. We are watching it take place in our lifetime on a global scale.

    May our LORD+ cloth HIS+ Children with The HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE, and Cover them with HIS+ Eternally Living Blood. The battle now begins in earnest.

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  2. Excellent article and research. This needs to be sent out everywhere and to everyone with ears to hear. Hopefully it will open eyes and ears..



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