3 Things You Need To Understand About Islam


While pouring over the news of the last days 3 things became abundantly clear.
1.  Islam is not a religion of peace it’s not a religion at all.  But a totalitarian form of Oppression.
2.  Islam will not integrate into  Free society. 
3.  The world is blind and does not seek peace or it would not tolerate Oppression by these so called peace loving Islamists like Pakistan,Iran and more.

The left came unhinged when it was suggested that there were no go zones in Europe.  Denying vehemently their existence.  But in reality that’s what they are finding.  As millions of Muslims pour into Europe and call for separation and sharia law they have found that this is indeed a reality.  Pockets of Islam working against a free society has exploded.

Our own President even still yet defends Islam.  He left out the French presidents words on Islamic terrorism at the nuclear summit, in the official video of this meeting. 

The UN and the UN security council are helpless or blind or both and refuse to call out oppresive sharia compliant governments like Pakistan.  Pakistan supposedly supports religious freedom and women’s rights but bills for women and repeals of the blasphemy law are squashed by Islamic rule of law.
Even in America our court system is battling calls for sharia law for Muslims.

If Islam was a peaceful religion they would co-exist with others.  Our Bible tells us that we are to live peacefully in the world but not to be a part of the world.  Islam says change the world and convert all or kill them, and oppress them. 

Women have no rights yet blind weak women in the west want to show solidarity with Islam’s women by wearing symbols of Oppression.  We can show our sisters solidarity by speaking out for their rights.

We can vote our conscience and speak out.  We can pray for the world to open its eyes.  After all the UN was created to keep tyrannical governments from overtaking the world.  The world said never again but it’s happening again.  In striving for peace evil agendas have been manifested and a tyrannical government with religious overtones have taken over and the world sits on its thumbs. 
When Muslim converts to Christianity like Saeed Abidini and many others warn that Islam is not peaceful we need to listen but the West covers it up. 

This does not mean to hate our Muslim neighbors but it does say wake up.  Many think that Islam doesn’t play a part in prophecy, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Christians are being deluded into thinking we worship the same God.  Jesus is God’s son, period.  He wasn’t a prophet like they would have us believe.  He is the Son of God.  Wake up.

There is a reason Jesus warned that many false prophets would come in His name.  There is a reason He warned that if you deny Him before men He would deny you before His Father.  This also means denying He is the Christ and this is just what we do when we say we worship the same God as Islam.

Many have tried to warn us.  This is what Saeed Abidini says about Islam in his Facebook messages.  And he should know not only was he Muslim he was oppressed by Islam.  What will wake you up?

Act 20:29
For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.

Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul warned us that in the future some people will come and they will introduce themselves as MESSIAH and Prophets but beware He didn’t send them. They are FALSE PROPHETS and you will know them by their FRUIT. They will deceive and kill people like wolves. They will change God’s Commands by getting married with many wives while at the same time introducing false gods to people.
And MOHAMMAD is one of them.
Saeed Abedini
Exclusive Director of Saeed Ministries,Inc.

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9 replies

  1. 3 things –

    1. It can’t be denied that this ‘president’ has enabled the rise of this caliphate.

    2. No go zones are defacto areas of conquest. The territory has been taken for islam.

    3. As Robert Spencer pointed out in an interview – allah is not God. It is only one of 30 or so pagan deities they decided to worship. Revealingly, the war cry of islam does not mean God is great but rather ‘allah is greater.’ And all Christians should know who wanted to be greater than God. It was the destroyer – satan.

    Great post, as usual, CJ!


  2. Nature abhors a vacuum as they say.

    You removed Christianity and now Islam is stepping in.


  3. In the Bible…….Islam LOSES !


  4. Amen! The western church seems to be in a state of stupor, “dumbed down” to what is actually happening.

    The president is attending the opening of a huge new mosque complex, along with the Turkish president, I believe it was in Maryland. He is also working with an imam to establish muslim charter schools in the U.S. at taxpayers’ expense. Can no one see what is being done right in front of our eyes?

    If Christian charter schools were established at taxpayers’ expense there would be an outcry of anger!

    Couple this with the islamic military training camps that are operating across the country with full knowledge of the government, ( essentially no-go zones ), and it makes one wonder what is being planned.

    I agree that we do NOT hate muslims, but neither can we call islam a ” religion of peace .” This is stretching it beyond ALL REASON and common sense. It TRULY IS an ideology of totalitarian domination.

    Thank you for this good article.


    • Yes I am told by contacts that the West is even funding madrassas in Pakistan and other countries. Thanks for your insight.


    • “Couple this with the islamic military training camps that are operating across the country with full knowledge of the government, ( essentially no-go zones ), and it makes one wonder what is being planned.”

      I’m still learning about all this, but I believe this will all tie into the one world government and one world religion, after all that is what Muslims want is to have the whole world worship their false god allah.

      There will be more major attacks in Europe and North America, native people in these countries will either rise up and civil wars will start and then the governments can declare marshal law and take control of everything or people will be so frightened that they ask the government to protect them again resulting in the government taking over everything and then the one world government can’t be to far behind or the one world religion. Maybe I’m way off base here, but I seriously doubt it.



  1. 3 Things You Need To Understand About Islam | Daily Bread

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